Our gathra, who cradgies in the manyak-norch

I swear to you, I did not make this up.

Our gathra, who cradgies in the manyak-norch,

We turry kerrath about your moniker.

Let’s turry to the norch where your jeel cradgies,

And let your jeel shans get greydied nosher same as it is where you cradgie.

Bug us eynik to lush this thullis,

And turri us your nijesh sharrig for the gammy eyniks we greydied

Just like we ain’t sharrig at the gammy needies that greydi the same to us.

Nijesh let us soonie eyniks that’ll make us greydi gammy eyniks,

But solk us away from the taddy.



It’s the Our Father in Cant.  For some reason, I can’t get Rambling Syd Rumpo out of my head.


All together now: Our gathra who cradgies in the manyak-norch …




Here’s a very interesting article on Traveller and Romany speech.

6 thoughts on “Our gathra, who cradgies in the manyak-norch

  1. Oor faither at bes aboon
    Yer name be tovit, yer kangrick cum
    Yer gate be tae be on the yird like abain foreby.
    Gie us ilka day wor day’s bried;
    Forgie us the wrangs we hae wrocht
    Bein as we forgies themuns at wrangs worsels;
    Dinnae airt us intil temptin but save us fae aa ills.
    Fur yers bis tha kangrick, the pouer an the glorie
    For aye an iver. Sae mote hit be.

  2. Thanks for that, the third official language. I have heard the translations for ‘children with learning disabilities’ is ‘wee daftie bairns that dinnae ken wael’. Whenever I need a laugh I log on to waterways Ireland and read the site in ulster scots. Imagine someone gets paid to translate this stuff ! great article on American guns by the way

  3. Let’s share it.

    Yo, Bid Daddy Upstairs,
    You be chillin’
    So be yo hood
    You be sayin’ it; I be doin’ it
    In dis hood and in Yo’s
    Gimme some eats
    And cut me some slack
    So’s I be doin’ it to dem dat diss me
    Don’t be pushin’ me into no jive
    And keep dem Crips away
    Cuz you always be da Man
    Skraight up.

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