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The Rescue Guitar Will Save Lives

I suppose I should explain to you what my plans are for the Rescue Guitar.  It took a few days of pondering and consulting with friends, but now I think I’m pretty clear on the objectives, which I’ll tell you in a minute.

First, though, let me just say what I’m trying to achieve.  This project is intended to raise as much money for cancer research as it possibly can and I’ll be as hard-headed as any businessman in trying to get there.

The background, for anyone who didn’t see the previous post, is this.  I found a Fender Squier telecaster thrown away, which in itself is a bizarre and incomprehensible thing, though of course, one can speculate.  Angry lover.  Exasperated parent.  Dejected musician.  Who can tell?

Whatever way it falls out, the guitar ended up in my loving hands and I wasn’t going to let it rot in the rain, so I took it home.  We tried it out, and it plays fine.  Not a damn thing wrong with this axe, so here’s the plan.

We’ll get as many well-known musicians as possible to play this thing.  We’ll take their picture wearing it.  We’ll get them to sign the conveniently white pick guard and then we’ll auction it for all it’s worth, with every penny going to cancer research.

Here’s your challenge.  Make connections with big names if you happen to know any.  Explain what we’re trying to achieve.  Ask them to strap it on for a picture and maybe play a song or two during a gig.  So if you happen to be friendly with Joe Satriani or the Edge or any other well-known players, maybe just mention this idea.  It won’t cost them anything except five minutes of their time, and it could make a huge difference to people suffering from cancer.

We already have a couple of well-known people but it would be great if this idea took legs and we raised a massive amount of cash for research.


Say yes.  You know it’s right.  They say music is therapeutic.  Here’s living proof.

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Great idea indeed – not the hemp oil thing because that’s just a big steaming pile of bullshit dreamt up by hippies with too much time and acid on their hands.
I will certainly keep my ear to the ground. No matter what way you look at it, this is turning a misfortunate incident into a very positive one. Bravo for a truly excellent idea.

My patience with lunatic ideas is wearing very thin, when such stupid ideas threaten people’s lives. I don’t want to hear any more home-brewed bullshit on this thread.

Too right! Let’s keep it on thread, rather than espouse some bullshit theories people have read of The guitar idea is brilliant. Simply brilliant.

I don’t know any famous people Bock.. sorry..
I know a few wanna-bes alright. No one would know them and they’re kinda butt ugly..That’s no good to you I suppose, no?

Anyways.. great idea.
Well done.

Trying to think of nationally well known guitarists in Limerick. Dave Keary the only one that springs to mind. Noel Hogan the other. You could get some crazy Italian or French Cranberries fan to bid a bunch of money on it…..
Do they have to be musicians or just famous people who dabble….?

Have a word with Mick Dolan. If you want names, he’s a good place to start.

Great idea, Bock. Hoping it picks up momentum. I know a guy who might be interested in shooting video of this venture. I’ll have a word.

Good idea Bock. I applaud you. If I was well connected, I’d be on the phone looking for volunteers.

An idea like this might persuade Tom Cronin to start playing guitar again !
I find the whole music scene very boring without him.

How about it TC…………if you read this !

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