Young Dev Postpones New Civil War

Great news.  Éamon Ó Cuiv has decided not to split the country in two and trigger a new civil war.

Thanks, Young Dev.

No indeed.  Instead, Young Dev has decided to stay in Fianna Fáil and reminisce on the halcyon days when he was Minister For Handing Out Favours to Fianna Fáil Gaeilgeoirí.

Of course, Dev Óg is heir to the Dev tradition of probity, provided we ignore the Dev tradition of ripping off thousands of American pensioners in order to found the Irish Press, the bedrock of the de Valera fortune.  Remarkably, Dev I started out with no money at all, and yet, after the uprising, emerged as a wealthy man.

Such is the nature of a revolution.

Now clearly, Young Dev had no personal involvement in that fraud, but his family gained enormously and he certainly benefited educationally and socially from it.  Young Dev is fairly well off as a result of his grandfather’s thievery.

Éamon Ó Cuiv is against a Yes vote in the upcoming referendum, and I don’t condemn him for that.  It’s a difficult choice that I’ve been mulling over for quite a while now, and I may well vote in the same way as the  one he advocates, or I may go with a Yes.  I’m not sure yet.

What I am sure about is that I’m not going to be swayed by a clientelist former minister like Éamon Ó Cuiv, nor by the party he belongs to that destroyed our economy, nor by the current governing party which is no more than a mirror image of what went before, nor of the Labour party which is no such thing.

I’ll make my decision based on logic but I will not cast my vote as a protest against the government, as some people seem inclined to do.

That’s the height of stupidity.

Éamon Ó Cuiv, in fairness to him, seems opposed to a Yes vote because he considers it inimical to the wellbeing of our nation, and I don’t say he’s wrong.  Indeed, I don’t know what’s right or wrong in this debate.  I just have a visceral reaction against the advice of anyone who took part in the toxic Fianna Fáil government that ruined our nation, a government that Éamon Ó Cuiv was a member of.  On that basis alone, his opinion is tainted in my eyes.

I’m not saying he’s wrong.  I’m just saying he’s Fianna Fáil, and therefore not to be relied on, even if his party colleagues disagree with him.

Trust none of them.  Rely on your own logic, whether it happens to be a Yes or a No.



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  1. Sad that people elect people like Éamon Ó Cuiv. We do not need a royal family here, we freely elect the sons and daughters of politicans , regardless of how qualified or mostly unqualified they are. The main thing is that they are a chip of the old block. I quess he does not see the studpidy of his actions yesterday. If he really felt so strong he would have resigned.

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