Yorkshire Ripper Supports Jimmy Savile

Well now.  How about that?  If your good name was under attack, who better than Peter Sutcliffe to speak out for you?  That ought to shut the gossips up.

Jimmy Savile were great bloke, chortles Yorkshire Ripper.  I’m tellin’ thee, Jim weren’t no pervert.

Of course he wasn’t, Peter.  Of course not.  Now put down that boning knife while we back slowly towards the door.

The stories about Jimmy Savile are becoming more and more bizarre, but the latest is without doubt the weirdest as a recording emerges of Peter Sutcliffe defending Jimmy Savile.

Here’s the transcript from a secret recording in Broadmoor.

Oh that’s a load of rubbish.  It’s a load of crap.  People were always there.  He was never alone with anybody.  He never did anything at Broadmoor.  They’re just getting carried away. They’re going right over the top with it.  They’re all jumping on the bandwagon.  He’s always come and chat and I’d introduce him to my visitors.  Several times he left £500 for charities I was supporting.  He wrote cheques out on the spot.  A very generous man he was.  I can’t fault him for what he was like from my experiences anyway.  I don’t care what these people who who are coming out of the woodwork are saying, you know? It takes a couples of rumours then it goes like wildfire, don’t it?  I don’t believe he raped anybody.  I think he’s kissed quite a few young women, but that’s as far as he’s gone.  No, it’s just kind of crazy, you know?  They’re just [interested in] savaging people who are dead, you know?  People who can’t hit back or prisoners who can’t reply, you know?

Oh well, that’s all right then.  A man who murdered thirteen women, dismembered them after he killed them and tried to murder seven more, condemns Savile’s critics for savaging people who are dead.  What better advocate could Jimmy have? People who can’t hit back and prisoners who can’t reply.  Right, Peter.

Jimmy Savile and Peter Sutcliffe seem to have quite a lot in common.  They were both big supporters of charities.  Both of them were questioned for the Ripper murders and subsequently released.  Neither of them had any empathy for women and both of them were psychopaths.  But apart from that, they were both fairly decent blokes, if a bit prone to punching you in the face when you disagreed with them.

And they seem to have become very close mates at a time when Savile was above suspicion.  Very close indeed.  How close to Jimmy’s flat was one of the victims found?

Jimmy was somehow appointed to head a group responsible for reorganising the management of Broadmoor, even though he had no demonstrable skills in anything apart from beating people up in nightclubs and talking nonsense on television.  He even had his own keys to the psychiatric hospital where people like Peter Sutcliffe lived, and the two of them soon became close friends, or perhaps they were already good buddies. He even brought Frank Bruno into the hospital to meet the Ripper, his good friend and they all got on like the best of friends, although Frank is reported to have flinched when Sutcliffe shook his hand.  What a shame Frank didn’t do what he was known best for.  He’s an all-round decent guy who was obviously conned by the pervert into providing a photo opportunity.

Some time back, I compared Jimmy Savile to Father Brendan Smyth, but the way the British investigation is going, I might well find myself comparing him to an even worse monster.



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7 thoughts on “Yorkshire Ripper Supports Jimmy Savile

  1. “They’re just getting carried away. They’re going right over the top with it. They’re all jumping on the bandwagon.”
    It could be Pope Benny talking!

  2. Seriously folks, it’s time we re-introduced the death penalty for people like Jimmy Savile. He should be dug up and hung.

    Also people like the Yorkshire Ripper, do I need to explain?

    Also for people like Frank Bruno who accepted Savile’s invitation to shake Suthcliffe’s hand (unpleasant as it was, specially at a time when Bruno’s career needed a boost).

    Enough of this namby-pamby Nanny Nation stuff. Let’s get back to hanging people…. It would be a lot kinder than the sort of personality asassination that is now part of Irish life. Condemn with a title.

  3. was the fact that Saville was questioned public knowledge at the time?

    were the reasons for their release ever brought into the public domain?


  4. Jimmy’s memoir was due to be published recently. Alas, an injunction was brought against it’s publication. It can be downloaded on a PDF file though you’ll be glad to hear.

  5. So, what is supposed to be wrong with Peter Sutcliffe speaking out? That he committed such dreadful murders does not mean that he cannot speak truth. IF — if what he is saying is true, then truth is simply truth irrespective of who is speaking it. As it is, he is simply supporting Jimmy Savile from what he knows of him. Perhaps he is mistaken but there is no reason to doubt his honesty.

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