Seven Long Years

Can you believe that?  The site has existed,  in one form or another, for seven years.  Seven long, hard, lunacy-filled years.

In the course of all that time, readers have come and gone.  Some have have threatened me, others have been horrified and a few have remained loyal despite the irritating, annoying and occasionally correct opinions expressed.

Over the years, various contributors have joined the project and I’m grateful to all of them.

We’ve had sport (mostly rugby), cookery, movies, politics, general silliness, blasphemy and the occasional stupid joke.  We’ve had a lot of live music and loads of photos, some good and some rubbish.

We’ve had corruption, scandal and  outrage.   We’ve had murders, rapes and genocide.  We’ve had crooked bankers and religious nutcases.  We’ve had attempts at intimidation by assorted zealots and random lunatics, but mostly, we’ve had fun.

Can you guess how many posts there have been in all that time?  Go on — give it a go.

If there’s any underlying idea beneath the site, it’s this:  we can’t allow ourselves to be dictated to by those who choose to be offended.  Offence is not given.  It’s taken.

Fuck them if they can’t take a joke.

Here’s a list of favourite posts, partly drawn up based on feedback and partly because I decided to add stuff into it off the top of my head.

Whatever.  Have a read of some if you feel like it.





PS A special note of thanks to Blacknight.  The best and most principled hosting service in the world.

7 thoughts on “Seven Long Years

  1. Go on then, I’ll have a go. I guess 72,800 posts…Oh balls! 72,801.

    You’re very close with your guess on comments though.

  2. Ah come on peoples, will not one of ye have a guess? This has kinda piqued my interest, I’m really curious, surely I’m not alone?..Am I?

  3. Bock? is it just Brian and meself that can see this post?
    Something must be broke somewhere. I’ve tried switching mine off and on again.
    Gotta be your end.

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