Selling the Good Friday Agreement

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Jan 072013

It seems that David Andrews has reconsidered his decision to sell his copy of the Good Friday agreement.

What good news.  This probably means he won’t be selling assorted memos, letters, wallpaper or even toilet paper , but why on earth did he think this historic document was his to sell in the first place?

Andrews, as foreign minister, was fortunate enough to be present at the time when the savage conflict ended – at  least for the moment – and in the course of his involvement, he came into possession of a historic State paper: a copy of the agreement signed by all participants.  But for reasons best known to himself, Andrews came to believe that this historic paper was his own property rather than a document entrusted to him for future generations of Irish people.

It was a moment that everyone present took pride in and rightly so, but David Andrews, for reasons best known to himself, tried to cash in on it, by selling a document that properly belonged to the Irish people.

Am I surprised?  No.  That’s Fianna Fáil for you, though to be fair to Andrews, his attempt to raise a couple of grand by flogging something he doesn’t have rights over  fades to insignificance compared to the things his party colleagues sold such as, for example, all our natural energy resources, our economic independence and our national self-respect.

In the annals of political gobshitery, David Andrews will never rival his leader, Bertie Ahern, or the incomparable Biffo, but perhaps even in that fact he diminishes himself a little more.  What on earth was he thinking of, and more to the point, what must the other participants in the negotiations be thinking?   Can you imagine George Mitchell or John de Chastelain trying to flog their copies of this document?

It’s not as if Ireland’s reputation is riding high internationally, and yet here is our former foreign minister trying to raise a few euros selling a document that ought to be in the national archives, not secretly placed in the hands of an auctioneer.

I cringe for him.

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    Thanks for bringing this piece of information to our attention, I had no clue as to this at all.
    You said this so well. Talk about taking advantage?
    He couldn’t have been thinking straight when he made this decision, then again, he must have discussed it with people, surely they’d have told him it was insane.



    Please do not not go.

    What a country, but we have done that all over …

    Did you see God Bless America ?


    Ah Bock.

    This suprised nobody, sure we have no sense of self worth or self respect left in this country, I say flog whatever we can and get out
    We have left our language our culture our religion our entire identity wither and die
    Just waiting now for the Germans and French to move in with their golf clubs and if we are good lads and lassies we might be able to caddy for them and sing the old irish songs in theme pubs to keep them amused with the CRAIC


    David Andrews was perhaps wanting to follow the precedent of the Churchill family, who were paid, if I remember correctly, many millions of pounds (from the National Lottery) for Sir Winston’s war papers, that most of us thought already belonged to the British nation.


    I wonder how common this sort of thing is.


    Nothing surprising there, When they sold their souls and ours to Europe,a document,historic as this one is,probably means little to guys like Andrews. Pissing on the little people again.


    I’d perhaps give him a fool’s pardon if he was a red-necked rural gombeen with a bare pass in the Primary Cert., but David Andrews is a barrister – he must absolutely know how appallingly improper his proposal was.


    Seems he gave the auctioneer strict instructions that his name was not to be associated with the sale but some rat blabbed ! I wonder would he have withdrawn the item if his name hadn’t been leaked,


    Why was he so keen to make sure nobody knew he was selling it?


    It just shows how grubby they all are,
    Can you imagine any of the 1916 crew being that crass.
    I Can’t
    And just in case we have any notion that the shower that are there now are any better you only have to look at how deep in the trough all their snouts are too


    The bolted nut,I have to take issuewith you because I am one of those”red necked rural gombeens with a bare pass in the Primary Cert.No rural red neck could ever be as arrogant or as venal as that arsehole.Andrews and his ilk are one of the reasons why Ireland is so deep in the brown stuff.


    Whats the primary cert?


    Bolted Nut. You must have led a very sheltered life if you have never encountered a “red necked rural gombeen ” Barrister.


    I can imagine the 1916 crew being that crass, the long fellow did a bit of looting in his time.

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