Open Letter to Cardinal Seán Brady

Hello there Seán.

It’s been a while since I wrote to you, but that’s only because, as a wounded healer, I thought you might need time to get over the terrible hurt you experienced when the world found out how you treated those abused children.  Are you feeling a little better now?


Look, Seán, this latest news isn’t great, is it?   Not great at all.

None of it looks very good, not even your claim to have been a young priest following orders when you wrote down what the abused children said.  Seán, you were 36.  You were a teacher in a secondary school, and a former county footballer, unless I’m mistaken.  Thirty six, Seán.   Most guys of that age have taken responsibility for a job, a family, a career, a home, but you say you were only a young lad.

What are you — Father Dougal?

Now, Seán, about these questions.  Did you not think it was a bit creepy of your colleague to ask a child if he enjoyed some of the sexual abuse by Brendan Smyth?  Did that not strike you as in the least bit pervy?  And yet, Seán, you wrote it all down faithfully.  As a man, did it ever occur to you to reach over and touch your fellow cleric on the shoulder, and tell him to stop asking a child such obscene questions?

It doesn’t look like you did, Seán.  It looks like you found this sort of thing perfectly normal.

I was listening to your interview on the news at lunchtime, and I must say, you didn’t come across at all well.  One thing that struck me was your constant repetition of the defence that you did what was required of you.  You passed the details to your bishop and you just assumed someone would sort it out.

I have a couple of questions for you about that, Seán.

First, you kept repeating that the information about Brendan Smyth raping children was given to the  abbott of Kilnacrott, and you said he was the only person with the power to do anything about it.  Seán, were you familiar with an organisation known as an Garda Síochána?  And since the crimes were committed in both jurisdictions, were you also familiar with an organisation known at the time as the RUC?

Did it cross your mind to report these crimes of child rape to either police force?  Apparently not.  You decided to let the abbot of Kilnacrott sort it out instead, and what a fine job he made of it.

Tommie Gorman asked you a question that you didn’t answer, Seán.  He said something along the following lines.  Did you not feel, as a man, as an uncle, a cousin, a brother, that you wanted to break every bone in Brendan Smyth’s body?  

You were a fit, strong athlete in those days, Seán, and you were no stranger to a punch-up on the field of play, so let me ask you again.  Why did you not call round to Brendan Smyth and take him by the throat?  Why did you not kick him in the crotch a few times and leave him retching in the dirt?  I know I’d do it if a child revealed to me what you heard.  What you knew.

Instead of doing that, Seán, you went on to swear the child to secrecy.  What’s more, even though the child gave you the names of five other children Brendan Smyth was raping, you never told their parents.  Instead, you left it in the hands of your bishop, who had no authority over Smyth, and the abbot of Kilnacrott who plainly cared not a tittle that one of his community was out abusing kids.  It was a matter of confidentiality, I think you said.   As a consequence, Brendan Smyth went on raping children for another twenty years, while you concentrated on your Vatican career.

Did you ever wake up at night and wonder what became of those raped kids?

I’m prepared to admit that you’re a decent enough man, Seán, but your claim not to have understood how sexual abuse hurts children is hard to accept.  After all, you are a prominent member of the organisation that for generations dictated to Irish governments and Irish people on all manner of sexual matters, including contraception.  Indeed, you yourself recently spoke out denouncing the law on civil partnership.

Isn’t it remarkable, Seán, how quick you were to invoke the law regarding same-sex couples in a loving mature relationship, yet how slow you were to call in the authorities when you knew categorically that one of your colleagues was systematically raping children?

I know you were wounded by the previous revelations about you, Seán, and it’s not that I wish you any more harm, but really, isn’t it about time you dropped the hypocrisy and started to face up to your actions like any normal grown adult?

You’re far too old to play Dougal McGuire, Seán.  It’s a role for a younger man.


Best wishes





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40 thoughts on “Open Letter to Cardinal Seán Brady

  1. Aren’t you the typical media Mr Bock!
    You all focus on the one in four.
    Jesus we never a word of credit for the three that got away.
    And you, with yr smartarse remarks, are probably one of them.
    Did you ever think of saying thanks.
    A little deference for one of Christ’s followers, please.
    And if you can’t rise to that, we go on up and join yr media mates in that Dublin 4 satanic den.

  2. He knew perfectly well it was wrong at the time, otherwise he wouldn’t have swore any child to secrecy. That’s complete rubbish.

    I think he should be charged here.
    Is it not a crime to not report a crime that you are aware of?
    There’s a lot more going on here than he told his bishop and left it at that.
    There would have been further discussions. He would have enquired of the bishop as to what’s being done.
    Was there a conspiracy between them to cover this up?
    Is this not a crime?
    Absolute callous, indifference to the suffering of children.

    I don’t believe the man has an ounce of what any of the rest of us would consider decent. And these are the people we’re supposed look to for moral guidance? I don’t think so.

  3. How dare you Kevin Barrington, How dare you attempt your puerile defense of a man who could have prevented the sickest evil ever perpetrated against children.
    I just watched a grown man reveal his intense pain with bravery as he fought tears and trembled while relating the evil that was forced on him as a 12 yr old boy.
    None of those evil sick bastards were followers of anything or anyone connected to ” Holiness ” Sean Brady had knowledge which would have prevented the spread of that vileness, he did nothing that was honourable, brave or decent and you have the temerity to try and censor the truth, how damn dare you.
    It was obstruction of Justice in the extreme and may he and all those responsible rot for it.

  4. Have serious concerns about the use of the words ‘decent’ and ‘man’. Take away the fancy dress and ‘status’ and look at the behaviour – if it was your football coach or bricklayer who had behaved in this way……………reported it to the club manager or foreman……….

  5. Sean Brady not only took the statement of Brendan Boland on 29th March 1975, he signed and witnessed it.
    Brendan Boland included the names and addresses of at least 5 others being abused by Brendan Smyth at that time, in that statement, not even one single abused child or their parents were interviewed or visited by a representative of the Church, no report went to the Gardai.

    One of the boys who’s name and address was provided in Brendan Boyles statement was continually abused by Brendan Smyth as was his brother and 4 of his cousins, the statement and information was revealed on 29/3/75 . The abuse of those children continued until 1988 , Sean Brady signed and witnessed the statement on 29/3/75.

  6. Kevin Barrington. I’m confident you will find several other Threads here to test your equally puerile experiment of Bigotry / Humour. I don’t believe this is one of them.

  7. Bock. I did eventually realise that, maybe you are familiar with his peculiar brand of humour, i had a gut reaction and maybe it’s ” taking the piss ” but its bad taste, bad humour and yes, moronic.

  8. if any other group of men got together and covered up abuse, allowed it to continue, moved the abusers to new locations and more victims, would they not be labeled a paedophile ring?

  9. Right on the nail gerryo. Especially when one of them asks the Child if he enjoyed the abuse.

  10. Hey Bock. I have never read your blog before but it is about the only thing that makes me feel better about the wretchedness of this whole affair. Keep up the good work and give them hell!

  11. The best comment I can make is to quote Steven Weinberg

    “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

  12. Think you got it in one Gerryo – seems like the oldest biggest most successful ring the world has ever seen, At last people seem to be seeing what has been staring them in the face for a long long time and at last some rational response seems to be in the air

    ‘Amnesty has asked the PSNI “to investigate whether church officials and others failed to report the alleged criminal offences against children in Northern Ireland to the relevant authorities in Northern Ireland”.

    Failure to report a crime is an offence under section 5 of the Criminal Law (Northern Ireland) Act 1967’.

    Maybe these bastards will be held to account under the same laws that apply to all the lesser mortals around them. Musnt forget the suffering of the parents who were kept in the dark – cant imagine how I would cope if it was my child.

  13. RUC Hunt Down Top Irish Cardinal.

    Jesus. What’s the world coming to?


    I was merely trying to highlight the total moral bankruptcy, betrayal of Christian values and, as you say, the moronic nature of those who defend scum like Brady.

    The spelling mistakes were my supposed “adolescent” give away.

    Laziness, as they say.

    And then reference to the idea of “credit” for the “three that got away” I wld have thought showed there was more than a little steam in the “piss” take.

    But given the subject matter was many clicks past the Du Long bridge, deep in Kurtz horror, I added the little clarification about “method bigotry.”

    Swift, I recall, suggested that the Catholic poor avoid the ravages of famine by eating their plentiful young.

    A heinous suggestion on a topic of genocidal proportions.

    And there are no updates on his ‘blog’ as to the tone or veracity of his suggestion.

    Not that I am trying to suggest that I hang in a hood as illustrious as Jonathan’s.

    But I might just say that no-one monopolises the manner in which one screams in despair.

    Or how one processes moral filth like the head of Ireland’s Catholic church.

    If ever there was an apt cause for an old cliche:

    Jesus Wept

  14. Kevin Barrington. That is a damn decent explanation, and appreciated. I did realise that i fell victim to my own failing inability to multitask with the deftness i once possessed.

    I was watching that BBC programme, i mentioned, at the same time as reading this, my inner rage superceded my mental process and the usually calculated and considered ” knee jerk ” boiled over and spilled onto this site.

    I find it so sickeningly ironic how those ” Bishops ” processed information provided to them.
    JC McQuaids rather large coup on the stockmarket in the 40’s, as revealed in Elaine Byrnes book, was achieved on ” Information ” recieved and acted upon.

    I wonder what the Vatican ” Guidelines ” on Insider Trading were, back in the 1940’s.

  15. Anybody else notice that, yet again, it’s a ‘foreign’ TV station that exposes theses lying hypocritical scumbags.

  16. Wrinkly Joe. What was totally overwhelming about the BBC programme, apart from the truly sickening revelations made by very brave but deeply traumatised people, was the archive footage of the mind boggling huge crowds, including Army that attended some of the Religious whatevers, earth bound flotillas, whatever they were, the attendees were in droves of thousands and thousands.

    The people now with the knowledge and capacity to make these programmes must be products of their environment, thats the only conclusion i can draw.

    I recall back in ’79, when Pope JP ( I think ? ) visited Greenpark, we decided to take the kids to the seaside. It wasa surreal experience, i don’t think we saw another person or car for the entire day, except on our return when a tide of humanity came in the opposite direction.

  17. What does this mean Kevin Barrington “But I might just say that no-one monopolises the manner in which one screams in despair.” ?
    Who said anyone’s monopolising this?
    Sounds like gibberish to me.. where we having a little tipple?

    Have to say I find it incredulous how the man – Sean Brady is grasping to hold onto his position at all costs.. an indication as to why he never bothered doing anything to assist the children being abused.. only interested in himself.
    Also, people should be calling for his arrest, not resignation.

  18. Swift was also having a dig at the inbreds in England who thought that Endland was the centre of the universe and civilization,by reminding people that the last known case of cannabalism in the British Isles took place around the border area of Scotland and England.

  19. @ Kevin Barrington 22, some of your post was wordy, worthy, ridiculous, arrogant, dismissive, and some wasn’t.

  20. and dere was I tinkin if i were a man id could never have been a priest im so feckin tick

  21. Well said.I am currently writing a fictionalized account of what I would like to see become of Sean fucking Brady. Such an account entails a nice selection of old rusty tools and an abandoned warehouse.

    That bastard deserves no less

  22. Journeyman — You don’t pay for the insurance and therefore you don’t get to make defamatory comments on the site. Your comments have caused me major problems in the past and since you can’t grasp the fact that your comments make me liable, I have no option but to put your comments in moderation as they were before you changed your name.

  23. He knew it was wrong just as we all would have known.

    Could he be charged with conspiracy?

  24. Now when are the rank and file going to wake up, and instead of protesting about their voice not being heard or whatever, realise for once and for all that it is not their church and never was, they do not have a voice and never did, and the best thing they could do for themselves, for this country, and for the wider world, is to opt out. Without bums on seats this wicked institution will die.

  25. Surely Bishops and priests should stand up and say ‘Cardinal Seán Brady has no moral standing and is unfit to hold any position of moral authority in the church.’

    ‘I was only in my mid 30’s and I had no idea that raping little kiddies could cause them harm…’ What a complete arsehole! They should make a television show about him…they could call it Shameless.

  26. What did Jesus, say, in the bible, about people, who interfere, with children..A Millstone their neck,and they should be thrown, into the bottom, of the sea.

  27. What did Jesus, say, in the bible, about people, who interfere, with children..A Millstone their neck,and they should be thrown, into the bottom, of the sea.

  28. Abolingo, if you don’t stop posting under different names, you will get blocked. Read the comments policy please.

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