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There are parodies, there are wind-ups, and then there are acts of lampoonery so extreme that you have to applaud them for their sheer brass balls.   I know this.  I’ve tried all sorts of piss-takes over the years but always blinked at the crucial moment.

I once put a video of the sky on Youtube and claimed it was a vision of the Virgin Mary.

It was immediately attacked by people with no sense of humour, and the attacks continued long after I gave up and admitted it was a joke.

You see, the world is full of people who don’t get parody or irony, but I have to make a confession here.  Just this very evening I was taken in by the best parody website I have ever seen.  I even posted one or two outraged comments on Facebook and the Twitter Machine, for which I apologise.  Yes, I am a knob-end.  I was talking with my irony detector swiutched off.


What website am I talking about?

None other than the splendid Islamic Vanguards, run by a lad called Admin al Islam.   In this post, he points out that rape is connected to women dressing and acting immodestly.  I can’t put it better than Admin, so I”ll quote him exactly as he writes.

If there are men who simply cannot control their desires – and there are, if there are women who dress and act in an inappropriate manner to attract attention – and there are (I seriously doubt that tight blouses, short skirts and high heels are worn for comfort) then it behoves us as concerned citizens to address these issues.

Wonderful parody, but it’s not easy to pull off, if you’ll forgive the expression.  If Admin can keep a straight face under attack, he will achieve a result.   It’s a truly world-class example of parody, but he needs to be careful and stay in character at all times.  As I myself know only too well, the mask can slip.  At the slightest sign of a giggle, the entire spoof is exposed.

If I had the decision to make, if I was in Admin’s place, I wouldn’t dignify this post here with a reply.  Instead, I’d ignore all external discussion and remain committed to the central mission of laughing at the ridiculous Sharia law.

Admin’s site is truly great, and what a wonderful wind-up at a time when we need a laugh.

Many thanks to Admin al Islam.  Keep it going.  Best piss-take I’ve seen in years.

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Is this really a piss take site or am I missing the whole thing? I thought I was clever enough but seems I’m not I couldn’t even click on one of the subjects on the site he has!!!

Damn you, Bock.

You’re bringing back a flood of memories of my long-dead Uncle.
He lived in a time before “free speech”; a time when you could say what you wanted.

He was an electrician with the ESB which by today terms, was similar to being in charge of Googles Data Servers.
There was noone as technically advanced, including Doctors, at that time.

Anyway, he said as he felt and told us of a solicitors defense for a client accussed of rape. “Your Honour, how can a man run as fast with his trousers down, as a
woman can, with her skirt up “? The mechanics of the prosecutions case, seemed incomplete, and the case thrown out.

Irish Islamic Vanguards is an Israeli Hasbara website. The Israelis wish to create animosity and for Irish Catholics to die for their cause.

Israel has it in for Catholics and particularly Ireland for not accepting Jews in the 1930’s.

Multi-culturalism or Cultural Marxism is primarily a Jewish creation, modified from Gramsci Marxism and forwarded by Barbara Lerner Spectre.

ive no problem with jews cos they dont call me an infidel and try to convert to their religion, but ive got issues with that shower of islamonazis who want to dominate everyones lives, we in ireland should be weary of these people, we’ve just got rid of one set of ayatullahs ‘i’e the catholic church variety’ and we dont want that 1950s crap here again

one of those islamic preachers believed to be hiding here in ireland at this time is the notorious ‘ayatollah McCullough’ who is wanted in Iraq and Syria for crimes against Islam, he is accused of masterminding a wave of car-bombings in Baghdad in 2012

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