Apple Launches the Goldilocks Tablet

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Oct 232012

The iPad Mini is just right, according to Tim Cook, who took over from Steve Jobs as Chief  Visionary at Apple.  The Force is strong with this one, but perhaps the reality distortion field is less intense.  Who knows?  Anyway, Tim believes in the Goldilocks Principle and that’s why he wants us all to buy the iPad Mini, because the iPad is TOO BIG, and the iPhone is TOO SMALL, but the iPad Mini is, you got it, JUST RIGHT!!

It’s the Goldilocks Tablet and it came to you from Apple.

Steve Jobs wouldn’t be happy about this, but Tim Cook is made of stern stuff.  He’s at the helm now and he doesn’t give a cordless rat’s ass what Steve might have thought about such matters, even though Mr Phone Phreak himself announced before he died (which is always a better option than trying to announce after you die) that he didn’t want the tablets getting any smaller, and that was for a very simple reason.  You don’t need to be a visionary to hold out your hand in front of your face and take a look at those five fat fingers.  Miniaturise all you like, but those five sausages know what they feel comfortable with, and if they happen to be the same digits signing the cheque, you’d better fit in with what they think.

Now, you know what I think, already, don’t you?  Before I open my mouth, you know exactly what I think, but let’s confirm it, just for the record.  I think all this iPad, iPhone, tablet stuff is bullshit.  I think tiny smart phones are also bullshit.  In my opinion, they haven’t cracked it yet but the manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Google have somehow managed to scam the whole world into believing that smartphones are well-designed portals into the new digital reality.

No, they are not.  Humans are a certain size.  They have certain limitations on their eyesight.  And they only have so much money.

Smartphones fail on all three tests.  They’re too small for your fingers.  You can’t see them.  And they’re far too expensive to account for the slave labour that went into building them.

Smartphones, in other words, are bullshit, and exploitative bullshit at that.  The sort of bullshit that keeps children in the Far East staring at a workbench so that children in the west can spend hours staring at Angry Birds.

This sort of bullshit drives me mad, but of all the bullshit in the world, Apple’s bullshit drives me maddest of all.  They recently announced their new MacBook Air and everyone went crazy for it, even though it was riddled with problems.  Yes, it’s as sleek and sexy as all-get-out.  Yes, it’s clean, it’s light and it works as slick as shit off a hot shovel.  Yes, it glides like Merlin’s quill and  it weighs less than the wish of a dream of a cloud, but stop.

What happens if you break the screen? Simple: you have to buy a whole new cover.

And what if you want to upgrade the memory, as you would in a normal laptop?  Sorry — you can’t.  It’s bonded to the motherboard.

How about when the power source dies, as all Lithium Ion batteries do?  Tough luck. That’s bonded to the machine as well and you have to send the whole thing back to the factory.

Three good reasons not to buy Apple, or six if you take into account the fact that you pay twice the price.

You know what?  I’ll put up with having a slightly heavier device for the comfort of being able to fix it myself.  Only yesterday, I decided that my laptop’s 4 GB memory isn’t up to editing video, my new hobby, so I sent away for 8 GB to upgrade the machine, and it cost me something like €30.  It will arrive in the post tomorrow, with any luck.  What would that cost me if I had an Apple?  Nothing, that’s what, since I can’t do it at all.  I’m stuck with what I bought, at twice the price of everything else, but with no option to upgrade anything if I need to do so.

It’s true that everything Apple makes is top quality, and it’s also true that the components are of the finest standard, but I think for now, I’ll just put up with something slightly less impressive, because I have slightly more control, for slightly smaller money.  And I don’t have to listen to Apple gurus telling me what to think.

I don’t own an iAnything, but I’m getting by reasonably well without them.

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    Apple have tried to sue everyone over patents.They even tried to sue Samsung over the shape of the corner on a mobile phone! For fucks sake.


    I’d like to try the Chromebook.


    Me too.


    I’m lying here typing on a “borrowed to see” HP touchpad to see if I can get to grips with the pad malarkey and to be honest I can see myself getting used to it.
    mind you it’s a good bit bigger for my sausagezz to handle than my galaxy s3 but thems the breaks…


    until they bring out the ITIT i wont be buying one


    I have a Macbook Pro from 2007. I’ve upgraded the RAM twice and the HD twice.

    I’ve just ordered a new battery (first time) an SSD and 8GB of RAM. I’ll be putting them all in myself with the help of youtube.

    Macbook Airs are essentially a bad design from a consumer perspective as you can’t upgrade them or fix them, but the rest of apple kit you can upgrade fine.

    Re smartphones, I find my smartphone very useful. I’m a big lad, but I can type fine on my iphone 4S and my Galaxy IIIS. I can also read the paper fine on them.

    Grand if smart phones aren’t your thing, and grand if you hate the MBA, but hate the player – not the game.


    After years of fighting off the desire to buy an Apple product.

    And 6 years of Windows based not very smart phones, which stop working when you need them.

    I got an iphone 3 years ago, there is no going back

    It always works the way it’s supposed to work, it’s software is well designed for the purpose, it looks and feels good to use, I’m a fanboy, disciple of the Apple now.

    It just works all the time, it back’s up properly and can be up and running when you break it within 15 minutes on another device.

    I do take the point about the size of the type, but it has also coincided with my getting older and my need for reading glasses so I’m getting used to it. (Or maybe it’s the reason I need reading glasses.)

    Looking into a cheap IPad/ goldilocks pad and everything will be right


    Bock, could you give us a list of the problems that the macbook air is riddled with?.


    I did.


    Bock, you lack the understanding of how Apple market their products. The Macbook Air is a prime example of a product that is purchased by consumers that have little knowledge of the internal workings of a computer and who have less desire to open them up to upgrade components, it’s simply a non issue for these people. Since when does breaking a screen deem a computer “riddled with problems”. It seems to me that would be an owners carelessness problem. Speaking to yourself who has not had any Apple ownership experience, to someone who has owned many Apple products including several laptops and also including the original Macbook Air, I have not had any issues with battery life etc.
    Prior to my Apple experience I had endless trouble with Windows based machines and less than stellar service from their relevant manufacturers and I sit here today typing this on my trouble free 3rd Macbook Air (I have passed my old Apples onto my family members for their trouble free enjoyment). Just an added note on the ram you purchased to upgrade your computer, it would in all likelihood have been manufactured along with the other components in your computer in a low paid factory somewhere in China for your enjoyment.
    I understand that the workers in these factories are maybe working in less than desirable conditions but at the end of the day they are trying to make a living the same as workers of the US working on minimal wage who have paid through their taxes the funding of a 2.3 billion dollar robot to Mars which you have high praise for in the Technology section of your blog.
    As an atheist, I do enjoy your comments on religion, keep up the good work. Gotta go now my iphone is ringing!


    Windows software is like a pretty psychotic Goth; very exciting until she decides to push a glass into your face without any warning. Why?–because she can. Life is too short for error codes.


    I’m confused. Are you saying it’s a good or a bad thing to buy technology from China?


    I think he’s saying it’s inevitable. You were criticising Apple for using chinese foxconn labour, Bobby’s asking who do you think makes all the kingston (or whatever) RAM you put in your windows machines?


    He’s probably right. Maybe it’s time to think hard about whether it’s ethical to keep buying this equipment.


    yeah but people will laugh when take your i-less machine in the shop that sells fancy latte type drinks…………


    Thanks you Bock -i hate Apple too, i despise them in fact.
    I type this on a five year old Lenovo running XP and (touch wood) i have never ever had even the slightest problem with it. EVER, So i don’t buy this Apple infallibility argument. My 8 year old dell is still living a productive life away in the other room thanks to a RAM and hard-drive transplant operation a few years ago. as already pointed out you cant do any sort of modifications with an Apple device -even though you paid for it and you own it.
    My five year old Nokia phone still does what i need it to do, and when the battery started to fail i just bought a new one (a better spec in fact) and hey presto, life goes on. It’s the same with my car: i just bring it down the road, my mechanic pops open the bonnet and replaces what needs replacing, and on she trundles for another few thousand kilometers.
    If Apple built cars you wouldn’t be able to get the bonnet open. They’d look real cute but you’d only have the engine on license, you wouldn’t actually own it, and only an Apple approved mechanic in California would be able to change the oil filter.
    Like in an iPod -you don’t actually own the music files you bought from iTunes -the damn thing is designed in such a way so you cant transfer the music from one device to another. It’s your damn music, you paid for it, surely you can do whatever the hell you like with it -which includes burning a CD for the car and putting a copy on your other laptop. Apparently not. Bruce Willis is currently suing Apple for the right to bequeath his extensive iTunes collection to his daughter when he dies. Apple say No.
    That is not the future of democratic information society. Apple Corp wants a technology dictatorship, where they hold the keys and only they decide what you can do with their technology. No more hackers, no more DIY programmers, and god forbid -no more shareware.


    @Daddy-owe: “as already pointed out you cant do any sort of modifications with an Apple device -even though you paid for it and you own it.”

    That’s wrong, you’re an idiot.


    No personal abuse. Read the comments policy.


    Bock, why would it be any more unethical to buy a piece of technology from China as it is buying a toaster from China or a car manufactured in India, these are low wage countries. You seem to have a problem with the technology part only, how about the shoes we wear or the cars we drive. I think the fight is sometimes about the big guns using these underpaid (to a western ideology) workers but if you were really to investigate the home that you live in we would find many, many items made in China. China will have it’s day in the sun and who are we to deny them. This is history repeating itself, Japan after the war was in the same situation, producing perhaps even more inferior products and selling them cheap to the western world, now all the western world want is the superior quality that Japan supplies, the same with Korea. China too will have its day and we are all judging this from a western point of view. Its obvious from your blogs that you are a person with a solid moral backbone and outstanding ethics but we live in a capitalist system which may not be perfect but its the one we have to work with.
    So in answer to your question, is it unethical to buy from China, on balance, I think not.


    It’s a sidetrack anyway. The post is about the irritating aspects of the new Apple design philosophy.


    Bock, have you ever driven a Ferrari?, I have and believe me when I say they are noisy, uncomfortable, expensive, and very difficult to work on, it’s Ferraris design philosophy that appeals to some people. Different strokes for different folks.


    I can only tell you what I think about it. Everyone else will think whatever they like.


    Too true Bock too true. Cheers.


    99% of iphone users are cunts


    Peadar, your a real charmer. I’m sure my doctor will appreciate you thinking him a cunt as you so eloquently put it.


    The ma is giving me a secondhand Sony laptop onto which I.m putting Linux as I have found while learning something about web design that it keeps cropping up as an OS at least as good as Apple and Microsoft and getting better. The best thing of course is it’s free, open source software and I wonder where the other two will be in a few years time when shares collapse or they begin to suffer the obsolescence eventually experienced by all such enterprises when profit becomes there only motivation. A friend presented me with a windows 95 computer, having found the motherboard while skip diving. It worked beautifully for several years while Microsoft shoved 98, 2000 under peoples noses. Meanwhile I am blissfully, radiantly ignorant of the i and smart phones and happy as a fool. Would like a Kindle for Christmas.


    Nice letter in Thursday’s Irish Times echoing your sentiments, Bock:

    Apple’s harvest

    Sir, – Yet again this week we have the unedifying spectacle of The Irish Times slavishly reporting the launch of an Apple product as though it were news (“Size matters as Apple goes mini”, Business, October 24th), a mere week after you reported that Foxconn, Apple’s main supplier in China, admitted using 14-year-old “interns” in its factories. Perhaps the next time you choose to devote space to publicising the latest piece of electronic tat, you might also consider the human and ecological costs of rampant consumerism and planned obsolescence. – Yours, etc,

    Ossory Road,
    North Strand,
    Dublin 3.


    @TheOtherRon: Stop that you’ll go blind.
    Re. Apple modification: yes Ron, you’re right, i must be an idiot. The last time i used an Apple PC for any length of time it drove me demented for its lack of customisability. They just don’t want you changing anything. And try upgrading the battery in an iPhone or an iPad then, it cannot be done. And as Bock himself pointed out- the memory in a MacBook is bonded to the motherboard. i might be an idiot but i’m pretty sure that makes it near impossible to upgrade or replace.
    Personally i think Apple make products for technophobes -people who like shiny things that go beep but are deeply uncomfortable with the underlying technology. Anyway, that’s for another day.


    The other Ron reminds me a bit of Blitzen


    Daddy-owe, the person that buys an apple product is no more deeply uncomfortable with the underlying technology of their computer than the technology in the gas heather that is heating there house, I say again it is a non issue for these people.


    You mean that they don’t know how that works either, and couldn’t care less?
    yeah, i suppose you’re right. but i think it’s a bad way to be. There are some people who don’t know how to change a light bulb and this is a very dangerous sort of complacency.
    My point is this (taking it a little further than Apple corp, but hopefully not too far):
    as a society we are entirely dependent on technology -silicon technology, software, information, and this has brought some amazing developments at a social level, free access to and the democratisation of knowledge and information -This has come about because the citizen has access to the means to create, to modify and to share the fruits of this new technology.
    Apple have no time for this -they want to privatise it. You only get to borrow the stuff that runs on their gadgets, you don’t get to look inside, to improve and disseminate.
    and yes that might be OK for a lot of people -probably the same sort of people who don’t want to know how the engine in their car works, even if that knowledge would save them hundreds of euros a year, but anyway -that’s why i hate Apple, their attitude to technology.
    That and the fact that they made something as simple and straightforward as a fecking MP3 player into some sort of mystical alien technology -the iPod.
    Bollocks! -there’s nothing an iPod can do that an MP3 player cant do just as well and simpler, at a fraction of the price, without tying you down to proprietary software and license agreements. And there is nothing that an iphone can do that cant be done on an android system, except once again, android doesnt tie you down to the parent company.
    Again the Car analogy -another indespensible technology so a fair comparison i think -imagine your Apple car -It costs an absolute fortune, you cant fix it yourself, you cant even top up the oil and water. you cant bring it to your local mechanic, you cant buy spare parts anywhere except from an Apple dealership at massive cost, and you cant do any fiddling under the hood because the bonnet is locked. You can only run it on Apple fuel which can only be bought from an Apple station.
    That is what Apple is selling. If we buy it and they get to dominate technology then they will own us lock stock and barrel.


    Daddy-owe,I say this for the last time, if Apple made a icar people would buy pay good money for a car where they would not have to top up the oil or water and if it ran reliably on apple fuel, people like this exist. Apple will only own you if you buy into there system, you have a choice. I agree with you it would be terrific if everyone could change light bulbs but lots can’t, these people are good at other things just not light bulbs or toping up oil these people buy Apple computers.


    Yeah, fair enough i suppose -except for the simple fact that their gadgets are no better than anybody else’s -they’re just not! their stuff breaks down, their batteries die, their screens crack, they get viruses -same as every other gadget made from chinese components and assembled in China. The Fact is they peddle the same stuff but have somehow convinced the ‘i dont care how it works as long as it works’ people that their stuff is infallible -and it just isn’t.
    What apple have that other companies don’t have is better marketing -they always did, and marketing is just illusions.


    Daddy-owe, This will be my last post on the subject and I’ll tell you why, with respect you simply don’t know what your talking about . Apple computers have never had a virus in all there history, they have had the odd piece of malware, there is a difference you need to look it up. But your right, apple stuff breaks like everything else but if you’ve never had the experience of Apple after sales service your in no position to talk. Their products are not as over priced as you might think, the Samsung Galaxy S 3 retails for 650 euros the iPhone 5 is 679 euros again look it up, the Macbook pro with ssd fitted is 1799 euros the same spec sony is 3000 euros, you really need to do your research. Like you say Apple products have their problems like every other company but when it comes to taking care of there customers there in a league of there own, Example, I had a white macbook trackpad break on me twice and on the third occasion Apple replaced it with an Macbook Air even though the computer was almost three years old, it simply would not happen with any other company, you get what you pay for. I have had the experience of owing many different computers over the last twenty odd years I speak from experience. I’m not an Apple fanboy just someone who has worked hard so I can afford nice things, when there is a company that makes products as good as Apple I will simply buy that product. Take care.


    @Daddy-owe, I’d be careful of accusing people of not knowing what they are talking about, when you then go on to demonstrate the same thing. You’re trying to tell us that there is a difference between a virus and malware. Viruses are a subset of malware, i.e a bad piece of software, viruses happen to be self-replicating (hence the name) whereas many malware apps these days aren’t. But that’s only because they don’t need to be what with everything connected to the internet these days. Please read the following article and re-think your statement: And we don’t even get started on ther amount of malware that’s out there for iOS (the iphone os). And even if you were technically correct (and you aren’t), what difference does it make if the piece of malware just installed has robbed your credit card details, can self-replicate or not? The point is it got into your device in the first place without your permission or knowledge.
    The reason that people think that apple products are somehow immune from malware and the likes is because of apple’s traditionally small market share – there simply was little point in investing the effort (and yes it is hard to write a decent virus) just to target 4 or 5% of the computer market, when it’s much easier to target Windows PCs. So no-one bothered. With the recent upsurge of products from Apple, that’s starting to change
    Each year there is a hack challenge sponsored by all the major OS vendors, the aim of which is to try to see how secure the OS is and how long it can stand up to a determined attacker. Guess what – every year, the apple systems get pwned just as hard and just as fast as Windows, Linux, Android et al. It only goes to prove that no piece of software is secure, period.
    As to the analogy of the iCar, the problem with Apple is that they make these lovely products on the outside (having done rework for Apple production lines I can tell you that inside, the electronics have the same shitty last-minute wire adds and manual soldering work as everyone elses!) but in the case of this magical iCar, when you run out of fuel beside a perfectly good non-Apple petrol station, you’re fucked because, even though Apple fuel is exactly the same as every elses, the iCar will refuse to accept it. Because the nozzle is the wrong shape. And then when some clever person comes up with a hose adapter to let you take petrol from a regular source instead of from the apple petrol station, they sue them into oblivion. *That* is the big problem with Apple and it will be their downfall eventually. What amazes me is that whem MS tried this kind of shit, they were hammered and ended up being broken into several entities (the famous “anti-trust” cases of the 90’s, how they camne to be known as Microsith , etc) yet Apple have always, and continue, to behave like this and no-one bats an eyelid….so Gates is the devil, yet because his products are shinier, Jobs is a saint, even though in fact he has done more to stifle innovation than all of MS put together!!(well, ok, maybe except Steve Ballmer)
    Finally, if you google “Apple service sucks” I am sure you will agree that your opinion of Apple service is provably subjective since you fill find that there are plenty of people out there who have had a rotten service from them. It’s really no better or no worse than anyone else’s, on average, the difference is in the shiny and the hipster glasses and neatly trimmed beards with the “genius bars” and the whatnot…….surely you read about the journalist who recently had his ipad, iphone, apple cloud trashed because of some kids who managed to game the customer care system? If not, I suggest you read about it :
    I will grant you an impeccable sense of style and I personally love how apple products look, but there are a gazillion products “as good” as Apple out there at the moment, once you leave aside the styling.


    Good stuff. The sweatshops make me sick and I can’t stand Apple and $S.

    Just bought a second hand Dell base unit for 100 euros and already had a monitor and cables etc. I use Linux Mint Long Term Release which is good until 2017

    It has 1 GB Ram and flies. It’s upgradeable to 8GB should I ever get into video editing

    It still amazes me how Linux is so good and it’s totally free. Screw Apple and $M. It’s a scam and always was

    Apple is defective by design


    That’s great, but most people would be overwhelmed by Linux. I had to deal with a version of Unix years ago as part of my work and I’m still traumatised.

    When Ubuntu becomes easy to install, we’l be making progress, but then we’ll have to wait for other generous, caring geniuses to write video-editing software that will run on it.


    Times have changed Bock. A lot. Maybe your unfortunate experience left you with nightmares but the fact is that friends who I convert to Linux never want to go back to using Windows and they simply can’t afford Apple products

    Ubuntu have made a lot of progress in making Linux installation painless. The installer walks the user through about half a dozen simple steps and ensures them that they can keep windows as well and choose either system at start up. Look at the wubu installer for windows users

    There is video editor for Linux called OpenShot and it seriously good and highly usable. Check it out

    I use the Gnome desktop and can customise it to my liking. The Gnome team have created usability guidelines for developers and excellent documentation for ordinary users. Linux is simple to use and is easier than windows. I know this because the friends I mentioned only needed about 15 minutes training

    If support is a worry then there is tons of it out there. Guys like me enjoy helping other Linux users with questions and it is all done over phone and email

    Ordinary users use Linux for the usual stuff like music, video and surfing but if you are a curious techie like to know how your computer really works then Linux is the way to go


    You’ve converted me. I might install it on a spare computer and see what happens.

    What about applications?


    That’s the spirit and you have made a great decision by opening up to the idea of free software. You can keep windows but log into Linux more and more as your curiosity rises. Maybe let it be a transitional learning experience without having to commit 100% right now

    Here is a list of top Linux applications and you will see that they have listed OpenShot video editor first. There are applications for everything you would do on Windows or Macs. Anything you want and it’s all yours for free

    Ubuntu has a Software Centre that is like the Android and Apple App stores but the idea first appeared on Linux and was copied like lots of all the other bleeding edge ideas that Linux hackers create. Installing applications is now laughably easy

    Things have been moving fast on the desktop front and there is so much choice. For casual users I point them to Ubuntu which has a ribbon menu down the left hand side of the screen. I ask them what apps they use most and place the icons where they can reach them in a single click.

    If you want a traditional desktop that looks and feels like desktop paradigm we all know so well then I would point you to Linux Mint which is Ubuntu with more polish. I use Linux Mint with the Mate desktop and it is the best operating system I’ve ever used

    I use Linux for Photography, Entertainment, Writing and Programming


    @bock. Here is much better list. Looks are important too of course and some of these applications look great. This guy has put together a much better gallery of apps and screenshots. Consistency is everything


    I have loads of computers lying around the place. Must get one of them running on this.


    You can run Ubuntu or Mint with 512 RAM. Both have lightweight versions that can be used on low spec computers and keep them from the landfill for years


    @Paul, I’ve been avoiding Linux for years now out of laziness but I recently aquired a little android mini-pc (the MK802) but would love to try linux on it – do you know if there is a verison of Mint (which looks really nice) that can run on these? If so, I’d be grateful for a link, might just get me interested again…


    Sorry steve, I never said anything about viruses or malware or anything like that, and it seems we are in agreement on the rest of your substantive points, unless I’m hallucinating or something, which i might just be. Damn good hallucination though.


    @Daddy-owe, my bad! I totally misread the poster names and meant to address my novella to Bobby…sorry!


    @ Steve, Hi Steve I am technically correct. Please read.
    Steve your missing the point, Apple could put banana skins in there computers, Apple computer buyers will buy them regardless, why?, like you described they look nice and they are easy to use. The vast majority of buyers simply don’t give a dam.
    @ Bock, I would be a little reluctant to advise you to go down the Linux route where video editing is concerned, programs like Openshot are great if you plan to go no further than simple editing but you will find that you will have to relearn things all over again when you want to progress to more advanced editing software. Openshot on Linux, Windows movie maker or imovie on the mac are great but to get a good handle on editing I would recommend Sony Vegas, it’s cheap and it will give you a good grounding for future more complicated software. This is presuming of course that you are not already familiar with these issues.



    I don’t know about that particular device but Linux can be stripped down and rebuilt to run on almost anything. Someone may have tried it. Google will be your friend and let me know if you find anything

    I hope you try Linux and give it a chance. It took me ages to convince myself that it could replace Windows XP and the pirated applications on it up but that was 5 years ago now

    It makes me feel good knowing that all the software I use now is free, legal and often superior to my old WIndows apps. On my 19 inch screen Linux Mint looks gorgeous. No annoyances, no adverts and a calm place to concentrate on my work. Rejecting commercial software has changed my life. It’s that good

    It’s just the ticket for building computer labs in our cash strapped schools and youngsters could be encouraged to experiment freely and hack away and solve the type of scenario you just mentioned

    It’s true that Linux has been lagging on video editing applications but keep and eye on it. OpenShot can create 3D effects by plugging into Blender. Some of the video processing software on Linux has been used in Hollywood movies


    At the end of the day Linux leaves us with a choice and plenty of it. If people want to buy Apple Macs, Goldilocks Tablets and WIndows 8 then it’s their money. As the boss man says in Cool Hand Luke, There are some men you just can’t reach

    However I know that to many people the whole idea of Linux and Free Software makes sense. I have converted a few people now and that makes me feel good because it is giving the middle finger to those who want to control us and our computers. Linux is for honest rebels and it has great community once you adopt the mindset. What’s not to like


    I’ll try it on a spare PC. Is there any video software with the capabilities of Premiere Pro?


    Here is a page listing 5 video editing apps. It opens by asking if there is a FOSS equivalent to Premier Pro. I would guess probably not. Cinelerra is the application that has been used in Hollywood.

    Personally I could not tell you about Premier Pro. I never use paid for software or pirated versions. Not that I think that using pirated software is immoral because it’s not. I just prefer not to

    If your are happy with WIndows and your applications then keep it if it lets you get your work done but do try Linux Mint on a spare PC. Take it slow and enjoy learning something new because it will grow on you

    There are some awsome multimedia applications for WIndows but these applications are all developed by teams of professional programmers earning a living in the world of commercial software. They have to eat but some of them work on free software in their spare time to give something back and for some kudos

    On the photography front Linux is almost there because the latest version of Gimp has made big strides in usability and the next release will have everything that fussy photographers have been complaining about – 16 bit image processing as opposed to 8 bit. Not that if ever matter to me and I like to think I am creative with a camera. You can see my work on the url I just posted.

    Good Luck with it and keep up the humour. This blog makes me laugh and always is up my street on most things

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