My Favourite Christmas Present

I got all sorts of things this Christmas, far more than I deserve.  I got books and scarves and socks and tea-towels.  I even got a loaf of bread from my children.

What’s this?  I said.

Wait! they shouted in unison and so we all dug into the present pile again.  When it came round to my turn, I spied a suspicious-looking box.

Well?  I squinted.  What about this?

Check it out, now, they chimed, and so I did.

And this is what the wrapping-ripping revealed.

Jesus toast


I propose a toast, I suggested.

Yeah,they screamed, as excited as a pair of children on Christmas morning.

Here you go: my very first Jesus-toast.


It’s a miracle, but what would it be like with butter?

A hot buttered miracle?

Yes indeed, my friends.  Praise the Lord!

Jesus toast


Check them out here

12 thoughts on “My Favourite Christmas Present

  1. Ian – I suppose you could feed ten thousand with it as long as they were prepared to wait. Alternatively, we could set up an entire battery of toasters. Muhammad toast. Moses toast. Buddha toast. I’m not too sure about Shintoast but it sounds like a plan.

  2. Realize you could make a fortune by sending this product to the Tea Party Bock! Imagine what they’d make out of this–Tea and Divine Toast!! It’d confirm what they’ve maintained–that God is on their side. At least one side!!
    It’d bolster the photo taken by the tourist of the same image at the cliffs a while ago. Saints Scholars and the Staff of Life!!
    But doesn’t it also look a bit like Andy Irvine?
    Even an uncrucified Peter Donnelly??

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