I fucking hate taggers.  They’re self-indulgent idiots with no artistic talent.

8 thoughts on “Tagging

  1. I dunno, I quite like the ones around Dublin train stations that say “Frothin’ at the gash”. It’s such a beautiful sentiment, I wonder all the time why Hallmark doesn’t use it for their Valentines range.

  2. love the ironic handle mr darwin, or is it to do with apes being the origin of species? you really do follow on from bock, i left a polite comment on your blog under the link where it said ‘leave a reply’,it was gone the next day,..

  3. That’s probably because you were having another ego-wank like you tried here before. You know it will end badly. I’m not putting up with your childish bullshit a second time. Go back to leading your merry band of 16-year-olds.

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