McAreavey Trial — Jury Returns Not Guilty Verdicts

Avinash Treebhoowoon and Sandip Moneea, the two men accused of murdering Michaela McAreavey in Mauritius, have been found not guilty, and I’m not all that surprised.  The case against them was shaky, there was no DNA evidence and their claims of beatings while under arrest had a hint of plausibility.

A defence lawyer’s job is to cast as much doubt on the prosecution case as possible, which was exactly what Teeluckdharry  and Valayden did.  While we all  found the cross-examination of John McAreavey both insulting and ludicrous, the fact is that they were doing their jobs to the best of their ability on behalf of their clients.  Court cases are a dirty business.

After  that incident, I felt that the McAreavey and Harte families would have been better advised to leave Mauritius and have nothing further to do with the trial.  When the defence made such a big deal about Cosmopolitan magazine in the hotel room, it was clear that cultural perceprtions would have a part to play in the jury’s decision, and that, combined with the absence of hard evidence connecting the accused to the crime, meant they’d probably be acquitted.

It’s impossible not to feel sorry for the bereaved families now that the prosecution has failed to secure convictions.  They must be wondering if they subjected themselves to the ordeal of the  trial for nothing, but I don’t think they’re the sort of people who would want the accused men jailed on the basis of unsafe evidence.

What can they do now but try to get on with their lives?


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In another case where police ineptitude (failure to secure the scene etc) also seems to have hindered justice the Sophie Toscan du Plantier family are still, 16 years on, trying to find the truth.

The Mauritius system may be too difficult to penetrate, but equally i’m not so sure it’s that easy just to get on with life. I don’t think i could rest if it was my daughter, what would you do?

The murderer is still at large in Mauritius. The police, notwithstanding their previous ineptitude, have more investigating to do – and this time they should refrain from trying to beat confessions out of suspects.

Oh yeah.. case closed move on with your lives people – I don’t think so.

“It’s impossible not to feel sorry for the bereaved families now that the prosecution has failed to secure convictions.”
Of course. Why does that need stating?
They/ve never done anything to not warrant sympathy.

” but I don’t think they’re the sort of people who would want the accused men jailed on the basis of unsafe evidence” That sounds like a bit of a sanctimonious statement to make, to me.
I think if your wife/sister/daughter was murdered you’d probably not view it that way.. if there isn’t enough evidence to convict a murderer , it doesn’t mean they didn’t do it, does it?
My point being is that if it were your loved one, you’d just not be viewing the outcome of a trial from a legal standpoint.

Mick — If I were in the same position, I’d be filled with rage and vengeance, neither of which is conducive to justice. A fair trial needs to be conducted without emotion. Otherwise, we’d end up operating a Sharia-style system.

FF1 — Of course I’m viewing the outcome from a legal standpoint. The men were found not guilty because there was no evidence to convict them. Are you calling for a lynch-mob?

No lynch mob Bock… I’m not so willing to accept any verdict from that hillybilly shithole.. sorry.

And also, this – “If I were in the same position, I’d be filled with rage and vengeance, neither of which is conducive to justice”
Justice hasn’t been done though has it?
Michaela was murdered.. and her killer/s have not been brought to justice.

But then again as you say, it’s a dirty business etc etc bla bla bla.. the defense lawyers are gonna do whatever it takes to smear the innocent victim. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.. that’s right.

My sympathies are with the families.. they’ll never move on.
I hope they can find some sense of peace in time.
The way that trial was conducted would make that very difficult though.

In South Africa there has been so many sad, brutal murders and most were senseless. I was with the police for 5 years there and I never saw “Closure” as they say is the magic word . There are murders that will never be solved, we live on a diet of tv deceit where we expect that everything will be fixed and the bad guys will be put away. This case seems to be bad and lazy and uneducated police work. I do not want to make any theories but were other guests at this resort questioned and to what extent??? , why was the hotel not closed and treated as a crime scene and not just the room, as it appears??? it seems that an easy theory of robbery was created to get a quick fix by the police. Anyway, for what it is worth, I wish the best for this family . There is no simple easy answer when life is taken so quickly away.

Calm down FF1 they didn’t have enough evidence to convict the 2 blokes who were accused therefore they walked. Which bit is difficult to understand. If anything good had come out of the shambles its that the unfortunate girl’s murder will hopefully cause a dramatic improvement in due process in the country where it happened. Change generally follows disaster and for the Mauritius police/legal system this has been a disaster. My thoughts are with the family.

“Which bit is difficult to understand” True dat.
I’m very fucking calm, excuse me.

“Are you saying the two accused men are guilty?” No Bock. They were found not guilty. I just don’t like how the trial/police investigation was carried out there. It’d make it even more difficult for the families to move on.. which I’d say is impossible in any event.

The infamous “heavy gang” in our Guards of the 70s and 80s show a marked similarity to Mauritius police.Mind you the heavy gang didn’t just beat confessions out of suspects,they also battered witnesses to adjust/invent statements in order to secure a conviction,regardless of guilt or innocence.
If that unfortunate case happened in Ireland 25 years ago ,those accused guys would have been convicted,guilty or innocent.

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