School Head Who Rejected Pregnant Girl Turns Out to Be A Tax Dodger

Do you remember this character?

Pádraig O’Shea, the owner and former principal teacher at St Joseph’s College, Borrisoleigh, refused a place in his school to a pregnant 16-year-old, earlier this year.  You might recall the dismissive letters he wrote to the girl’s mother and to the Ombudsman, pointing out that his school has what he calls an uncompromising ethos.  

What a shame that his ethos isn’t equally uncompromising when it comes to paying tax in this country, especially when you remember that tax money is what funds the salaries of his staff.

Here’s an extract from the Revenue’s latest list of defaulters, and you’ll notice that Mr O’Shea was hit with a bill for €346,059 in unpaid tax.

In addition, he was charged €100,016 in interest and €259,544 in penalties, coming to a grand total of €705,619.

What a shame.


15 thoughts on “School Head Who Rejected Pregnant Girl Turns Out to Be A Tax Dodger

  1. Do they teach the old adage “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s…” at yer man’s Catholic ethos school?

  2. This photograph, on its own, encapsulates every reason as to why I left Ireland.

    But what’s with the ‘groovin Jesus’ statue. It’s straight out of a Kevin Smith movie.

  3. I for one would like to defend Mr O Shea. If it were not for him there would be no school! He fought single handed and won He may have set ideas but I would have no hesitation sending my children there. His heart and soul are part of St Joseph’s college and I have nothing but respect and admiration for the man

  4. breda, how do you feel about refusing a pregnant student what might have been their most convenient education

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