Nemesis Comes To Town

Finally, the moment arrives that I have prepared for over so many years of reflection, training, fasting and preparation.  I have laid in provisions to last six months, maybe a year if I’m disciplined, but I never thought my Nemesis would bring so many acolytes with him when he finally arrived.

Yes indeed.  I refer to none other than Wulfran LeBocq, formerly known as Wolfram of Bock, the Man of Tungsten.

He has arrived in the guise of a High Priest in this world, complete with flowing cassock, and he claims – ha! – to be 39 years of age.

Wolfram was that, and a score more besides,  when we soldiered together at Kratharrin in the final decisive battle against the M’Sorrgh hordes before their will collapsed at last and they ran like frightened Kthlorguths in all directions while their leader fled to the planetoid P’an Keik.

We were closer than brothers back then.  Closer, even than Fthnrplkln-siblings.  We hunted Hrark-raptors together in the canyons of G’Proon, using only a crudely-fashioned canvas pinion for flight and a spear fashioned from the Iron Bush of the Southern Smokelands.  We laughed at Death and drank ourselves stupid beneath the twin Suns of Klorendall.  Our thoughts were one until the terrible day came when we had to choose sides between the Lord Eftrongull and the forces of Knuurp.

Just as we were the closest of brothers, so we became the bitterest of foes, and I will never forget the look in Wolfram’s one good eye as he reined in his foaming Akhranatic charger before leaping into the Great Waterfall of Khrun.

We shall meet again, Brother, he promised, and when we do, we shall dance our final Throalldardunst together.  Believe me.

I never doubted him, for Wolfram — I’ll give him this – was always a man of his word, and now he has returned.

Wolfram, now going under the style of Father Wulfran Lebocq, has purchased the former lair of the defeated J’ Esu ‘it clan and is working to install his Khlorkhen- field generator in the crypts even as we speak.  Where on earth is he finding the power source to drive it?  There is much to discover.

He is clearly now an adept of the Knuurp ways, including the weekly Draining of Energy ritual using the Language of the Ancients.

His henchmen have also adopted the speech and mode of dress common to priests of this world.

It will not be long until he is strong enough to launch an exploratory assault.  There is much to do, so wish me well, for fear this planet may join all the others enslaved by the forces of Knuurp.



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  1. Planet Limerick on a Saturday – a whole new experience, surely you’ll have a ‘curiosity’ moment Bock?

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