Cardinal Seán Brady Interviewed on Public Broadcasting Station About Abortion and Gay Marriage

I heard Cardinal Seán Brady today on RTÉ talking about abortion and gay marriage, and I wondered why this man was getting public air time.  After all, considering its involvement in abuse at every level of society,  the Irish Catholic church has no standing when it comes to ethics or morals, so why does RTÉ consider it appropriate to interview Seán Brady, of all people, on these matters?

Brady, in case anyone needs reminding, was the man who intimidated children who were clerical rape victims into staying silent instead of alerting the police to the crimes that had been committed by his fellow priests.

Who in RTÉ decided that Seán Brady had any moral standing whatever and who decided to interview him?

Whatever your view on abortion, and every citizen is entitled to hold an opinion, Brady was not interviewed as a private citizen.  He was interviewed as the head of an organisation in Ireland, arbitrarily and without any particular assessment of that organisation’s authority.  After his recent behaviour, my view is that neither Brady nor the outfit he represents have any authority at all, and yet our national broadcaster gave him prime-time space on the national airwaves to repeat long-discredited lies, including the lie that there is never a threat to a mother’s life from pregnancy.

It’s amazing.  What is going on inside RTÉ that they think the Catholic church has any more right to be interviewed than anyone else?  It seems old habits die hard, or more to the point, it seems that lazy thinking is hard to eradicate.   These guys seem to be operating on auto-pilot, rooted in the Sixties when a priest had an automatic right to rant on the radio.

These days, the Catholic church in Ireland has considerably less moral authority than a GAA club, or a concrete-block manufacturer, and yet, our national broadcaster continues to seek their opinion on everything below the waist.  I didn’t notice RTÉ asking economists for their view on gay marriage, or taxi drivers or bricklayers.

The only reason they asked Seán Brady is because he and the organisation he represents claim an entitlement to be heard on these matters, despite the fact that they represented and defended the abusers for decades.  Despite the fact, in other words, that they have no moral authority at all.

Does this reflect worse on the bishops or RTÉ?  Well, clearly, the clerics will take whatever they can get, as they always did, though not always legitimately.  RTÉ, on the other hand, is supposed to be a professional organisation.  Nepotistic and corrupt, but professional, in its own way.

So why did they turn to Seán Brady for comment on gay marriage today?  After all, this is none of his business.  They might as well have asked the chief executive of the ESB or the head of the GAA what they thought about gay marriage.  Civil marriage is a function of the State, not the private club Brady represents — a club which has failed the children of this country in every way possible.  Brady has no competence to comment on private legal arrangements between people who are not members of his club.

Who does Seán Brady think he is — someone relevant?  Wouldn’t it be far more beneficial if he reflected on the damage he caused by suppressing the pleas of abused children instead of trying to inflict his opinions on people he has nothing to do with and over whom he exerts no authority?

Is this a republic or is it a theocracy?  Now is the time to tell Seán Brady and his kind where exactly their influence ends.



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27 thoughts on “Cardinal Seán Brady Interviewed on Public Broadcasting Station About Abortion and Gay Marriage

  1. If I was giving the national broadcaster any credit at all, it would be that the outcry and reactions (this one included) any time they put one of these Palaeolithic assholes on the airwaves draws more attention to them, which is of course the aim of most of their journalism. Then again, they could just be moronic relics of a dying age themselves.

  2. There are many within the Aspirational classes who happily use the Church to further their businesses and careers. They are members of the secret Fraternities, charged with peddling influence in the corridors of power, in Government, the Media and any organisation that will promote Church values and dogma.
    They care little for truth, human decency or moral integrity. They compliment their masters in the Church perfectly. As for Voodoo Meister Brady, he has a neck like a jockey’s proverbial. He must have, otherwise the guilt of his betrayal of two young children would have registered in his reptilian brain by now.

  3. The fact that RTE allowed this reprobate air-time at all–regardless of the topic–throws it’s credibility irrevocably onto the scrap heap. And for him to have access to public radio on the issue of gay marriage, or any marriage–could there be a more unqualified person in Ireland than he!–confirms for me that something is radically wrong at the helm.

  4. So, could a list be drawn up of categories of persons who shouldn’t be invited to be interviewed on RTE? Would the idea of such a blacklist be any different from ministerial directives issued to RTE in the 1970s under Section 31 of the Broqdcasting Act?

  5. You’re missing the point. I’m not proposing anything of the sort! Hopefully we’ve left those dark times behind! I’m totally on your side on this.
    But there should be some respect shown to the abuse victims. Brady surely could not be accused of this. Personally I’d have been furious to hear his hypocritical stance on anything, if I were a victim. As an Irishman, and a human being, I’m allowed to advocate on behalf of the abused. I’m also allowed an opinion, and the venue to express it, thanks to Bock.
    Personally I don’t want EVER to hear Bradys voice again, unless he’s on his knees begging forgiveness of the people he should have been prepared to sacrifice himself to save from what was perpetrated on them by his fellow reprobates. He should at worst just shut up.

  6. In fairness to RTE, Sean Brady is certainly more entertaining than the X factor and a lot cheaper, He mustn’t have any idea how hypocritical he sounds. There may be some who will be swayed by his promulgations(perhaps the moving statue and dancing sun merchants). Others who will remember his particular nasty stall; will note the continuing stench and quickly move on mentally.

  7. Benno, you are missing the point.

    Clerics have no role in making civil law, apart from a self-proclaimed one, and Brady is more compromised than most. Religious marriage is the only kind a cleric is competent to comment on, and there is no proposal to interfere with that.

  8. Brady has a right to speak on these and other matters for as long as his constituency show support for his organisation. As long as those ‘Good Catholics’ turn up every Sunday and throw money in the basket then it’s business as usual for the RC Church.
    Anyway, having him on RTE does serve some purpose: at least I don’t have to suffer a mass to hear what inhuman double-speak the papal authorities are peddling. Of course it makes me scream every time I hear one of these medieval princelings open their mouths but hopefully it keeps everyone in mind of just how totally insane these f*ckers are.

  9. A vast majority of people in this country are Catholic and it is part of his duty to speak on this matters. The people of this country have time and again rejected abortion through the democratic means of the ballot box. The view held by the Catholic church is against abortion and the death penalty. The Cardinal is not saying anything more or less than what is church dogma. You may not like the messenger but the message is a tenet of Catholic belief.

  10. That’s not correct. There have already been two referendums and the people twice refused to ban abortion outright. That’s why Brady said he thought yet another referendum was needed, and presumably another one after that. Keep holding referendums until you get the right answer.

  11. In the last census carried out in this REPUBLIC, 84% of those who completed the form claimed they were Roman Catholic, if the leader of 84% of the population is not free to express the views of those he follows then the other 16% are in deep shit

  12. Oh and by the way if any political part in this country had 84% support we would all be in deep shit. we should never get hung up on the opinion expressed but we should always be mindful of the right to express it. The current labour party really want to end any free speech unless it agrees with the party ethos, mmmm shades of Germany 1933 to 1939 me thinks

  13. Gerard,
    84% declared themselves Catholic in the census. I’m one of them. Brady is the appointed leader of the Irish church (appointed by Rome)–I would view him and his ilk in the same terms as the Etat Francais Nazi Collaborationist regime. There is no Irish Church, just a bunch of Roman puppets.

  14. Bock,

    My apologies about perpetuating the Godwinism. The black uniforms and being ordered about must have confused me–it was certainly erroneous on my part to mention the Church and Nazi’s in the same blog. The Church are forgiving; I’m sure the Holy father would understand…

  15. Well If myself were made Grand Emperor of Radio Telefis Eireann tomorrow..
    — I’d have him (or his like) on my programmes for sure– current-affairs programmes are commodities-for-sale like anything else: controversy results in attention and broo-haw ( which in turn begets ratings and advertising revenue ): the clergy are dogma-bound to say things no sane, moral person can agree with: controversy ensues: Result!

    And has been pointed out, cheaper than an X-factor Judge.

  16. The church have plenty of money, probably a powerful PR company that can lobby RTE for airtime when required.

    In my opinion, the cosy relationship between the church, old media, and politicians has not disappeared, just gone underground.

  17. You may well be right. They haven’t gone away, you know, and in times of economic hardship,people have a tendency to turn to witchdoctors and magicians.

  18. Sorry Bock (whoever Bock is)

    I was otherwise engaged, I still dont think ye are getting my point guys, its about the right to express an opinion because we got to remember that next year it might be our opinions that do not fit with the establishment and then its the old story of : they came for the gypsies but we said nothing for we were not gypsies etc, I am sure ye all know the end of that parable

  19. If the gypsies partook in a cover-up of child rape, I would not be into receiving moral instruction or opinion from them. Especially through the national broadcaster which I am paying for.

  20. And yet Tommy you are left with no choice but to pay taxes to a government who this very day have starved child protection services so that over 400 children have died in STATE that is your care not Church care in the past 10 years over 1400 children in state care whose whereabouts are unknown, but hey is there a whisper from Bock etc when these reports come out not even a whimper
    Wonder what agenda is really going on in this country

  21. Gerard, you have a gift for spurious logic. What I may have written about in the 4,000 posts on this site doesn’t change the reality that Brady covered up child abuse. That’s not an agenda. That’s a fact.

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