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The Guardian published this cartoon by Steve Bell, depicting Bibi Netanyahu with glove puppets Tony Blair and William Hague.

According to Jeremy Brier, a British barrister, this cartoon should not have been published because in the past, Jews have been portrayed as puppeteers.  This means, according to the Brier logic, that anyone who portrays any Jew as a puppeteer is anti-Semitic.  It doesn’t matter that Bibi happens to be head of the dominant military power in the region, or that he really does have certain world leaders by the balls.  If you satirise him, you’re an anti-Semite.

It’s nonsense, of course, and embarrassing nonsense at that, since it insults our intelligence, but it was never intended to make sense.  This is just another distraction to divert attention from Israel’s latest assault on its own private concentration camp as it continues its plan to eradicate Palestine.

Now, if you happen to be a regular reader here, you’ll already be well aware of my attitude towards religious lunatics, so please, let’s shortcut the discussion.  Don’t accuse me of being a supporter of Hamas, and I won’t have to call you a fucking idiot.  That’s a lot of trouble saved for both of us.

The problem here is when Israel herds people into the most densely-populated open-air prison on earth and assumes there won’t be trouble.  It’s like me repeatedly pushing a quiet guy in a bar until he hits me and then accusing him of assault.

Who supports the Hamas rockets? Nobody.  Who supports the insane Sharia law they espouse?  Nobody.

What Palestinians would support Hamas if the Israelis didn’t treat them the way they do?  Absolutely no-one.  Hamas is an Israeli creation, because the modern world needs bad guys.  Without Hamas, Israel couldn’t operate in Gaza, but with Hamas, they can maintain their giant concrete walls and their checkpoints and their bombardments.  Indeed, Hamas is almost an integral part of the Israeli apparatus in Gaza.

If you were a conspiracy theorist, you might be asking hard questions.  They’re crazy Islamic fundamentalist lunatics, but they came to dominance due to the extreme pressure placed on the Gaza population by Israel.

The Israelis are far from stupid, and they know this perfectly well, so the question has to be asked: why did they do everything in their power to encourage the rise of a mindless, insane, religious, extremist sect in Gaza?

As always, it comes down to this: who benefits?

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    It goes further than that, Bock. Hamas were covertly supported and funded by the Israelis in the 1980s and 1990s as a counterweight against Yasser Arafat and the PLO, whom they mutually opposed. Of course, this is all conspiracy theory proposed by marxist-socialist anti-Zionist hack rags such as the Wall Street Journal- wait, what?


    It’s a bit like the way the Mujaheddin turned on the USA and yet at the same time continue to provide a useful political bogeyman.


    Gaza is the starter, main course will be served up very soon.


    Does that mean Bibi can never be lampooned as a puppeteer?


    I don’t know about that Bock, But doesn’t he have an election coming up soon?

    Another chicken hawk looking for a war to bring him over the line methinks.


    The question was for Lapsed Methodist. Is it now impossible to do that?


    Well Steve Bell had a takes two to tango situation, so he could as easily have had a cartoon of Ahmedinijad with Hamas and Hezbollah puppets. But he chose to repeat a slur. He denies it of course, but I’d be willing to bet that a cartoon by him of the Irish – God forbid the situation should ever arise – wouldn’t be a take off of the old Punch stereotypes. As to whether or not Bibi can ever be portrayed as a puppeteer it’d have to be relevant, wouldn’t it ? Which it isn’t, as his cack-handed attempt to back Romney has demonstrated.
    Anyway, Steve Bell lacks wit : his stuff is like being hit on the head with a baseball bat.


    The question is relevant, given the complaint against the Guardian. Do you think Bibi can ever be lampooned as a puppet master? It’s a straight question.


    Silence there. Let’s take it as a Don’t Know.


    Of course he may be lampooned, even if it’s unfair and untrue, he’s a politician. More than that, like his pal Obama he is a murderer of women and children. If he were to receive his just deserts he would be taken out onto a hill nearby and whipped to death. Unfortunately we must stay our hand, little good ever comes of violence.


    The “mindless insane religious extremist sect” you refer to pervades the Middle East. It doesn’t need encouragement from any quarter. It’s called Fundamentalist Islam and whether it be Sunni or Shia, it doesn’t tolerate dissent or promote dialogue. It has a very simple agenda and that does not include peaceful coexistence. I’m not an apologist for Israeli aggression, however imagine Ireland is Israel, imagine being entirely surrounded by countries who avow your destruction. How would we cope with that? Try living in an extreme Middle Eastern theocracy and maybe you might understand the gaping chasm in attitude and beliefs. We need to engage with our Muslim cousins and promote dialogue and MUTUAL respect whilst avoiding ostracising our Jewish brothers. I have no interest in Christian holy sites in Israel, however I can tell you with confidence that the day Jerusalem comes under Islamic control, the Gulf states who bankroll their friends in Palestine will insist that Islam’s third holiest site is accessible only to Muslims. This is the real agenda of the Gulf states who actually despise the Palestinians as much as they do the Israelis


    Mindless extremists thrive best in a climate of injustice such as that inflicted on the Palestinians. You seem to have the view that all Muslims are as crazy as Hamas, but on that I might be taking you up wrong.


    I count a number of Muslims as some of my closest friends. They manage to maintain extended family bonds that we have lost in our headlong rush to consumerism. Many of them have suffered at the hands of the bearded mystics who are a curse on mankind.


    He can be lampooned as a puppeteer if the situation arises. I’ve already said that it’s not a valid accusation, given that he singularily failed to ” puppeteer ” his choice for president. Conor Cruise O’Brien in his book ” Siege ” which deals with the history of Jews, Arabs and Israel up to about 1987 demonstrated with many examples how the accusation of Jews controlling American policy simply isn’t true; that America decides what’s good for America, not Israel or the Jews.


    That’s fair enough. No more than any other politician, Bibi isn’t immune from cruel lampooning simply because somebody plays the Jewish card.


    What a sad situation. Israel has become a prison guard and a land grabber into the bargain. The whole state is run on apartheid lines and is supported by 30 billion a year from the US and support in the UN by way of using the veto. All in all a very bad situation. The attitude of the Israeli government has ‘fed’ the ranks of the fundamentalists including Hamas who in some ways are the moderates compared to some groups.

    I would place both the zionists and islamists in the same group. Both mad fucking fundamentalists. Probably throw in a few christian fundamentalists (from the US ?) and what an explosive mix.



    Hamas–moderate? Are you having a laugh?
    Their charter from 1988 contains the following piece of poetry:
    “The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them) until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: Oh Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!”
    Hamas have stated that their politics has shifted somewhat in recent years. Have they renounced their original charter?……..I’m sure you know the answer to that.


    Britain’s Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, during a talk at the BBC, admitted unknowingly that Israel attack on Gaza was meant to test regional reaction before embarking war against Iran.

    “I think it has got to do with Iran, actually,” said the Rabbi.


    ” I would place both the zionists and islamists in the same group. Both mad fucking fundamentalists. ”

    Not even close Basil. Zionism is merely the concept of a homeland for the Jews…who vary greatly in their adherence to the faith. Israeli expansionism may be the thingy you mean.


    My sense is that this goes back to the corrupt US political system, where success depends on money – fortunately not the position in the UK. The American political parties dare not offend the sizeable jewish lobby there, for fear of losing funding, and hence the US continues to support Israel. Without this support Israel would have to behave in a different way. The current attacks on Gaza may be retaliation for Hamas rockets, but it is totally disproportionate retaliation, as is evidenced by the casualty figures.


    John Pilger lays it out here :

    Many prominent people speaking out at the destruction of Gaza being battered to death :

    Utterly obscene.
    It must be an absolute nightmare for the people, especially the children.


    John Pilger sums it up here :

    Utterly obscene and sameful – an absolute nightmare for the people, especially children.


    feckin horrible!


    “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Israel has just suffered a historic defeat…..”

    Read Norman Finkelstein’s tale on events


    @ Munsterman:-

    Many prominent people speaking out at the destruction of Gaza being battered to death :

    Was there, by any chance, a ” we the undersigned ” letter saying something along the lines of :

    ” we..etc, would strongly appeal to Hamas to stop the barrage of rockets into southern Israel as previous barrages like this has led to Israel retaliation and the subsequent deaths of civilians. ”

    Because if there was I missed it. I missed the whole Hamas rocket barrage on any website . Funny that.


    The irony of this is simply ridiculous. Is it not inevitable that people in a concentration camp will engage in acts of violence? I hope I would.


    “The irony of this is simply ridiculous. Is it not inevitable that people in a concentration camp will engage in acts of violence? I hope I would ”
    – Bock

    Thank you Bock – I could not improve on your rebuttal of lapsed methodist’s post.


    The irony is that the settlers pulled out. Cue inter factional war. Winners do sod all for their people bar devote their time and resources to attacking Israel. Other ironies include demanding water, electricity, fuel and cash from the very people they trying to kill, while letting the other blocade enforcers – the Egyptians – off the hook.


    You can’t be serious. They’re demanding the right to clean drinking water? Is there no end to their greed?


    Why can’t I be serious ? Are you denying that the blocade was an agreement between Israel and Egypt in 2007 ? Are you denying that Hamas dug up water and sewage pipes to make rocket casings ? Are Hamas not to take responsibility for anything at all ? Are you denying that Israel sent in food, water and electricity during the past days which would seem to mean that they’re not targeting the Palestinians qua Palestinians , but a fascist terrorist group who, by the way, aren’t the elected government any more as they’ve refused to hold elections ?


    I’ve never hidden my opinion of Hamas as a gang of religious extremists, but go easy with the T-word. Bombarding civilians is a crime whether it’s done by one side or the other.

    Are you suggesting that Israel would be within its rights to deprive the civilian population of food, water and electricity?


    ” Are you suggesting that Israel would be within its rights to deprive the civilian population of food, water and electricity? ”

    No. But I get irritated by the general consensus that there’s a ” genocide ” of the Palestinians, that Gaza is the ” most densly populated country on earth ” – it’s the 5th, that Israel is the only country in the ME where a claim to the land is based on religion – it’s not; muslims consider it to be part of the Waqtf. But most of all I get irritated by the fact that up to forty countries have been carved out of the Ottoman Empire , using genocide , mass transfer of populations according to every ethnic , religious and linguistic variation imaginable, yet Israel is the only one still being fucked over. Something stinks.


    Lapsedmethodist. You are so right, so much stinks !
    Settlers were less ” moved out ” and much more relocated and rehoused with huge compensation packages of around $ 250,000, to actually base an argument or a defense around Electricity and water is a new low.
    Just a thought, what if the Settlers had remained, would ” Operation Cast Lead ” and “Operation Defense Pillars ” have even taken place ?
    Fish in barrel ???


    They were dragged out by the Israeli Army. Live on TeeVee.
    So now the Palestinians who want the ” occupation to end ” and the borders relaxed, do so because they now want to go and work in Israel at the same jobs that they worked in while the settlers were there. And you don’t think these people are fucked up ?


    Lapsedmethodist. Yes indeedy, some were ” dragged out ” but the Worlds media were on that so a certain amount of drama, perception and diehard belief was at play there, however the kicking and screaming didn’t delay the compo cheques.

    Now i really don’t want to be in any way insulting but your comment @ 36 is one of the few knuckle dragging comments i have ever read here on this site, you are basically saying that the Palestinians are seeking a better standard of living and looking for equality………..and you think that’s ” fucked up ” i’m a bit speechless now .


    Oh, I think anyone would be fucked up after everything they’ve had to endure.


    dont blame the yanks or the Jews or the Arabs for the present situtation in the mid east…….see the big picture, hitler caused this mess in the 1940s with his final solution,. full stop


    the so called jewish lobby in the u’s are not jews at all but bible belt christain fanatics who believe every word printed in the bible in the same way that a 3 year old believes in santa clause it this group who have so much sway in the american government and the republican party that causes america to pour arms and cast into israel, all because these boneheads beileves yarns and fairytales from that mad book the bible. p’s those bible belt nuts in the u’s are blood cousins of our mad yokes up north known as ”the loyalists” checkout history of scots ulster or google to get the full story, its a saaaaaaaaad world is this.


    Right. Hitler is a bit like a Monopoly get-out-of-jail card, is that it?


    Good man Paddy. Mine’s a Black Bush.


    i think lapsemethodist has an agenda


    No kidding?


    So what agenda then ? The OP says Steve Bell isn’t an anti-semite. Maybe he isn’t, but he certainly helps out when they’re busy. And the Grauniad has form with this stuff…they published a cartoon of Sharon eating Arab babiesback in 2003 which won their cartoon of the year. Thing is, it was a direct lift from a Die Sturmer cartoon of the ’30’s.


    as you have just proven, an agenda to high light one sides failings while down playing anothers


    This doozie is from the International Socialist groups’ Magazine ” Communiqué ”

    I’m highlighting it. That’s my agenda.


    I’m not sure you’ve ever highlighted any atrocities carried out by Israel but I could be wrong.

    There are three possibilities here:

    1. Israel has never committed an atrocity.
    2. You’ve never mentioned it.
    3. I didn’t notice.


    Well there was talk that an all girl tank squadron laid out Egyptian prisoners in’67 and drove their tanks over them, but maybe that’s uban -or desert – legend. But by and large the Israelis have to be provoked. Sabra and Chantilla might have been postponed by Sharon, but the Maronites would have taken their revenge once the Israelis had pulled out anyway. Shooting stone throwers isn’t cricket really, I’ll admit.
    But that’s neither here or there when it comes to prats publishing anti-semitic cartoons.


    Leaving your flippant response aside, the fact remains that you have never once on this site criticised anything the Israelis have done.

    Isn’t that true?


    I wasn’t being flippant, I was being bitterly sarcastic, but nevermind. As to my reponses, let’s say you post a eulogy about Israeli life/politics/whatever then maybe I’ll criticise, but in the meantime when Steve Bell creates a cartoon which if it had as its target the Irish, blacks or gays would be roundly and correctly condemned, I’ll leave the anti-Israel stuff to others.


    why are you talking in ifs and not addressing the question

    are there any aspects of Isreali life/poloitics/whaterver that you would like to criticise on your own?

    I for one would like to hear your criticisms


    Do you think criticism of Israeli policy towards the Palestinians is anti-Israeli?


    No, but i presume that question was for Lapsemethodist


    ” are there any aspects of Isreali life/poloitics/whaterver that you would like to criticise on your own? ”

    If I’d a blog.


    you feel free to criticise others in your posts here, why do you need your own blog all of a sudden to criticise Israelis


    In my opinion attempting to engage the Methodist, lapsed or otherwise in a conscientious debate about the Palestine Israeli conflict will be impossible. He/She sees the Palestinians as less then human and therefore cannot see how these creatures are entitled to the same respect he affords the Israelis in this debate. You will never change his opinion, much like you could never change the opinion of an SS officer towards the Jewish race during the Nazi reign in Germany. This is a person with a fascist agenda who tries to spread his/her poison on the internet. I hope for the victims of the German holocaust that this person does not have a morsel of Jewish blood running through his/her veins.


    just wanted to show him up for the coward that he is and let him know that this is one page where people will not fall for his shit



    ” you feel free to criticise others in your posts here, why do you need your own blog all of a sudden to criticise Israelis ”

    Something to do with the OP perhaps ? Like responding to the OP and not wandering off at a tangent ???


    ” He/She sees the Palestinians as less then human . ”

    You made that up. A career in fiction awaits.


    maybe Bock might give you permission so you dont have to hide behind bullshit excuses


    I would love to agree with you that I “made it up”
    But unfortuately you have form and your form is obvious and very easy to analyse.
    I’m just hoping you are still very young and easily influenced by bullshit. And that you will eventually open your eyes. But I have to be honest, I don’t hold out much hope of that ever happening.
    To partake in a debate where a conscientious decision is taken to debate injustice is impossible for an individual to do, if he views the other sides opinion as the views of creatures who are less then human beings. This is the very nature of fascism. In fact its the seed that sows fascism in the hearts of people.


    Well I never! – After all, I’ve something in common with Laspsedmethodist! I like a black bush too !


    Gerald Scarfe competes with Steve Bell for nasty prize:-

    Published on Holocaust Memorial Day. Nice.

    Expect something trendy on National Famine Commemoration Day ??


    If we were commemorating the Famine while inflicting the same suffering on others, I suppose we’d have to take it on the chin. After all, that would be shocking hypocrisy, wouldn’t it?


    Likewise, if we were engaging in eugenics, we’d deserve to be criticised, just as Israel has been when admitting to injecting Ethiopian Jews.


    The Ethopians Jews fleeing the civil war and famine in Ethopia arrived in the transit camps starved exhausted and deemed not fit to bear children. What happened with the contraceptive was crude and quite possibly racist, but it wasn’t eugenics. And it was exposed on Israeli Television and stopped by the Israeli government. And although Ireland as far as I know has had no dealings with eugenics it did the opposite; forced operations on women to ensure that they didn’t stop having children. Again, it took investigative journalists to ferret this information out.


    The example you used about Ireland had to do with the famine, not eugenics, so let’s stick with that instead of switching the goalposts. If Ireland was involved with inflicting famine, it would quite properly be criticised, regardless of what commemoration was currently being observed..


    Was referring to Symphysiotomy actually. Difficult to get contraception etc worked into an irish analogy re-minoroties and who should be allowed and so on. Historically, of course.


    difficult to make sense of that last comment too laspse

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