DPP Appeals Leniency of Anthony Lyons Sex Attack Sentence

The Director of Public Prosecutions has quite rightly appealed the sentenced handed down to Anthony Lyons, a multi-millionaire sex-attacker who managed to get his six-year sentence reduced to six months due to being rich.

Lyons, let me remind you, forcibly knocked a young women to the ground and sexually assaulted her.  He initially denied the attack, but later blamed it on his cholesterol medication, another scientific first.  Previous post here.

A jury found him guilty and the judge sentenced him to six years in jail, but suspended the first five and a half years because Lyons paid money to the victim.  It later emerged that the victim had informed the court in advance that she wanted no compensation if it would in any way reduce the sentence.

In other words, the court reduced the victim of a sexual attack to the status of a common prostitute, and elevated the attacker to the status of a philanthopist.

It was a classic example of the well-heeled looking after their own kind at the expense of ordinary people and I’m delighted that the DPP has decided to challenge this sort of antediluvian thinking.

Lyons is a violent thug, just like those violent thugs with no money who fill our prisons.  What’s more, he’s a violent pervert thug.

He deserves to be in jail, and he deserves to do hard time, money or no money.

I feel terribly sorry for his children, but he brought the tragedy on them, just as he was responsible for ruining his victim’s life. Nobody else did it, apart from this character, who thought he could buy his way out of trouble, but let’s hope he was wrong, for the sake of our daughters, our sisters and our friends.  Society should not be showing leniency to sex attackers just because they happen to have money.


9 thoughts on “DPP Appeals Leniency of Anthony Lyons Sex Attack Sentence

  1. Absolutely concur, Bock. As I said on another site, the only way to deal with him is to make a human pinata out of him: hung upside-down from a tree and beaten with a baseball bat by the victim until it breaks;the judge who presided over that trial receives a firm drop-kick to the testicles. Anything less is an injustice.

  2. If the DPP’s appeal is successful and he ends up serving the complete six years, it still isn’t enough time for the bastard. How can anybody who is capable of such a crime be trusted ever again?
    He and his ilk should be tagged or branded before their release from prison.

  3. As you said before Bock it’s all about who you know.That “judge”well I would’nt let him judge a flower show.It’s obvious that he is out of touch with reality or that there is something more sinister going on.Whichever it is he should be quietly be put out to grass.I don’t know if there was much fuss in the Irish media,but it derserves more attention than it seems to have got so far.


  4. That “judge”well I would’nt let him judge a flower show.It’s obvious that he is out of touch with reality or that there is something more sinister going on.

    The dogs on the street know that all the Judges are up to their eyeballs in property debt, along with all the Barristers as well.

  5. Whats the outcome if the DPP win the appeal, will this guy then have to serve the full sentence ?

  6. There will be some sort of fudge,and more nonsense from the judicary.If that happens then we will know that there that is something more sinister going on.That “judge”is a disgrace to his profession.

  7. Although I completely agree that the jufge had his head somewhere besides on his shoulders when 6 years became 6 months, claiming that it was because of the 75 grand is way off the mark.
    This payment was part of the sentence, and therefore had nothing to do with Lyons’ ability to pay it – there are planty of recent examples where financial sentences were handed down to those who couldn’t pay – even sex crimes!
    So it may be very polular to get the financial aspect in there, but’s in-accurate!

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