Glasgow Rangers Gone. Celtic Supporters Out of a Job.

Now that Rangers are gone, what will the bereft Celtic supporters do?

It’s Hardy without Laurel.  Tonto without the Lone Ranger. Fish without chips.  Robin without Batman.  Ginger without Fred.  The Empire State Building without King Kong.  Liver without Chianti.  Bullshit without Bono.

Celtic have lost the opponents they hate with a passion and I feel their loss, because as we all know, hatred is the most intense emotion the human being can experience.   You can’t fake it.  You can’t escape it.  You can’t transfer your disaffections to a new hated-one.

A mutually-shared hatred never falters because, while love can fade with time, haters never cheat.  They always remain true to each other.

Haters don’t cheat.

How long have Rangers and Celtic been hating each other?  144 years, that’s how long, based on sectarian bullshit.

The triumphalist hatred of Rangers supporters’ club is a poison, closely allied to the demented UVF killers who routinely sold their fundraising merchandise at matches, but let’s not lose sight of the mirror image.  Which of us has not had to endure a bunch of green-clad overweight men on a Saturday night chanting Up the RA?

Fuck off.

I can’t abide this shit.

As much as I detest the Rangers loyalist unthinking hate-filled aggression, I equally recoil from the empty-headed nationalism of the Wolfe Tones greenshirts, but at least, up to now, they formed some sort of balance.  Two tribes in an unresolvable stand-off, until this moment.

Losing somebody we detest deeply is the most extreme form of bereavement.  It’s  far more intense than losing a loved-one and that’s why I’m afraid for Glasgow Celtic.  How will they deal with their loss?  Are they receiving counselling, or will they cast around for another enemy?  Will they begin the long search for another enemy, and if that search fails, what will become of them?

It’s hard to know, but in the absence of an enemy, they might easily go the same way as their old rivals.


78 thoughts on “Glasgow Rangers Gone. Celtic Supporters Out of a Job.

  1. I’m a Prod and have no time for the WolfeTone/Up the Ra boys, but having lived in Loyalist communities in the North and in a strongly Republican area of Dublin, I think the deceased was the worst of the two

  2. I have been a long time reader of your blog Bock, a very long time and have always thought that your rationale was fair in its approach. However, on this occasion I read your words with contempt for your lack of fact finding and poor research in to the true and loyal supporters of Celtic Football Club. Celtic FC is not about hatred, sectarianism or bigotry. It is not about hatred and it is most certainly not about the scum that is better known in Glasgow as the IRA. It is about football.

    Ignorance in your case sir has been your downfall, Ask any true fan about their opinion on supporting terrorism and they will most likely tell you to fuck off or cut you, order of actions defined on how they feel at the time. Seek out another long time fan of your blog popular for his love of Glasgow and Celtic FC. His hatred of terrorism is famous on the terraces at Parkhead. I would love to read his reaction to your nonsense. Celtic and Rangers players and fans socialise much more than the gutter press would have the rest of the world believe. It is about football, not hatred. Hatred is about hatred, not football.

    There will always be haters out there, young fools on both sides who chant and sing songs that they do not fully understand or appreciate the history behind them, but they normally vanish around the same time their acne has cleared up. Do not paint every Celtic and Rangers fan with the same brush.

    I would like to think that you penned this utter rubbish to be controversial, to provoke a reaction and to stir up a debate of which I would normally have enjoyed. On this occasion you have tarnished the good name of Celtic FC by slagging off their fans and that in itself is crass and is unforgivable.

    Facts Bock… facts, your knowledge of examining facts has always gone before you until now. We cannot be held responsible for the history that went on before us. The 60’s and 70’s is over, we, the good people of Glasgow have long since moved on from not being able to go the whole day without shaking our fists at our neighbours who choose to follow different teams. I believe that you owe every decent supporter an apology for your schoolboy research pish based on a whim yesterday when a female fan made her own opinion known during drink most probably.

    Perhaps tomorrow you should create a post on how every Rugby fan in Ireland travels abroad only to plant bombs whilst wearing a hood and getting drunk enough to hate the opposition and their fans? No, that would be wrong and create a very wrong picture for every fan of Rugby and every Irish citizen in the land. So why do it to Celtic football fans?

    An apology is due to every Celtic and Rangers fan from your own mouth sir. Stereotyping is for lesser people, not from someone with your intelligence and history. I amongst others will be waiting sir.

  3. Well said Jimmy, couldn’t have put it better myself.
    On another post wrinkly Joe asks Celtic supporters ‘who they are going to spit their sectarian bile at now?
    Its very depressing when you hear this kind of drivel from a commentator who’s views I find myself agreeing with on most occasions.
    These types of comments and generalisations should be left to the gutter press to be written by gutter journalists.
    The types of individuals who spit out vile comments such as referring to Limerick as Stab City and try to paint a picture of Limericks inhabitants as violent mindless Neanderthals.
    I have had the pleasure of attending matches at Celtic park on a number of occasions and have always enjoyed the exceptionally friendly atmosphere during the matches. Are there knob heads who support Celtic because they think its some sort of extension of the RA of course there are. But these types of supporters are in the minority. A very small minority I might add. What is the future of this great club? Only time will tell. But it definitely needs to be in a bigger league in the UK, if it is to maintain its international status as one of the best supported football clubs in Europe.

  4. For fucks sake lads c`mon, it`s only a game! 22 pansies chasing one fucking ball man! Why not give them all a ball of their own to play with and let the rest of us get on with reality!

  5. Aye, tis a funny ol game. I have to disagree with Jimmy. Supporting Celtic has nothing at all to do with football and everything to do with absolutely shit football. If it was about football, you’d all support Barcalona. Loyalty to a team you’ve chosen to follow is like willingly committing to a bad relationship but, once you’re in, you’re in. I support an English Premier League team and I’ve gone to loads of games. I’ve also been to Parkhead and the atmosphere can be quite hostile but it’s generally good craic. The SPL is one of the worst leagues in the world though. It’s a two horse race. So much so that, even with their points deduction, Rangers remained around 8 points clear in 2nd place. The SPL is a bad joke. Please don’t spoof us with statements like, “It’s all about football”. That’s bullshit. The team I support have been playing some dire shit in the last couple of season, yet I still remain a fan. People can’t imagine supporting Led Zepplin until suddenly they replace Robert Plant with Chris De Burgh. Any fan would be aghast at that and would immediately stop going to Led Zepplin gigs. Not so with football fans. We’ll support our teams through thick and thin, shit and glory. We are a pathetic breed and, yes, we love the game of football but supporting any team has more to do with idiocy than football. Supporting Celtic means you get some form of trophy every season just by turning up. That’s just nonsense.

  6. Ah captain give us a fucken break will you. How in the name of Jaysus can you compare football with music?
    Football – you use your eyes primarily to enjoy. Music – you use your ears. You watch football. You listen to music. Glad I cleared that one up :)
    Sorry not buying the led Zeppelin to football analogy. Just doesn’t work, pure silly in fact.
    The english premiership is usually a 3 horse race, big deal you have an extra horse.
    What premiership team do you support? or are you too embarrassed to reveal the name :)
    Come on the Bhoys !

  7. Islandbank – you can keep your version of reality. Dont think I’d want a dose of that – thanks very much. Oh and by the way its usually 20 pansies following the ball around. The goalkeeping pansies usually stay in and around the penalty area.

  8. Mr Silver, I support the mighty Aston Villa. When I say mighty, it’s like saying The Blue Nile is a prolific band… oh wait, sorry, that doesn’t work as an analagy. The standard of football in the english Premier League is lightyears ahead of the SPL. In fact, while Celtic and Rangers have been swapping titles, United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Blackburn and Manchester City have all won the premier league. My beloved Villa even ran Utd close on one of those seasons. Money is destroying football as the business side of things has taken over, much like the music busin….. bollox, there I go again!
    In short, there is very little point in supporting any SPL team. Villa won’t win the league but they may either be relegated or qualify for Europe and win a cup. That is the attraction, along with a much higher standard of football. The current Celtic squad wouldn’t be even close to getting to a Championship play off.
    My argument still stands. Loyalty to any club is tantamount to idiocy and I include myself firmly in that because I tirelessly support Villa. And an ex-Rangers manager almost relegated us last season.

  9. Eh Captain,

    Who was the first UK team to win the European Cup in 1967?
    Who reached the final of the European Cup in 1970?
    Who reached the U.E.F.A. cup final in 2003, beating Blackburn rovers and Liverpool along the way?
    Name the club whose supporters received awards for best behaviour from FIFA and UEFA?

    Not bad for a team who play in a league light years behind the English Premier League.

    As they say in New York – Blow it out your ass Man! :)

  10. On a serious note though Cap’P. I hope the pre-season friendly’s between Villa and Celtic to honour Stan Petrov go ahead.
    Latest news is he is responding well to treatment. A great player for both clubs. I hope he recovers from his serious illness.

  11. Bock you sanctimonious fuckwit, let’s hope big Jimmy pounds your words back down your throat if he is still around to read your dribble.You talk a lot of shite day in and day out but today you outdone your ignorant self. What experience do you personally have of Celtic? How can you talk about a team in a country you probably would shit yourself in should you ever stumble out of the bog. Best for you if you stick to rambling on about things in your own little narrow minded bubble.

    As for Cap’n Pish, Villa? hahahahahahahaha you gotta be kiddin me. Never won a fuckin coin toss let alone a title. Support your home team pal, not somebody elses.

  12. Jimmy — As you’re probably well aware, an apology issued on demand would be both hypocritical and useless. Therefore, I’ll offer you something else if you wish to accept. Since you’re a long-time reader, you’ll be aware that I welcome views and opinions that are opposite to mine, and I would be happy to give you as much space as you want to write a post about why I’m wrong, giving your reasons and explaining the real facts about Rangers, Celtic and what they mean to Glasgow supporters. That post would be published exactly as written, with no moderation or interference from me.

    A right of reply, in other words.

    That’s the offer if you want to take me up on it.

  13. Ok, let me just clear up a couple of points here. First of all, T.Holland. Villa have won 7 titles, 7 F.A Cups and around 6 or seven league cups, along with the European Cup and the Super Cup so, I suppose the best advice I can offer someone like yourself is to engage your brain before you engage your mouth. Just some friendly advice there.Aston Villa has the fourth highest total of major honours won by an English club. You might want to do a bit of research before you make a fool out of yourself in future. I mean, I’m a fairly affable character but others might call you a blither fucking idiot for making such a stupid statement. Not me though, I just offer friendly advice.
    Long John Silver: You can’t possibly tell me that the SPL is anywhere close to the standard of the English Premier League. Yep, they were the first british club to win the European Cup almost fifty years ago when there was a much more even playing field in terms of football because the game was a lot different than it is today. As for the run to the UEFA Cup final and who they beat; Cup games always throw up shocks. Birmingham beating Arsenal in the League Cup in 2011. Are Birmingham light years behind Arsenal in quality? You bet your Magwa Brawn sliced ham they are. The UEFA Cup is a nonsense competition, that Liverpool would’ve had very little interest in. The UEFA Cup is so bad that the worst clubs in the Champions League drop into it. This is not simply my opinion, this is a widely held football fact.

  14. No Bock, your ill chosen words cannot ever be taken lightly, or back. It would be hypocritical of me to continue to converse with you after you put so very little thought into this post other than sensationalism. I’m saddened that in a rapidly diminishing world of ethics you chose to imitate the tactics of the gutter press. My right as an individual is never go back to a restaurant where either the food or the service is poor. In this instance I feel as though your unforgivable malignment of Celtic FC fans are in bad taste, I no longer wish to revisit somewhere in which the goods on offer stick in my throat.

    No need to respond, that in itself would be pointless.

  15. This place is gone to shit. Maybe it always was.
    Cap’n P, you really talk a load of irrelevant nonsense. I wouldn’t be arsed explaining it to you.. because you’ll go on and on and on – just to clear up a couple of points.
    Affable my arse.
    And Bock links to your drivel then here (the great hash debate – the ironic debate as you called it, because there is no debate. ha)
    Why do I do it to myself? Read the anecdotes of a dope thinking he’s clever, setting people straight? Fuck off.
    You know the type you never want to be stuck in an elevator with? That’d be you.
    Because you go on and on and on.. “just to clear things up”.

  16. Ah, I see I have a fan of sorts. It’s nice to know you’ve followed my posts so carefully, FF1. I’m flattered indeed. As for being stuck in an elevator, tend to use rigging and gangways more often so you’re fairly safe.
    If you’d be so kind as to point out exactly what nonsense I’ve spouted in this particular thread, I’d be ever so grateful. Firing a personal tirade of abuse at me is absolutely fine, I’m used to it, but you might actually define what you find nonsensical in this particular thread. It’s what helps a debate rise above a slagging match. Thank you so much for your input.

  17. Cap’n P, I didn’t say what you wrote was nonsensical. Where did I say that? Where exactly? Tell me where or take it back.
    I said irrevelant nonsense.

    Slagging match –
    From you above.
    “I mean, I’m a fairly affable character but others might call you a blither fucking idiot for making such a stupid statement. Not me though, I just offer friendly advice.”


    I’ll just offer you friendly advice. Shut your pie hole.
    You’re a pain in the ass.. some might say.

    I don’t think you’ve addressed what Jimmy said. I won’t insult your intelligence. You can read it for yourself.

  18. @Jimmy: I do admire your defence of Celtic supporters but I reckon you’re taking this a tad too seriously. Celtic and Rangers have, in the past, been closely tied to sectarianism and I doubt very much that Bock meant to lump all Celtic supporters in to the one bunch but you can’t deny that there is still some sectarianist bullshit attached to some supporters. I know lots of Celtic fans who couldn’t give a shit about the politics of the game, they just support the club which, as I’ve said earlier, becomes blind loyalty.

  19. Before closing my pie hole, as you have suggested, could I just ask you to point out what you found to be “irrelevant nonsense”. Is that not just a different kind of nonsense? Am I not allowed right of reply when someone else has clearly spoken nonsense? My point, as I see it, is relevant. I believe Jimmy has blown this way out of proportion and I was explaining why exactly I thought that. I’d be interested to hear where my explanation became irrelevant.
    I mean, I didn’t bring a completely different post into this debate as you have.

  20. “I mean, I didn’t bring a completely different post into this debate as you have” Tedious. Forget it now. Move on.
    You were tedious on that thread too Cap’n P.
    I don’t think Jimmy blew anything out of proportion. Bock did.

    I think Bock should apologise.
    It’s sensationalist nonsense.. I’m not explaining why.
    You can read.

    You have the last word there fire away.

  21. Cap’n P I don’t think that Jimmy has blown anything out of proportion. Read my initial post where I correctly used an analogy between Limerick and Celtic to highlight the lack of any real facts in the post. We are all up in arms (and rightly so) when they insult Limerick city with banner headlines such as ‘another murder in Stab city’

    Jimmy has every right to be up in arms. The post is ill-informed and in my opinion based on little or no evidence. In fact I would go so far as to say there may even be a sprinkling of prejudice involved.

  22. Why thank you for your invite to give the last word there, FF1. How lovely of you.Tedious? I’m merely calling you on your own irrelevant nonsense, while not recieving any kind of explanation of what you consider to be the irrelevant nonsense that I have offered.
    I have in fact, through a lifetime of supporting football, given my considered opinion, based on Jimmy’s impassioned plea for an apology I don’t think is actually warranted.
    Bock gave his opinion on some Celtic and Rangers fans and he’s right. Not all of them are like that but there are those who seriously need to have a word with themselves. That is an opinion based on my personal experience. Yeah, it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be but it’s still there.
    I take it from your refusal to explain your “irrelevant nonsense” comment that you really didn’t mean it but you just don’t personally like me. That’s fine. I’m lovable and despicable in equal measure.

  23. Very enjoyable debate so far, who ll be left standing by sundown is the question.

    RB s take on sectarian nonsense as some light relief ….during the interval. marty whelan he s in the ra

  24. Captain , where are you getting the line ‘ Bock gave his opinion on “some” of the Celtic and Rangers fans. Thats fucken bullshit. Read the post again.
    You tell us ‘Its nowhere near as bad as it used to be’ Whats nowhere near as bad as it used to be? You mean like Birmingham and villa boot boys used to kick the shit out of each other in the 70’s and early 80’s.
    Quote from post
    ‘Losing somebody we detest deeply is the most extreme form of bereavement. It’s far more intense than losing a loved-one and that’s why I’m afraid for Glasgow Celtic. How will they deal with their loss? Are they receiving counselling, or will they cast around for another enemy? Will they begin the long search for another enemy, and if that search fails, what will become of them?

    Show me any reference anywhere on the post to ‘some of the supporters’
    Its obvious that the post is suggesting that the whole ethos of Glasgow Celtic – in other words what makes the heart of this club pump, is based on sectarian hatred and bigotry and that type of opinion is indefensible and should be taken to task..

  25. If you think of Millwall fans, you’ll automatically think National Front because of their history of affiliation. You by no way think that every Millwall fan is a member of the National Front. I think the fact that this post has caused such a stir is testament to the fact that there is a perception about the fans of Celtic and Rangers. I’ve been to Parkhead and, whilst the atmosphere is great, it can be slightly intimidating and I’m no shrinking violet. There has been a history of hatred between the two teams, just like there’s a history of hatred between Villa and Birmingham City, Arsenal and Tottenham. Utd and everyone else. Leeds fans probably come in for more general criticism than Celtic or Rangers fans these days. Don’t lose sight of the fact that the post is about two very average football clubs and is more about the fact that the Celtic experience is now lessened because of the loss of their bitter rivals. That is the point, as I see it. I don’t take posts about football or rugby all that seriously. It’s a game, it’s entertainment and, while we are all passionate about our clubs, that’s all it really is.
    To take this a slight on every single Celtic fan is like saying that we are slagging all Germans when we give out about Angela Merkel. It’s a fucking game.

  26. Capt you keep missing the point, no matter how many times its pointed out to you. This post was not a slagging in the true football sense. It accuses fans of a club of being sectarian, that’s not a slagging, that’s a very serious accusation
    How long have Rangers and Celtic been hating each other? 144 years, that’s how long, based on sectarian bullshit.

    The quote above is bullshit. Have a look at the history of these two clubs and look at how when and most importantly why unionist and nationalist politics began to determine which club you supported. I am not going to do it for you or Bock. I’ve said enough now.

  27. I have a family member playing scottish football underage at a SPL club not one of the ones mentioned above. The general consensus( not scientific ) seems to be that not a lot of people look forward to either group of supporters coming to their ground in Scotland. Celtic and Rangers are not really part of the SPL at all they are something different that the other teams tolerate because of the money they generate. I have seen both sets of fans close up and to be honest there really isn’t much between them.
    As for the sanctimonious outpourings of Celtic supporters above with this holier than thou attitude give me a break. Would you have us believe that the bile directed at Rangers fans doesn’t exist when they play at your ground?
    Who are Celtic fans going to hate now? Hearts I suppose would be a good candidate for all the obvious reasons.

    Just as a matter of interest why would a charity “Nil by Mouth” be established if none of the above existed? Please don’t come back with the easy answer.

  28. Rob, are you for real? Your argument is flawed on so many different fronts it is impossible to know where to begin. I am a diehard Rangers fan, yet the person I would back 100% here is Jimmy. Everything he has said is true. Everything he has ssaid is relevant. Unlike you Rob. Perhaps I should argue that Jimmy is pure scum and that I would like to put an axe through his skull and then burn his children alive because he is a Celtic supporting taig? You would like that Rob, you would enjoy being able to point the figure at the two ugly sisters of Glasgow and chortle happily along with Bock.

    Let me deflate you son. I actually respect Jimmy for his opinion. Fitba is just fitba, but Bock and you Rob seem to enjoy the muck raking that so many others enjoy from the sidelines. Jimmy if you are reading this then I would quite happily take a pint with you and discuss fitba,weather, or just the way the rain has pissed on Bock and Robs parade.

  29. An apology is called for here. Bock, you just commited a faux pas of the highest order, read your own posts over the years and realise that you have chosen to write like the cunts that you have for so long despised.

    @Rob Shaddup you fucking spide. You are talking out yer hole.

  30. “You would like that Rob, you would enjoy being able to point the figure at the two ugly sisters of Glasgow and chortle happily along with Bock.”

    Dude you need to wind it back in a small bit there. What was it I said that was irrelevant? Maybe though you might address what I said point out what is irrelevant? Much better than personalising the thing that way you might change my mind if your points have merit.

  31. “Who are Celtic fans going to hate now? Hearts I suppose would be a good candidate for all the obvious reasons.”

    Who said Celtic are going to hate anyone? Celtic are one of the few teams to have publically commented on the downfall of Rangers. Why would you mention Celtic, Hearts and hate in the same sentence?

    “Celtic and Rangers are not really part of the SPL at all they are something different that the other teams tolerate because of the money they generate.”

    Not really part of the SPL? Tolerated because of the money they generate? Hardworking Glaswegians, on average 65,000 at Celtic, probably 47,000 at Rangers each week pay their money and keep the rest of the SPL afloat. Don’t hate them because they are up there, look at yourself and worry bout why you have to hate at all.

    “Just as a matter of interest why would a charity “Nil by Mouth” be established if none of the above existed?”

    What a load of nonsense. I wonder what hate filled plan is being hatched while Celtic and Rangers handed over a 7 figure sum between them in the last 10 years to cancer patients in and around Glasgow?

    “I have seen both sets of fans close up and to be honest there really isn’t much between them.”

    I’ve seen bigots and haters like you up close and firmly believe that you are a shitehole.

  32. Bock yous a bigotted cunt. Always have been always will do. Captain Piehole yous are talking total shite who gives a fuck about the National Front, Millwall and some Angela birdie. Rob you have not a leg to stand on with your shite comments. What the fuck are you spraying your hate about for?Aplogise to Celtic and Rangers and Jimmy. For once be a fucking man and admit you got it wrong. You are so far past the line on this post that you have lost sight of the tape.

  33. This is hilarious.

    Just for this post, I’m going to suspend the normal commenting rules, because every commenter who calls me a cunt is proving my point. It’s interesting to get that comment from Northamption, of all places.

    Keep it up lads.

  34. All taigs are keelers, murderers and rapscallion bastids who worship the horned one and spitroast wee children whose only crime is to love Mr Paisley the King of all eyeland and the peeples peeple. lets not stop at poking at the cathlicks lets gouge theri eyeballs and vomit into their lug holes. Taigs are feelthy scummers who rape and pillage poor honest folk then keel them.

    Aston Villa! Now they really are a bunch of forgotten folk living amongst the tarpits of the midlands. Football is gay and not as much fun as keeling taigs. Don’t get me started on the darkies…

  35. If the gloves are off then lets get something straight. I know that there are many, who knows maybe they are in the majority, of fans that support both teams and go ther for different reasons other than to hate Rangers but the likes of the pricks above self confessed Rangers and Celtic fans alike prove beyond any doubt that there is a large minority that are biggoted intolerant fuckwits! If this was a pub they would have cleared the place and shut the bar because of the complete idiots. Readback through your posts to see the violence in the language you use and ask yourself why you are disliked by most other people.

  36. Just as I thought. No comeback when your pointless points were ripped apart by logic. This line had me in stitches “I know that there are many, who knows maybe they are in the majority, of fans that support both teams and go ther for different reasons other than to hate Rangers…..”

    Go there for other reasons? Eating pies, darning socks maybe, how about picking,licking and flicking bogies at retards like you? Dare I say that thet may even be there to watch the football? Woah, that would be too much to take, surely?

    “……but the likes of the pricks above self confessed Rangers and Celtic fans alike prove beyond any doubt that there is a large minority that are biggoted intolerant fuckwits!”

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…… do you read back your own words before you press send?

    Put your gloves back on junior before yer granny worries your handies are getting cold.

  37. Why do Billy Mac, Old Knudsen, Big Andy and Father Todd Unctious have the same IP address?

    I think we should be told.

  38. Not really such a clamour of indignation when it’s all coming from the same kitchen table. What a pity.

  39. Alright, people really need to cool their heels here. Long gone are the days when it was unheard of for players to transfer between the two clubs. Kenny Miller, an unbelievably average player, has played for both clubs but to say that there is no sectrarianism attached to these two clubs is naive to say the least. I have no doubt that most Celitc and Rangers fans couldn’t give a fuck about sectarianism but some clearly do. Lennon suffered some particularly disgusting and serious death threats when he signed for Celtic and even more when he became their manager. Yep, that has nothing to do with football but my point is still that this post has been taken way too seriously. I mean Old Knudsen and his other personalities felt the need to all chime in from the same laptop. That is, frankly, beyond pathetic.
    LJS; why is it that, if he slagged off any other two clubs, he wouldn’t get the same level of vitriol? Celtic and Rangers fans aren’t ethnic minorities, they are football fans. I watched a game in a Celtic bar a few years ago and the fans, Scots and Irish alike, were singing rebel songs with passion. In addition to that, and I’m not making this up, any time any of their phones rang, the ringtone was invariably A Nation Once Again. All in all, despite the ridiculously bad level of football, I had a good craic with them. I’m not missing the point, I’m simply pointing out that this post has been taken way out of proportion because, let’s face it, the SPL is largely pointless without Rangers. In my opinion, this is what this post was about but it has been taken way too seriously. I don’t hate Birmingham City fans but, if someone was to write a post to say that the Villa experience is slightly less because City are in a lower league than us and, in doing that, said that the hatred between the clubs kept things more interesting, they’d be right. I hate Birmingham City. They’re a scummy little club. In fact, I once went to see a friendly between Celtic and Birmingham at St Andrews and the City fans held up UVF flags. That wouldn’t happen at most clubs. Then Chairwoman of the club, Karen Brady, personally came down to those fans and asked them to take them down.
    LJS: I respectfully request that you read the post again yourself. The sectarian roots cannot be denied and, though they are fading, there are still some left but that’s all anyone has latched on to here. The point, as I see it, is that it’s going to be kind of redundant supporting Celtic now because they will have each league won by Christmas now. I also have no doubt that this will be temporary and Rangers will be back but, for now, it shows the redundancy of the SPL.

  40. As an Aberdonian I have some sympathy for Bock when he insults Weegie fuckwits
    but I must temper his criticism of the Old Firm with some facts.

    The sectarian divide is far greater on this island than in Scotland.
    On starting work in Ireland I was met with “What team do you support? We will only
    accept one answer” Racism from management in the Irish semi-state sector.
    Watching an Old Firm game in an Irish pub I was sickened to hear chimp sounds
    whenever a black ‘gers player was on the ball.
    Twenty years ago wearing Old Firm colours could be a death sentence in Ireland
    never in Scotland.
    Why do so many Irish people support Liverpool with it’s ties to the Orange Order?
    I’m sure Liverpool has a larger Irish support than Everton the so called ‘green’ team.
    In Scotland prison officers have found that supporters of both teams can share a cell
    with less chance of trouble than, for example, Celtic/Hearts or Aberdeen/Rangers pairings.
    Sectarianism does exist in Scotland but nowhere near as much as in Ireland, north and south where it is compounded by that great Irish failing “Aping the British”

  41. Phew! Nearly off the hook there Bock, going to suspend the usual rules on comments to prove your point.

    Pity Billy Mac, Old Knudsen, Big Andy and Todd turned out to be four divine ejits in the one ape :)
    Thanks for the honesty though, you dident have to tell us.
    As magwabrawn used to say: An honest man is harder to find then a woman in a fur coat wearing knickers.
    Signing off….

  42. Phew! Nearly off the hook there Bock, going to suspend the usual rules on comments to prove your point.

    Pity Billy Mac, Old Knudsen, Big Andy and Todd turned out to be four divine ejits in the one ape :)
    Thanks for the honesty though, you dident have to tell us.
    As magwabrawn used to say: An honest man is easier to find then a woman in a fur coat wearing knickers.
    Signing off….

  43. “I mean Old Knudsen and his other personalities felt the need to all chime in from the same laptop. That is, frankly, beyond pathetic”

    No it’s not. Best bit of crack around here in ages.
    Pish off Captain piehole.

  44. Fuck it I cant leave this post alone.
    Reminds me of when the Ma would say, John will you stop pulling at that Parrots feathers you’ll break it!
    I just couldn’t though, until I got the inevitable box in the ear.

    Anyway Captain – what’s wrong with singing rebel songs? Are they by definition sectarian?
    The ring tone was a nation once again! – Jesus you must have been shitting in you shorts.
    ‘The sectarian roots cannot be denied’ – Your words. This statement would imply that these clubs were set up purely to serve a sectarian populace in a divided city. Wrong!
    Again I request that you do a little history check on both of these clubs. I am not denying there are elements within both clubs supporters are sectarian.
    I said this already in my earlier posts.

  45. As an Aberdonian I have some sympathy for Bock when he insults Weegie fuckwits
    but I must temper his criticism of the Old Firm.
    Very few supporters on either side could give a fuck about religion.
    Only in Ireland are people predestined to come down on one side or the other.
    Twenty years ago wearing a Rangers strip in Limerick would guarantee one a severe kicking if one were lucky.
    Irish people should keep their noses out of Scottish football considering that their
    domestic set up is a joke when the chief executive gets paid four times as much as
    the team that wins their championship.
    By the way why do more Irish support Liverpool FC – the Orange team in that city
    than Everton the “green” club? Could it be something to do with the number of trophies won combined with an inconsistancy born of ignorance?

  46. Ah FF1, your personal attacks on me are great. It’s nice to know you think enough of me to hate me so much but I must ask this; why are you even commenting on this thread? You haven’t made a single valid point, pointed out that some of mine have been irrelevant and refused, when asked to explain what you found to be irrelevant.
    Still, you’re right in general. It is a bit of craic. I find you hilarious. I could say I completely disagree with everything I’ve previously said and you’d still tell me to fuck off. Bravo, FF1. You truly are a diamond.
    LJS: I never said they were set up because of a sectarian divide but they were certainly adopted by sectarianist morons for quite a while. Denial of that is beyond naive.
    As for rebel songs being sectarian; I never suggested they were but they’re hardly football songs. Having said that they’re a lot more palatable than some of the football songs I’ve heard. I mean, tell me this, why would a football supporter, watching a football game, played by one of the biggest teams in Scotland, be singing a song about a united Ireland? Why did those Birmingham City fans hold up UVF flags at a friendly with Celtic. Ah, look you’re right. There was never any sectarian leanings by anyone ever associated with Rangers and Celtic. They’re two lovable likkle clubs who have done more for world peace than anyone.

  47. I seem to remember being told that there was some sort of Rangers-Celtic connection with Northampton, but that could just be a trick of the memory. Can anyone throw light on this?

  48. Hang on, I’m going to save FF1 a post here.
    More fucking bullshit from you, Captain Pieshit. Fuck off and shut your Piehole, you fucknut!
    I love you, FF1.

  49. LJS — My standards might be low, but they don’t sink to inventing fake commenters. It’s a pity because I thought we were in for a nice week or so of bile-filled invective, but there you go. It is what it is, as they say in banking circles.

  50. When you say “Celtic have lost the opponents they hate with a pasion”, to whom exactly do you refer? All Celtic supporters?, or just those ‘green-clad overweight men’ singing blah de blah (For fuck sake Bock!) I think you know who Jimmy McGovern really is. Pint?

  51. An interesting football Celtic chant I heard the other day. “There’s only one Nakamura!
    There’s only one Nakamura!
    He eats chow mein,
    and he votes Sinn Fein.
    Walking in a Celtic wonderland!”

    Why is that sung in a Scottish Premier League match?

    Rangers counter with “Nakamura ate my dog”.

  52. Jesus & Mary of the poor mouth! Captain I have never said there was never (Im starting to sound like paisley now) a sectarian element involved. Jesus of the roaring tinkers!! will you read my previous posts. Sectarian roots – roots! when you plant a seed it takes root. Its the first thing that happens. A clubs roots are its beginings. I’m loosing the will to live at this stage. I’ll offer it all up for the Rastafarian sisters of the poor clare.

  53. I ate Chow mein in Japan. In fact it was the first dish I ate on arrival. Dont think they called it Chow mein though. You know in Japan they just call it food, not Japanese food. And in China they just call it food as well. Not Chinese food, Weird eh?

    Captain – Celtic Football Club was formed at a meeting in St. Mary’s church hall in East Rose Street by Brother Walfrid to raise money for charity.
    The club was called Celtic because of its Irish and Scottish roots – Roots!
    There has always been a long tradition of support for the club in Ireland. And of course a lot of the supporters in Glasgow are Irish/Scots. You know like Irish/Americans live in America.
    Thats why the sing Irish songs, ballads, rebel songs etc etc at a Scotish premier league match. Ja get it Captain? Eh Eh?

  54. I gets ya Long John!
    Well said now.

    Roots roots forget them boots.. we can all get along, no need of the disputes.
    Brilliant or wha? That’d be a good to sing heh? :)

  55. I was just showing my love for FF1, LJS. She is lovelyly lovely, as oul scabby rita from Mouldy Joe’s chipper was oft heard to opine.

  56. Indeed , as is me way on a Friday , I will try to keep away from the ‘net in future..promise .

  57. Growing up in the suburbs of Glasgow this rubbish used to dominate everyday life. My first marriage had sectarian overtones. To have spent time away and come back it seems ridiculous but still lingering. Occasionally you bump into people who ask you what team you support, and it is possible to exclude these people from your consciousness.

    People have died supporting one bunch of clowns or another, if it was any other activity it might well have been banned. Too much money involved

    I thank them for turning me away from Soccer for life. What a complete an utter waste of time and energy, just like religion the 2 things go hand in hand really.

    Just sayin like

  58. For clarification, do you think this post is rubbish, or do you think the sectarian abuse is rubbish? And as a supplementary, do you agree with fellow Glaswegian Jimmy McGovern?

  59. I think sectarian abuse is rubbish most definetly, and I have seen educated people from both sides of the divide get involved in this rubbish.

    I think Jimmy has a point, a lot of the IRA chanting at Celtic comes from the 25 Dublin based supporters clubs who fly over on a Saturday morning. There are home grown chumps as well, but the loyal fans Jimmy talks about don’t do enough to stamp out the eejits.

    For too long both clubs didn’t do enough to stop this rubbish as it was good for business. Haven’t really lived there, or been in the situation where I have been asked what school I went to for a few years, so I don’t have a good feel for what currently happens on the ground there.

    This hatred is bred into both sides, I still find myself fighting prejudice to the the side I was supposed to dislike, very deep rooted. I have never cared about football and I think the sectarian divide was the main reason.

  60. That’s very enlightening. It’s only in Northern Ireland and Scotland that people are asked what school they went to. That doesn’t happen in the republic.

  61. They say in Edinburgh they ask you which school you wnet to so they can find out who you are in life on the West Coast they ask you to know whether you are a billy ot a tim.

    I’m sure they ask you in da Republic, so they can pick which bank you can waste money for.

    I will let you get back to your enlightenment on Scottish football culture, which, like you I have noit really been in touch with for a number of years.

  62. In the republic, nobody really asks that apart from the occasional tool who wants to know if you had the same privileged upbringing as he had. But that would be very rare.

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