Jan 122013

Paul Brady has nerves of steel.

Confronted by a maniac waving a camera in one hand and an electric guitar in the other, he barely raises an eyebrow, and that’s when you realise he could kill you with one flick of his little finger if he so chose.

But instead, he listens patiently while you explain that this electric guitar was found in a skip, rescued, repaired and is now in perfect playing order.  He nods as you tell him that you’re  trying to associate it with as many well-known performers as possible to build up a provenance and increase its value.

He frowns thoughtfully when you outline the plan to eventually auction the thing off, complete with picture gallery, to the highest bidder and donate all proceeds to cancer research.

Come on up here, he says, so you scramble onto the stage, hand him the axe and snap a few shots, hoping they’ll be all right.  You know what a nuisance this is when a fella is trying to prepare for a show.

PAul Brady with the Rescue Guitar

People are good.  They don’t have to help with these things, yet they take a few minutes out because they know the cause is good.

Many thanks to Paul Brady and also to the ever-reliable Dolans for help and support.

Spread the word, folks and why not like this Facebook page while you’re at it?



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