Brand New Retro

Did you see this? said a regular contributor.


Brand new retro

Never heard of it.  Let me alone.

You’ll love it.

You mean YOU love it.  Geek  Nerd.

No, he said.  Honest.

And he was right.  Dougie McMahon, the man behind the site, has put together a compendium of magazine scans from old Irish pop culture all the way back to the 60s, including the cheesiest, most cringe-inducing media images in our recent history.

I love it.

How’s this for a Christmas gift suggestion from 1961, in Model Housekeeping (the leading national women’s magazine)?

christmas gift suggestions


Christ, I said.  Imagine trying that today.

Didn’t you get a toaster for Christmas? my colleague inquired gently as he handed me a fresh pint.

That’s different.

True, he agreed.

What about that, though, back in 1961?  Here you are, Darling.  I got you an iron that can press inside my sleeves.


Some of the suggestions in Model Housekeeping could be straight out of Viz.

Before a party, spray your electric light bulbs with pine essence of a floral perfume.

Or as Viz once suggested, An empty aluminium cigar tube filled with angry wasps makes an inexpensive vibrator.



If that wasn’t your thing, you could always shop in Dublin’s gayest toyland where your children could enjoy riding “Furey” the mechanical horse, play the “Bimbo”  monkey band machine or spinning on the carnival rides.



They might even meet Santa, and get a tin of beans for Christmas.


If they’re lucky enough to pick up a selection of Batchelors products from the man in red, what better place to enjoy them than with this classy dining room from the finest Brown Thomas designers and craftsmen?



Of course, if you happen to be a man of 45 still living with your mother, it’s understandable that your feelings might be getting a little bit out of control, especially in an Ireland rigidly controlled by puritanical clergy.  Don’t make the mistake of having a 17-year-old girlfriend.



Check out Brand New Retro.  It’s great fun, though a little Dublin-focussed, but hopefully, as new material floods in, that balance will correct itself.





6 thoughts on “Brand New Retro

  1. That classy Shannon phone shown here often turns up in Limerick charity shops. Alas no trace of the other modern baubles are to be found. Retro is chock full of great archive material and a credit to its expanding theme. The nightclub section in particular is full of 70s shameful sexist reviews of the spots of the day. I recently came across some local Limerick ads from that time which showed that it wasnt just the decadent capital that held the licence on the double entendre. Hopefully the Retro team get a publisher interested in a book of the material. It would be a huge seller.

  2. Jesus that s gas..wonderful site Dougie I spent a very enjoyable half hour on it, fair play. You re right Bock very Viz at times.

  3. I remember that phone ! We thought it was so mod. I’m reluctant to go on the website as I’d be there for ages I’m sure.
    And all that ironing I have to do before I cook the beans:)

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