Enda Gets An Action-Man

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Nov 102012

Isn’t it a lovely feeling , as the evenings shorten and Christmas approaches in these recessionary times?

Warm, glowing fires, families huddled around the crackling banisters as their dads prise up floorboards in the spare bedroom, with all the kids looking forward to their presents.

Here.  Have a coloured pebble.  Happy Christmas.

Meanwhile, there’s our great leader,  clutching his Euro-transformer, (batteries not included) and he’s just delighted.

He’s thrilled.

Look.  I got a, a, well, a thing.  Look, lads.  I got a thing!

What does it turn into?  Nothing really, though it does a reasonable impersonation of an adult, grown-up Prime Minister, and that’s why the clever old Germans called it an Enda.  Who said the Germans had no sense of humour?

Here’s what the Enda can do.

Press the button on its back and it walks around the room holding out its hand until someone shakes it.

Pat its head and it cringes cutely.

Speak to the Enda and it repeats everything you said, word for word. (Note: loud voice required).

Praise the Enda and it shits on all the other dolls.

A perfect gift for rich kids at Christmas.  The best action-figure in the whole wide world.






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    Anglo: 62 billion and counting.

    Enda: Priceless


    I was sitting this weekend in the foyer of a hotel in Galway at 5am frantically trying to finish some work on my laptop. My family had threatened all manner of torture on me if I dared disturb them from their slumber. The very pleasant Sri Lankan man at reception had shown me to the hotel’s “business centre”–which was basically a tiny hot open alcove with a single computer, high stools and no sockets.
    I settled down to work in the grandiose foyer and there was a party in the hotel bar still in full swing. Loud conversations and lots of swearing interjected with “Angela Merkel”, “Bitch” followed by the usual expletives. The smiling Sri Lankan had taken pity on me and came across with a well needed cup of coffee at about 6. I couldn’t fault the service. I mentioned the tiny business centre and he giggled throwing a knowing glance in the direction of the loud crowd in the bar and declared: ” Galway is a party town, not for business”. I might as well have been an alien from the looks I got from the partygoers as they trooped through the foyer later. I hope they slept well, when they awaken their hangovers may dissipate during the course of another lazy Sunday but their debts won’t. Talking shite all night in hotel bars isn’t going to fix anything. I’m beginning to believe that debt forgiveness might be the worst thing that could happen to us.


    Bock, I completely agree with you on this one. It is absolutely sickening to see the Taoisech of this country being treated like a poodle and, which is worse, apparently loving it. Has he no shame at all. Can’t you just imagine the French and the Germans, “Shhhh, here he is now lads, someone throw him a bone or a statuette or any old thing, sure anything will do, he’ll wag his tail and beg, aw God, isn’t he cute, rub his head there Angela.” If you actually look at any of the photos which come back from these European Summits, someone is always patting his head or pinching his cheek, while Enda has a sickening, fawning smile on his face.He is like a first year child in a secondary school who is being bullied but puts up with it, pretending that it is just joke, in the hope of being, if not liked, at least tolerated by the older gang members.
    Is it any wonder that the Germans voted him “European of the Year” after he bailed out their banks with our money, Christ he was bought cheap all the same youd probably buy his statuette for a couple of Euros.
    We have had some spineless gobshites in this country before but Enda is in a class of his own. While this clown is smiling inanely for the cameras and collecting absolutely meaningless awards, our future and our children’s future are sailing down the Rhine.
    For God’s sake Enda, grow up and grow a pair and stand up for yourself and the rest of us.


    Aw, it’s so cute and so sweet and it has wings. Angela’s little pet, is Enda, best boy in Europe, staff employee 2012. Didn’t give any cheek or disrupt the class all year like those Greeks. Maith an buachaill Enda. It’s an ass kissing award!


    The picture of Enda and his winged “prize” reminds me of….. Vichy.


    Yees are a crowd of cynical begrudgers!

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