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The large X of shipping containers currently balanced in Limerick’s Arthur’s Quay park is Construction X by the Artist Luc Deleu.  The artwork is part of this year’s EVA international art event and will be in place until August 12.  It may be familiar from its previous visit to Arthur’s Quay in 1994 and the memorable reception it received then is one of the reasons Annie Fletcher, this year’s curator, decided to reconstruct it.

EVA 2012 is titled After the Future and this theme is intended to encourage us to take stock of the present and resist the many false notions of progress for an unreachable future.  Many of the featured works dotted around the city adapt this theme in a variety of creative finishes.  The return of Construction X celebrates its own Limerick memory and in choosing it for reconstruction the curator balances demands for the new with something that, in its own history, still has something to give.

Construction X is now the meeting place for the second Art for Art’s Sake tour which takes place at 12.00 pm on Saturday the 14th of July. Led by Limerick Artist Orlaigh Tracey this popular walking guided tour will include EVA International venues such as 103 O’Connell St. and The Belltable. It will also tour other gallery spaces in the city such as Ormston House.

Each gallery will have the artist/ curator/ guide available to introduce the space and to answer any questions.  There will be a break in between for lunch. The tours are free but any donations are welcome to contribute to the development of Art for Art’s Sake!  To book a place on the tour

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  1. I was 15 years of age when I walked into the park and for me, seeing this awe inspiring piece of work, was amazing. The work embedded in me the power of the visual aesthetic. I was gobsmacked to say the least, not by its size or its position, but by the very fact that someone had the balls to do it! At that time in my life I was as much a stereotypical Limerick lad as you would find on the streets today. This piece of work changed me in some way (looking back) and it shaped me to believe in bigger & better things. The power of art cannot be measured by statistics, culture can only exist by forward thinking people who show no regard to current (pop) cultural thinking or critics. Long live E+VA… Long live the agitators…

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