Oct 152012


So, Eamonn, I said, you’re telling me you got Van Morrison’s guitarist to play at the album launch?

That’s right, he nodded.  Dave Keary.

Of this parish.  He’s playing a mean slide guitar on that video.

Indeed.  And  Eoghan O’Neill.

The bass player from Moving Hearts?


Jesus, that’s not bad, is it?  I suppose we should start thinking about putting up a post on BTR,  what do you reckon?


Yeah. Well, you can start with that video.

Right.  Sorry about the video.  It’s the first one I ever did.  I’ll try harder next time.  By the way, I’ll need a few pictures as well.  Will we use the one of you looking interesting and contemplative?

You mean the one where I look interesting but I’m really gasping for a pint?  The one you took just before we ran downstairs and grabbed ourselves two delicious creamy black vessels of delight?

That’s the one.

Right.  Let’s  put it in.  And will you tell them about the album launch?

I will.  It’s the 17th of November, isn’t that right?

Yeah. In Dolan’s Warehouse.  The 17th November next.  It’s a Saturday.

Ok.  So anyway, now that we have that sorted out, what about a pint?

Why not, but could you try to look a little more interesting and contemplative?

I’ll do my best.



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    Best of luck Eamon

    If you ever need a hand using a cd player, do not hesitate to call


    What a nice tune. I don’t know why,but it reminds me of our late friend, Des O’Dwyer. Hope to be there on the night.


    Eamonn is one of the most talented people I know, and I have the pleasure of knowing quite a few talented musicians. A thorough gentleman and a master of his craft. I will not be missing this gig. I actually met my missus at the launch of his last album.


    1970. Un dia de Noviembre a very cold one,scrotum tighteningly so. 13.45 hours,start of afternoon classes in 2nd year Limerick CBS secondary school. I take my place at the back of the class manouevering my hinged seat into the horizontal position. The loud bang,in a small room like this,resembles a gunshot. The ensuing silence is broken by the instruction: “Antoin,tar anseo chugaim”. At the top of the class I stare at the black soutane,dandruffed on each shoulder. Three on each cold hand with the lead filled leather. Going back to my seat with tear filled eyes,but determined not to let the dam burst, I notice Hehir and Duhan in convulsions. The cunts, Gun caps. A couple of months later I got my revenge when I robbed their free passes for Paul Goldin at the City Theatre. Now who’s laughing?
    Hehir and Duhan. Two artists. Artistes. Eamonn and Michael. Hot on the heels of Paddy and Johnny.
    Eamonn all good wishes with your new recording. Its such a great pity your great friend and my old pal Des wont be here to enjoy it.


    I have to try to get to this one.
    Since I scratched the beer I’ve missed a lot of gigs as they only happen in pubs.
    Crazy that.
    Or is that just me?


    It’s just you, Journeyman. I don’t care where gigs happen. The great thing is that they’re happening and we are so spoilt for choice with artists like Eamonn Hehir.


    Lovely to hear all these comments about Eamonn. Now that we can… HE’S ON LINE!!! Eamonn yes a true gentleman and a generous musician, the time and effort he puts in as a Producer in Shanavogha Studios is much appreciated over the years. A great friend.
    Hoping the night goes swimmingly… XXX


    Hi Eamon,
    Best of luck with the new Album you have a great talent. I would love to make Dolan’s on the 17th.
    Paddy in Melbourne.


    Very best of luck Eamon,wish I could be there for the music &” black vessels of delight”…i know someone who will deff be there lookin on from above! & Tony will be there for sure…….have a great nite,regards to Sheila….Brian.bro of Tony..ps before the song was over has def flavours of tom petty…dry land class …again enjoy!


    Hi there
    Love the tracks I’ve heard online but just wondering how to get a copy of the album? I will be in Limerick 4th Jan. Is it available locally? I cant find online sales. Glad to see eamonn still going strong! m


    MAria — You can pick it up in various local bars and shops.

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