Mojo Mechanics

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Feb 182013

muddy waters

I heard a fellow singing on the radio earlier this evening.  Apparently, he had his mojo workin’, and I thought that was great news.  Too often, these things either get lost or break down, probably because so many people use  cheap, Russian-made mojos or maybe even Chinese knock-off copies.

It’s good to know that somebody has his mojo workin’ in these difficult times.  We need folks with fully-workin’ mojos.

Hard times indeed.  It got me thinking — people have little spare cash these days and with all these lost and out-of-order mojos, surely there must be a business opportunity to set up in business as a mojo mechanic.  If you can’t get your mojo workin’, just drop it in to the workshop.  We’ll get your mojo workin’ for you and if you done lost your mojo, you can buy a reconditioned one at a reasonable price.  Pay it off over a fixed time: a dollar down and a dollar a day.

We’ll save you the trouble of going down to Louisiana.

Times of economic depression are always the hardest on mojos but one man’s loss is another man’s opportunity.   Given the widespread despondency, the chances are that people all over the country are losing their mojos and not bothering to go looking for them.  This will cause a mojo mountain, and if we’re not careful, panhandlers will move in and corner the mojo market for years to come.

Do we really want our grandchildren held hostage by unscrupulous mojo dealers?  I think not, so come on, folks.  Check out that old mojo.  Get it workin’, and if you done lost it, head on down to Honest Bock’s Mojo Mechanical Magic Mo-sheen for a reasonably-priced replacement.



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    Despite the original premise contained within his opening stanza, it would appear that Mr. Waters has absolutely no real idea as to whether or not his “mojo” is working, because he then goes on to state, in the second line of his ditty, “but it just don’t work on you.” Is Mr. Waters’ “mojo” workin’ or not? If not, why not? Has he had it looked at recently? I think we should be told.


    john wilkinson your namesake the great Wilko Johnson needs a “mojo” at the moment as he has got terminal cancer and has got nine or ten months to live, he is doing a farewell tour round the UK at the moment with his band, I am unable to get tickets so a “mojo may help me as well.


    Wilko is doing his final tour and good luck to him.

    Remember Warren Zevon’s amazing final album, The WInd, recorded when he knew he hadn’t long to live?


    Maybe you heard him on (BBC) radio last week? He seemed to be facing his fate with a great deal of honesty and outright bravery. I found it a very moving interview, especially when he spoke of his late wife (married for something like 46 years) and inspiring to listen to, even for someone like me, who was never a particular fan or who followed his life. Nor did I know until this interview that we had the same names.

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