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Jun 122012

You’ll remember from a little while back that I found a guitar thrown away in the dump and rescued it, and you might also recall that I had a plan to raise money for cancer research using this rescued guitar.  Well, like all worthwhile plans, this one is coming together.

The idea is simple.  First we get it fixed up, fine-tuned and fit to play.  Then we get maybe a half dozen accomplished guitarists to put it through its paces, in different musical styles.  Luckily, here in this town we have no shortage of first-class musicians, so that part won’t be a problem.

After that, we get as many A-list celebs as we can to play it, get their pictures taken with it and generally associate themselves with the thing.  I’m hoping we can get very well-known performers to play this thing and because I think most people have a fundamentally decent core, I don’t expect to have much difficulty achieving this.

What next?  Simple.   As soon as we think it’s worth a significant amount, we auction it and give the proceeds to cancer research.

Now.  Phase One is finished.  Our finest guitar technician has worked his magic on the lowly Fender Squier Telecaster and last night it had its first outing since being so callously discarded.  Here I have to apologise, because I made a poor job of recording this gig.  My video camera, a Canon HG-10, has a nasty little built-in feature: it shuts down if it thinks the sound levels are too high, which happened here, and what’s more, the sound is saturated and distorted.  This video is not my finest work.  Sorry.  Now go away.

The problem is infuriating, but I’m hoping some tech-minded person will come up with a solution, free of charge, obviously, given the circumstances.

Here we go with a little cover of a Fun-Loving Criminals song.  The sound quality is shit and it cuts off at the end, but I’ll fix that as time goes on.

And now for something completely different.  Here’s a  Doc Watson song recorded earlier this evening.

I’ll keep adding to this as I manage to record people playing the guitar in their own unique styles.

Let’s keep in mind what this project is about: saving lives.  This guitar was rescued from destruction and with any luck it will go on to rescue others.  Get behind the idea, folks.  I want no negative vibes on this one.


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    So far, it passed two good tests!


    Take a line out from the mixing desk into your camera through the “Tape Out” and a phono to mini jack cable or from an “Aux Out” using an XLR cable (depending on the audio input on your camera). Once everything onstage is mic’d up and running through the pa system you should get quality, adjustable sound. Alternatively, get yourself a good quality stereo recorder like the Zoom H1 and turn the mic on the camera off and edit in the audio from the recorder later


    Why not use the video function on your SLR,most now do a very good job. Well done on that guitar restoration and supporting a very worthy cause. Where can we make a donation?


    Mr Hippy — That sounds very complicated for someone like me. All I want is a few half-decent clips to show thew thing off.

    TonyC — My SLR doesn’t have a video function. Maybe when I get a new one …

    For now, I have to make do with what’s available.

    There are no money donations for this project,. although as usual, people are extraordinarily generous with their time and their talents. Funds will be raised when the guitar is sold.


    “After that, we get as many A-list celebs as we can to play it,”

    That’s cool Bock.
    I’ll have a word with Bono. Would he do ya?

    What about John Aldridge? Does he play any guitar at all?
    Or that Brian Lucey fella?

    That Doc Watson song is cool. Your videos looked grand to me.


    As far as I know, none of the people you mentioned are musicians, apart from Doc Watson, obviously.


    Oh right.

    Best of luck with it.

    Hope this isn’t a negative vibe now..
    But why not take donations?
    I mean you might get some wealthy individual who’ll buy the guitar as it’s been played by some A- list celebs, but that’s limiting your options to the one donation from one person, it seems to me.


    This plan is not an appeal for donations and there is no structure in place to accept money. Whoever buys this thing will be paying top dollar on the commercial market in an auction, not making a donation.


    Sorry if this is a double post, anyway i’ll dumb it down a shade. If you have an audio input on the camera that you can plug regular headphones into, like the ones for a walkman/mp3 player, give the sound tech one of these buckos and tell him you want to get a feed from the desk


    Sorry if this is a double post, anyway i’ll dumb it down a shade. If you have an audio input on the camera that you can plug regular headphones into, like the ones for a walkman/mp3 player, get one of the cables linked above, give it to the sound tech and tell him you want to get a feed from the desk


    Sound tech? We’re talking about small pub gigs. Come on.


    Bock the chap of the Hippy’s is absolutely correct. Any half decent desk now have an audio inputs for recording. Its bog standard now, even for small desks used in pub gigs. Just plug into the P.A. and away you go. An overhead mike for drums and a few D.I.s for electric instruments and away you go. Any musician will set it up for you. Should only take a few minutes. And dont forget the band will sound just beautiful on the recording. And musicians love sounding fucking beautiful. Using the chap of the Hippy’s advise will make the guitar especially sound really good. Good advise Mr Hippy.


    Overheads, d.i. leads, amp mics, desk outs? Come on guys! Bock would have to route all these into a multi-track to remix it later. He only wants 3mins in the middle of a gig!

    I vote for a decent digital recorder, Olympus or Zoom. It’s fairly simple to sync this to the video later.



    I think this is a very fine vibe If I can help in any I,m in. Cha

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