Reasons to Love Limerick. Live Music

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Aug 172012

Why I love Limerick.  Again.

You wander into a bar at random and you find this in the back room, just happening.  Does anyone ask you what you want, what you’re doing or where you’re going?

No.  Just take in some of this great music and wander off again.  That’s Limerick City, kid!


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    gutted I missed him last night. (Clive). Saw him before supporting Jeff Lang, who I would recommend checking out, as well as Chris Whitley if you like the above guys.
    Bought a volume pedal off Clive on adverts, purely by chance. A top bloke!!


    I did a completely unprofessional thing and forgot to bring a spare battery, or I’d have more of Clive.

    Translation: I was drunk.


    any idea what song Clive is playing there?


    No idea, Dan. He didn’t say.

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