McAreavey Murder Hijacked By Racists

As if the McAreavey and Harte families didn’t have enough to endure, we now see racists stepping forward to hijack the families’ tragedy.  A lovely young girl was murdered, leaving two families distraught, and their pain was compounded by the inept investigation by the Mauritian police, perhaps under pressure to find a culprit, just as the British police were when they arrested the Birmingham Six, or the Irish police when they tried to pin a false charge on Joanne Hayes.

That’s the nature of police forces everywhere, despite the image they try to project, and the Mauritian police proved no different, though their level of ineptitude is perhaps thirty years behind the level of our current police force’s incompetence, which is still considerable.  Their level of corruption is another matter.

But as if the insult to the McAreavey and Harte families wasn’t bad enough, as if they weren’t sufficiently crushed by the trial and by the failure to convict anyone for the murder, to the astonishment of everybody, a Mauritian newspaper went ahead and published explicit crime-scene photos.

Shocking.  An affront to decency.  Gutter press at its worst.

Yet was any of this the fault of all Mauritians?

No.  It was not.

Some crooked cop, impoverished jury member or unprincipled civil servant sold the pictures to the newspaper and that was all, but despite this, campaigns have grown up in Ireland and abroad, seeking to boycott Mauritius.  What’s more, the campaign has extended to include all immigrants to Ireland, African and others.

I can hear the drumbeats beneath this clamour and it’s worrying.  We wouldn’t be the first small country to succumb to fascism.

It seems that every racist in Ireland has grabbed this case as a golden opportunity to attack the people they hate.    This is fascism, and when they’ve finished with the Mauritians, when they’ve finished with the Africans, when they’re done with the Poles, they’ll  cast around for other victims.  Jews? Not many these days.  Muslims?  Certainly.  And when the gobshites are finished oppressing these groups, they’ll come for me, and they’ll come for you.

It’sd time to resist this movement in Irish society before gobshites are strutting around our streets in uniform.

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“It’sd time to resist this movement in Irish society before gobshites are strutting around our streets in uniform.”
Horseshit Bock, won’t happen in your lifetime, that would require a level of commitment that your average Irish person is incapable of, still it is touching that we are so outraged about the plight of a U.K. citizen, pity we could’nt share the same outrage at the plight of a French citizen in our own patch.
Eamon Gilmore called in the Irish Ambassoder to Mauritius to lodge a “strong protest”, should he not have called in the British Ambassoder and asked him why H.M. Government had not sought an explanation from the Mauritian Government on the disgacefull decision of one the their newspapers to publish those photographs of one of their citizens.
If ye want to display umbrage at a lack of justice in Ireland, and there are many,perhaps ye might start here
But hey, she is just some nobody from Offaly, her father did’nt manage a GAA football team

this is being hyped out of all proportion. Probably with a wiew to Or.T.E. opening
an office in Mauritius. They have to justify their beano in the sun at the public’s

“First they came for the communists
and I did not speak out –
because I was not a communist
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out –
because I was not a trade unionist
Next they came for the Catholics
and I did not speak out –
because I was not a Catholic
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak for me.”
(Pastor Niemoeller, victim of the Holocaust)

People may scoff, but all it takes is one “charismatic” fanatic to organise these morons & chaos will ensue.

So, what if the Mauritian authorities said, “right, this could damage our ecomomy. Let’s just arrest someone. Anyone, convict them of the crime and hang them in public”. Would that make these “Boycott Mauritius” morons happy. Do they want justice to be served or just seen to be served. If the two who were wrongly accused of the murder had been convicted, there’d be none of this. The paper that published those pictures should be fined heavily but why should our anger at their actions be taken out the whole of Mauritius? This country is full of tub thumpers who can’t engage their brains before engaging their mouths. Spot on post, Bock.

The media loves to start a self-righteous mud slinging fest in order
to distract the masses from the true crimes closer to home.
Ireland has it’s scapegoat.

@ jbkenn, Michaela McAreavey was an Irish citizen. Your own brand of racism against Irish citizens from north of the border speaks volumes. The Harte and McAreavey families are steeped in Irish culture and heritage, and you sound like a sad uneducated wee bigot.

I’d say you probably meant xenophobia. Or maybe not. I don’t think it’s possible for a person to be racist against their own kind. In fact, it might even be a mortal sin.

Why do people love this racism label so much? Is it like the ultimate magic argument killer?

You’re a fucking racist!! The end!!

I don’t happen to agree with Jbkenn’s analysis, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to throw bullshit accusations at him. If you want to play the racism card, do it on the Sunday World site or someplace else where they don’t require critical thinking.

Maybe prejudiced would fit the bill more?

jbkenn says ” it is touching that we are so outraged about the plight of a U.K. citizen”.

Sadly, in jbkenns eyes the border determines citizenship, contrary to the Good Friday Agreement.

I wonder if jbkenn supported the inclusion of James McClean and Darron Gibson in the Ireland squad at the Euro’s?

Regardless of her fathers occupation, we should all be outraged at the death of a young Irish woman in such terrible circumstances.

I agree we should be outraged at this murder, just as we should be outraged at all murders, but that is not what this post is about.

was the showing of the crime scene photographs an unusual occurrence in mauritius?perhaps its not. maybe thats the way their press reports crimes. its a different country and culture to ours, why try to push our standards on them? those who are upset by the publication of the images, would be advised to stay away from the likes of easons; where for a few euros you can buy magazines like true detective, which feature loads of crime scene shots.
i’d also say that the gobshites have already been strutting around . think about the love ulster parade and the blue shirts

I don’t think it’s the norm in Mauritius. Most people there had never heard of this newspaper, which seems to be a one-man operation, and he has now been arrested. Of course, the legions of the self-righteous won’t care about that.

The Savage Aye

“Maybe prejudiced would fit the bill more?”

FYI, I am neither a racist nor a xenophobe nor “prejudiced”, I am however a realist.

“Sadly, in jbkenns eyes the border determines citizenship, contrary to the Good Friday Agreement.

I am a proud citizen and resident of the Republic of Ireland.
I define citizens of the Republic, as those who reside in, pay their taxes in and owe their allegiance to the Republic, end of, I served in the Defence Forces of the Republic, I was the “Sentinal at the Post”, if you served, critise me, if you did’nt, fuck off, the fact that you hold an Irish passport does’nt count for much to me, someone, usually the citizen, has to pay for the running of the country.
I don’t give a rattling shit about the GFA, other than it stopped the knuckle draggers on both sides of the secterian divide from killing their fellow human beings.

“I wonder if jbkenn supported the inclusion of James McClean and Darron Gibson in the Ireland squad at the Euro’s?”

I had no idea who these people are, thanks to Google I realise they are football players, as I have little intererst in sports, I don’t care who they play for, but I bet you a pound to a small penny, I will never see either of them coaching my local under 10 team on a Saturday morning.

“Regardless of her fathers occupation, we should all be outraged at the death of a young Irish woman in such terrible circumstances.”

The taking of human life in any circumstances is abhorrent, and cannot ever be justified by any sane person, that does not take from the fact that the unfortunate young ladies father is a “high profile manager” of a football team, ask yourself, if he was a plumber from Claudy would the media have cared?, would we be making a song and dance about it?, I doubt it.

Like I say, a realist.

p.s. Can you explain to me why the Republic of Ireland has issued PPS number to 7514 citizens of Mauritius in the last 12 years?, not racist, just curious.

When you served your time in the defence forces of the the Republic, where you obliged to uphold and defend when required the constitution of the Republic of Ireland? I presume you were also a member of the defence forces prior to the Good Friday Agreement. Just curious?
Are you aware of the rights of republican and nationalist people holding Irish citizenship in the North of Ireland under the Republics constitution?
I’m sure with your experience in the defence forces and you knowledge of the constitution you were upholding that the republic is defined by its constitution and not open to personal interpretation by individuals, especially those serving in the defence forces.

As a Northerner, I proudly hold dual citizenship. What I object to is others shoving one or the other down my throat. As a contrarian, I always stand on the other side anyhow. In respect of this trial, what were the PSNI officers doing in Mauritus? can we expect them to accompany all family members to overseas trials – or do you have to be a member of the GAA or Orange Order first? And by the way, in the absence of an arrest, I wouldn’t rule out any suspects.

Did you know that in the USA, 33% of all homicides of women are committed by their lovers? and the method in 9 out of 10 of these cases is by strangulation? Note the term homicide – it includes reckless behaviour leading to death. Not making any accusations here – just providing facts.

Source –

You should be ashamed of yourself Peter. Why don’t you piss off and get a job with the Mauritian Sunday Times.
You appear to have all the attributes required for a gutter journalist. Show some respect you fool.


How you feel about the GFA is entirely up to yourself.

The value you place on an Irish passport is also up to yourself.

Are you, as a member of the Defense Forces, sworn to uphold the constitution?

Article 2 of The Irish Constitution recognises

`the birthright of all the people of Northern Ireland to identify themselves and be accepted as Irish or British, or both, as they may so choose, and accordingly confirm that their right to hold both British and Irish citizenship is accepted by both Governments and would not be affected by any future change in the status of Northern Ireland.’

The fact that you served in `Dad’s Army’ is neither here nor there, and your Pythonesque `Sentinel at the post’ boast has me rolling on the floor.

Were you protecting the `Border’ from the `Knuckledraggers’?

If a relative of your’s was murdered overseas would you not use every means at your disposal to bring the perpetrators to justice?

And no, i won’t `Fuck off’, not for you or any other blue shirt, prejudiced clown !

Thank you. We might savage everyone else, but among ourselves, we try to maintain some degree of civility, however false the facade.

Peter why dont You say what you rightly mean,,,,Oh dont upset the protected classes,,,john can do no wrong? He’s so harmless he wouldnt hurt a fly…He’s My main suspect and will be in the frame very shortly,,,I have no doubt he will stand trial,,,It would have been a miscarriage of justice if those two men had been convicted. No evidence whatsoever to connect them to the crime.Those two innocent men and their familys went through hell over those 18 months.No sympathy for them or their familys here in Ireland. Do the thick ignorant irish people who comment on these sites,not realise the pain and suffering those familys endured.Shame on you all.I can just imagine all the heads buried in the sand when justice is finally delivered shock! horror!


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