Aug 282012

You might remember I had a little post here about a month ago, asking people to support an art sale at the Hunt Museum in Limerick.

It was a great success, I’m glad to tell you, with €6,000 raised on the night, and a further €700 in sales over the following weeks, all going to the Mid-West Cancer Foundation, which does wonderful work in supporting patients and needs every cent it can scrape together.

Many local artists donated their work , as well as some chancers like myself.  There are too many to name individually, but they know who they are.  Thanks also to the local businesses who gave prizes for a raffle that raised something like €1,200.  Perhaps the quirkiest spot prize was a voucher from Ulli Hueber, tattoo artist.  I’ll bring you a picture of that when I get hold of it.

It was a nice, friendly evening in the Hunt Museum, with nibbles, wine and pictures for sale.  If you were looking for a bargain, you came to the right place, and if you just wanted to relax in the evening sun, look no further.




And here’s the committee handing over a cheque for €6,700.  The plan is that this will become an annual event.

Well worth supporting.

Handing over the cheque

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    Great initiative! We should do more stuff like this.

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