Katie Taylor Wins Gold

What do you want me to say about Katie Taylor?  Haven’t we been writing about the girl here forever?

What an amazing performance by an astonishing athlete.

In truth, we could just as easily be talking about Katie Taylor, footballer, or Katie Taylor, swimmer, because this girl is a consummate athlete, one of those deeply annoying people who can excel at whatever sport they choose to dominate.

It’s irritating, until you realise that you’ve entered the presence of greatness, in the shape of Katie Taylor, the finest female boxer on the planet, and perhaps the finest boxer of either gender to climb into a ring in the modern era.

Katie’s a phenomenon, an unbeatable combination of fitness, athleticism and natural ability, combined with self belief and determination.  Who can stand up to that?

Katie is a true Olympian, displaying all the dignity and skill required of that status.

Well done, girl.



8 thoughts on “Katie Taylor Wins Gold

  1. What a lady; what a win! She was terrific yesterday! I work for a huge company and there must have been ~ 1,000 of us in the canteen watching the big-screen yelling and cheering. Was truly an great win. Great athlete, gracious winner and great looking (not that it would make it any less great if she wasn’t a hottie, but she so – SO – is).

    Katie Taylor; sporting hero.

  2. I agree with everything you say but I must confess lack of admiration for a sport which requires you to whack your opponent about the head and body as often and as hard as you can and also particularly surprised at women boxing since I always thought they had more sense than men.

  3. She did us all proud. Lets hope she becomes an inspiration to up and coming sports childers.

  4. @Haymoon – Boxing was one of the sports of the original Olympic games in ancient Greece. No probs if you don’t like the sport, but removing it from the Olympics would be nonsensical.

  5. @TheOtherRon – Not asking it to be removed from the Olympics – just expressing an opinion.

  6. Indeed OtherRon, ref pugilism being an ancient Olympics sport. In fact, Athens-born southpaw Plato edged out Socrates on a countback following a tie in the featherweight class in the prelims of the 1st Olympiad on an emotionally charged evening at the Temple of Nike, although Socrates, who had Aristotle working his corner, disputed the decision.
    Socrates, who actually dropped Plato twice in the opening frame, implied that the five ringside judges were on the take, and he pointed the finger of blame at his chief seconds.
    “You don’t understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it. It was you, Aristotle,” Socrates poignantly told a grizzled hack from the Athens Evening Siren following the first defeat of his otherwise unblemished career.

    Taylor, the weight of expectations on her shoulders, delivered versus Russia’s Sofia Ochigava. It was the greatest victory by an Irish fighter since Brian Boru, also a southpaw, hammered out an inside the decision over the Vikings at Clontarf.
    Great support from the Irish fans at the ExCel. It’s safe to assume that it wasn’t the Russians that were singing the Fields, although “Mikhail they have taken you away. For you stole Joe Stalin’s corn so the Commies could see the morn” does have a ring to it.

    Meantime, a 15-year-old says she’d like to go to the Olympics….

    Dreams do come true etc


  7. Taylor also collected her third AIBA World Female Boxer of the Year in Armenia in early December. She’ll be heading into her 7th straight year as the World number one ranked
    lightweight when the bells usher in the New Year on December 31st.

    But perhaps her greatest achievement, the one that saw her welcomed with open arms into the bosom of the Irish sporting community, was that she also fell foul of the RTE malaise.

    For you are never really a star in this country until RTE make a total bollocks of your big night.

    Earlier this month, Taylor was named as RTE Sports Person of the Year live on the telly from the RTE bunker in Donnybrook.

    But just as she was about to be presented with the award the producers cut for advertisements. As you do.

    It has been written that a top RTE banana buried his head in his hands, while the second banana issued an immediate apology via Twitter.

    A few moons ago, a good citizen warned readers in here that the National Broadcaster was heading to hell in a hand cart after they reported that snooker player John Higgins
    was the son of Alex Higgins.

    Obviously, his name is Higgins and he’s good at snooker so the “Hurricane” must be his auld man. Right?

    Likewise, Pete Best, the original drummer with the Beatles, was George Best’s grandfather. After all, Best (the footballer) was the 5th Beatle. Exactly. Well spotted. Promote that man.

    A few years later that man may then find himself at the helm during the 2012 RTE Sports Person of the Year Awards. Naturally, he will then decide to startle his colleagues and viewers with his originality and creativity by breaking from an add for Lidl at the exact moment the top award is being handed out.

    Additionally, during the 30th Olympiad in London town, RTE reported that Belfast light-fly Paddy Barnes, who claimed bronze at the Beijing Olympics, became the first Irish athlete – Ireland entered the Olympics independently in 1924 – to win medals at successive Olympiads after he won a second bronze at London 2012.

    When a good citizen pointed out that Dr. Pat O’Callaghan won double gold for Ireland in the hammer throw at the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928 and the Los Angeles Olympics in 1932 the facts were seen as getting in the way of a good sound bite.

    O’Callaghan’s remarkable achievements, incidentally, are not locked in the Vatican vault with the Third Secret of Fatima. Just Google it.

    The above may raise a wry smile, but the bottom line is that when you get something as serious as sport wrong the game is up.

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