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Swedish Horse Massage

MCD Productions, promoters of the Swedish Horse Massage concert in the Phoenix Park, have issued a statement highly critical of an Garda Síochána, in just the same way as the Guards had a go at them a little while back, in this ludicrous report.

Here’s what  Denis Desmond, managing director of MCD, said.

Obviously we are very disappointed that an individual or very small number of individuals engaged in anti-social behaviour, attempting to spoil the enjoyment of others. Such behaviour is certainly not reflective of the vast majority of the 45,000 fans who were extremely well behaved and should be congratulated. Unfortunately, anti-social behaviour has become more and more part of daily society with no town or village across the country escaping such conduct.

Well dang me sideways, Denis.  Who knew that most people at a concert are well behaved?  There I was thinking that everyone at the Swedish Horse Massage gig  had a knife and a bag of yokes, but no.  It turns out that only a small proportion was armed.

So, how many people at the Electric Picnic were armed?  How many were stabbed?

Let me just work on the arithmetic for a minute and turn it into a percentage.

This calculation is tough.  Wait now.  Wait.  Still working.

Right!  I have it now.  It was Zero Percent.  Zich.  Nada.  Null. Nobody at all.

When Denis claims that no town or village across the country escapes such conduct, he’s engaging in word games, isn’t he?  No place escapes such violence over a protracted period.   A year, ten years.  But Stradballly hosted the Picnic over a weekend, with huge concentrations of people in attendance,  and had not one single instance of stabbing or any other violence for that matter.

What does that tell you about the sort of crowd who went to the Park?

Wouldn’t Denis Desmond just admit that the gig he put on was the kind that attracts a violent element?  Why doesn’t he admit that he, as a professional promoter, should have foreseen what might happen, instead of hiding behind criticism of the police?  Flawed as they might be, they didn’t start the fights.  They didn’t stab anyone.  That was done by the sort of customers MCD attracted when they promoted this concert.

Am I wrong about this?  I’ve been to loads of concerts and festivals, but I’ve never been to one where a crowd of people were stabbed by savages.

Wouldn’t you think MCD, and Denis Desmond in particular, would face facts and admit that it was a huge miscalculation to run the Swedish House Mafia gig in the Park?

Why don’t MCD just grow up and stop whining about screw-ups that clearly belong to them?

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    I heard a doctor who worked in Connolly’s Accident and Emergency ward the night of the concert. It was his opinion that the only thing unusual about the weekend was that the violence was so localised. Apart from that, he considered it to be a typical weekend in Dublin.

    I don’t think having a gig this size in the city centre, was a great idea. It was bound to be messy. The council should have stopped it, as much as MCD should have known better.

    As for the music choice, I think it was the age range, more than anything else, that affected the gig in question. But sure it wasn’t even over-18s. “Come on down if you’re 17, sure it’s not like you’ll sit around the park getting pissed for hours beforehand is it?”


    What i find most irritating about this whole mess is that yet again when something major happens, the garda ‘management’ as they call thmselves, have to resort to lying about manpower numbers, procedures etc etc. Its plainly obvious that the manpower that the Garda Commissioner claims was working that night, was in fact, not working that night. As a law abiding citizen, i’d rather the Garda Commissioner addressed the problems rather than hiding behind some half wit statement and trying to get one up in the blame game.


    Knacker music = Knacker crowd,end of.

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