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What a tragedy that Cardinal Keith O’Brien felt compelled to denounce same-sex marriage when he himself was in a long-term same-sex relationship.  And at the same time, what a hypocrite Keith O’Brien is.

cardinal keith O Brien

What was he thinking?  On the one hand, he had a partner (of sorts), to whom he was committed (or not) and he was leading some kind of a normal life.

And then the Vatican called him to Rome and instructed him to believe the complete opposite of what his heart told him, so he went home and denounced same-sex marriage as a crime against his god.

Keith O’Brien stopped thinking what he knew to be true and decided to believe the precise opposite after being instructed to do so by Josef Ratzinger, thereby illustrating the complete absurdity of the organisation he belongs to, an organisation whose members are capable of believing whatever they’re instructed to believe.

This is either dishonesty or stupidity.  There’s no third way in such a ridiculous state of affairs, and since we can safely assume that Keith is not an idiot, the only alternative is to call him a liar,  a hypocrite and worse.

I suppose at the age of 75, it matters little to him personally what happens next, but Keith O’Brien and his like have been responsible for oppressing normal people throughout the time of their long lives and therefore it isn’t good enough to simply offer him a free pass.  The fact that Keith O’Brien was enjoying a normal adult sexual relationship while remaining a senior official in an organisation that denounces normal adult sexual relationships makes him an utter hypocrite.

But of course, that wouldn’t set him too far apart from all the other geriatric cardinals who control his ridiculous, malevolent church.   At least Keith got laid, fair play to him. Can you imagine how angry the rest of the old perverts are?



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    I don’t believe he ever believed what the church told him to believe; in fact I don’t believe that many senior clergy actually believe in God when they come to the end of their lives.
    The most ambitious and politically talented ones are the most hypocritical and cynical. The ONLY thing that matters to them is power and prestige and they will say anything and do anything to maintain their position. We all can remember the classmates in school who were ambitious, capable, yet disloyal to their peer; the goody twoshoes who were thoroughly hated because they identified with their teachers rather than their classmates–perfect candidates for senior clerical posts.
    I’m not religious and I don’t understand the logic of forced celibacy; if mankind was truly created in the image of God; it might be reasonable to assume that mankind’s sexuality is an integral part of that essence and it’s denial is unnatural?


    to be fair, he might of had to move out of his house if he didnt change his tune


    That’ll focus the mind alright backtowork.

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