Athlunkard Street Art

As part of National Recreational week, four artists have completed a vibrant collage of different urban styles of the corner of Athlunkard St and the Island road.  This site now hosts a collective mural on a site provided by Limerick City Council.  Helen Carey and a team from the Limerick City Gallery alongside Catherine O Halloran, representatives from LSAD and various volunteers from Limerick’s Street art community, oversaw the collaboration on the day.

International urban Artist RAsk participated as part of the team as an invited guest.  The mural is the city’s first officially sanctioned urban art piece and attracted considerable interest on site as it was completed over the course of Saturday 3rd November.

The artists researched the site and collaborated with the council and the committee for this project on conceptualising positive themes for their final image.

Printmaker Owen Barry who used the occasion to debut an original form of ‘street printing’, represented the Limerick School of Art.   Barry is a 4th year printer in LSAD and has developed a technique that allows a high-quality photographic image to be printed directly on an outside surface.   Printing tools that are usually studio-bound were adapted for this and the resulting repeated image of a sax-playing sailor is a striking and unexpected part of the overall scheme.

An ongoing part of this agenda is a series of talks by prominent Irish urban artists.  These talks are open to the public and are aforum for artists, academics, and civic workers to discuss attitudes, directions and Limerick applications.  Rask was the second speaker in this series and his talk on the possibilities for these types of projects was facilitated by Ormston House Gallery.

The successful event is a continuation of last summer’s Make a Move festival, which seeks to reposition and promote creative urban actions in and around Limerick City Centre and it is hoped that the Athlunkard St project could lead to similar creative opportunities between Limerick’s artists and civic authorities.


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  1. I spotted this yesterday and was quite glad to see it, it is much better than what was there before, even though I thought from a distance that there was a crowd on the corner.

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