Rory McIlroy Is As …

Rory McIlroy is as …


Irish as Tony Cascarino

British as Barry McGuigan

Irish as James McClean

British as Tom McFeely

Irish as Wayne McCullough

British as Brendan Bracken

Irish as Eamon deValera

British as Eoin Morgan

Irish as James Connolly

British as Edward Carson

Irish as Cathal Brugha


Let’s get over it.



25 thoughts on “Rory McIlroy Is As …

  1. I’ve never understood why an entire country clamours to bask in individual sporting prowess—how can a person’s ability to swing a golf club reflect well on a country?–should I be proud of that?–I’d be much prouder if I knew that every child went to bed with a full belly and the certainty they are loved. Golf: a perfect pursuit for the vulgarly clad undead. zzzzZZZZZZZZ.

  2. Respectfully disagree. Why follow the national soccer / rugby team? Why cheer for Katie Taylor? Why go to the All Ireland?

    Grand if you don’t “get” sports, but you support your own. It’s just good natured territoriality. No-one gets hurt, but there’s a clear winner and loser. We get to bond over wins and loses. It gives you something to cheer for when, maybe, other things in life are not as you’d wish them.

    It encourages youngsters to get off their hole and play a sport.

    It’s all good.

  3. gombeenman, i can see why it is a big thing for golf fans, they play the same courses, their entry and green fees supports junior golf so in a way they feel as if they have contributed.
    As for the nationality debate, its retarded. Spoke to alot of true golf fans and they say that it would be better if he played for Britian as it would mean more places ( they are limited ) for Irish golfers to experience the olympics.
    Also as far as i know pro Golf is split between europe and america so it shouldnt really matter a fuck, even golf from the middle east is classed as part of the european tour.
    Amateurs play national team golf, maybe the real issue is why are these guys not playing at the olympics to win a place on tour

  4. I can see your point. There’s nothing like a bit of mindless tribalism and mindless tribalism in loud pants is as harmless as it gets. Certainly better for youngsters to play a sport than smoking weed up some alley on a Friday evening–even if the “sport” is zzzzzZZZZZOLF. Boxing and Bogball are good traditional pursuits, where, carefully nurtured by the puryeyors of enforced tribalism, our young can Bate the Bejazus out of each other in the traditional way and we can all cheer them on, proud in the knowledge that they will grow up to be sensitive and thoughtful citizens, not the aggressive confrontational little shits who sit at home and read books and play chess……

  5. previous post started well but finishes poorly, sport can be played by quiete educated people too, one of the Klitchkos has a doctorat, Paul O’connell is an A student, Joe Canning is studying in the LIT, Katie Taylor is dedicated to her training with a good natured personality and doesnt drink, the list goes on and on
    The majority of sporting events go off without a hitch, thats why they are highlighted so much when things do go tits up


  6. Maybe the golfers will be forced by their national teams to wear less eye catching attire for the Olympics. The Brazilians could make it much more interesting as a spectator sport; with snakes in the bunkers and crocs/alligators in the water traps. That would be worth watching!

  7. I’m sure that the Baron Baron Pierre de Coubertin who founded the modern Olympic movement wouldn’t be too happy with a bunch of millionaire professional golfers at the Olympics. It seems that the amateur ethos is sadly a thing of the past in the majority of sports.

  8. Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin did indeed found the modern Olympic committee in 1896 with all sorts of shady characters quickly lining up to milk them for all they were worth, playing on the false sense of patriotism and supposed sportsmanship that so many people fall victim of…and we still are!
    Strange that the Olympic Games was banned in 393 AD, when the Roman emperor Theodosius 1decided that they were no more than ‘pagan cults and practices’,

  9. A bit confused about your last line there Bock…

    “Let’s get over it.”

    Given that the comment was about Irish v British, are you saying we should abandon any claim to an Independent Ireland and just crawl back into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland?

    Let’s get over it, we’re all the same really.

  10. You can relieve my confusion if you could clarify the point of this posting.

    Are you saying that McIllroy should be treated equally as Irish/British?

    Should we all be afforded this equal treatment?

    Should everyone in Ireland be regarded as equal Brits?

  11. I respect the fact that you respect Rory’s decision.

    Presonally I’m not aware of what Rory’s decision is/was.

    It would greatly help to clarify the situation if you merely stated what Rory’s decision was, what circumstances lead him to that conclusion and then simply state that you agree with his decision.

    Ah come on, in fairness…

    “Irish as James Connolly

    British as Edward Carson”

    Who ever claimed that Connolly was Irish?

    We should be so lucky.

  12. You’re able to read the papers just as well as I can. Do you want me to speak on behalf of Rory McIlroy?

    If you have a serious point to make, please make it.

  13. I don’t read newspapers. In this day and age very few people do.

    That’s why Murdoch Snr decided to get out of the business.

    Are you saying that you have nothing to bring to the online media other than a critique of the mainstream media?

    Old School and now even more disappointed in you.

  14. I believe a liberal sprinkle of land mines on the golf course would liven the game up.

    That’s just me though.

    Slightly off topic here but wasn’t there a bit of a spat during the London games about Team GB not having ‘and Northern Ireland’ nailed on to it?

    In any case I think Mr.McIlroy would do well to remain above that sort of quagmire.

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