Home-Made Hummus

Making your own hummus is ridiculously easy.  All you need are chick-peas, tahina, garlic and lemon.

It takes about five minutes.

Assemble your ingredients.  Use canned chickpeas.  Life is too short to be boiling them for hours.


Tahina, Chick-peas, Lemon and Garlic

Whizz the chickpeas with a stick blender, using a little of the water they came in.


Add some tahina, to your own taste and whizz the lot.

Crush one or two garlic cloves and throw them in.  Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the mix and whizz the lot till it’s uniform and creamy.

That’s it.  You have hummus.

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Is tahina like a milkier version of tahini paste then? I’ve found that hard to come by where I live — where do you get yours?

Pressure cookers save time,energy and a lot of money when it comes to chick peas or any other type of pulse.
No energy efficient home should be without one.
Mind you one must still remove the skin.

Oh but the gas Bock, its in the skins!
My very clever wife discovered, through trial and error, that the skin is the singular element of the chick pea that confers those nasty gases on susceptible persons.
She, being fond of the chickpea but not of its associated flatus, has devised a method of de-skinning them en-masse. It’s sort of a magic trick though so i cant really tell you how it works, basically because i just dont know how she does it -like so many other things she does.
So we have environmentally friendly hummus now. Very yum.


I didn’t know it was the skins that caused the gas. One other way of reducing the gas is to throw in a strip of Kombu Seaweed (you can buy it in most Asian or healthfood shops). It shortens the boiling time and it works for all pulses. Throw it away when you’re tipping the water out.

Yip, it’s the raffinose, same as in the other bean husks. indigestible due to our lack of a suitable enzyme, although our resident microbes in the lower intestine are quite capable of breaking it down to sugars and promptly converting it to the gas phase.
I will advise my good lady magician about the Seaweed. I wonder if something in the seaweed helps breakdown the raffinose, it must do if it shortens the cooking time.

Apologies to Bock for lowering the tone.

Glad to see someone else is on the hummus bandwagon. It’s cheaper, quicker and tastier than the hummus you can buy (pretty much) anywhere else.

You can get “dark” or “light” tahini paste in Liston’s on Camden street. I don’t know what the difference is, but I use the dark one, as I guess it has more “taste”.

yeah, it’s science.

If you go to your local asian shop and buy sesame seeds and grind them to paste in your food processor for fresh tahani they will turn to paste in about 5 mins. you can also get besan flour which is chickpea flour if this is boiled in water until it forms a smooth paste then combine tahani, besan, cumin powder,olive oil lemon and a little zing of chilli powder, you can make a ton of it cheaply. We also serve it with lamb at the restaurant. the dark tahini is made from black sesame, i think but if you roast your sesame seeds on a dry pan it brings out the nuttiness of the sesame.

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