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Tanya Doyle slashed Paul Byrne to shreds with a knife, inflicting over sixty wounds on his body.

It wasn’t the first time Tanya Doyle had stabbed her estranged husband, but he never complained to the police about previous assaults and still allowed her to stay overnight in his home.

Paul Byrne managed to phone the emergency services as he was being stabbed to death, and the recording includes his final pleas to his wife, first begging her not to kill him and finally pleading to let him die without any more torture.

This man had an awful death.  His brother had to identify his mutilated body and his voice on that recording.

During the trial, Tanya Doyle showed no remorse for the murder, and has been sentenced to life in prison.

Imagine if the roles had been reversed and a man had slashed a woman to pieces.  Would there be any end to the media articles about gender-based violence?  Would there not be a redoubling of the advertisements — It’s a crime to beat a woman?  As if we needed to be reminded that it’s a crime to beat anyone, or stab anyone, or intentionally crush anyone to death with a car, as Claire Nolan  did in 2011.

Right then.  Here’s a question.  Was the murder of Paul Byrne gender-based violence?  My personal view is that it’s simply violence, and that violence by one person against another should always be condemned.

My opinion is that the ads need to be reworded to say It’s a crime to beat anyone but that might not be a view that  suits a particular divisive, gender-based ideology.





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    This is obviously a subject close to your heart. I agree that violence is violence regardless of gender. I also agree that the psyche of violence is not gender specific. However the vast majority of crimes commited against a person (male or female) are by males and on balance males commit vastly more crimes of violence against women than vice versa. I have no qualms about defending myself from violence regardless of origin but as a 6″1 15 stone male with the physical advantages of male physiology I know where the power lies. For that reason amongst others attacking a female seems somehow more abhorrent than attacking a male (neither of which I do……..regularly) akin in some way to attacking a child, it’s just not fair. Maybe it’s to do with my reading of history, maybe it’s because I’m a lover not a fighter.
    Possibly Paul Byrne was taught as I was that ‘a real man’ doesn’t hit women. However if Tanya Byrne or anyone came at me with a knife I like to think I’d make them regret it.


    A man that had committed the same crime would have been hung, drawn & quatered in the media before he came to trial. If the roles were reversed & he had stabbed Doyle previously, there would have been uproar & the Guards would have to answer many questions. Domestic Vioence works both ways, men can be victims too.
    Very pleased to hear she got life. I hope it can give the Byrne family some relief. May she rot in hell, at least she can not manipulate & terrorise anyone else for a very long time.
    A nice cushy life in the Dorchas Centre at the ‘Joy, ensuite with Sky TV, hairdressers, access to every medical service available, etc. They have a great time in there. A man going to prison for life would serve a much harsher sentence without the luxury the women have.
    Equality is alive and well within the prison system!


    She sounds like a hard case alright. Is there something sociopathic/psychopathic in her attitude? If I stabbed someone sixty times because of ‘property issues’ media coverage wouldn’t be of much concern.


    she is a small woman, but she makes up for that in viciousness. I think the sort of man she goes for wouldn’t hit a woman. She possibly has some mental illness but who wouldn’t after years abusing various substances?


    This case proves to me that evil can exist in members of both sexes.
    To mind truly evil acts can only happen when the individuals that commit acts such as this have an absolute complete lack of feelings of empathy. I believe that this woman is not mentally ill in the accepted sense of the word and there was never a case of diminished responsibility in this case.

    This woman is a classic narcissist.

    Let us look for a moment what kind of individual we are discussing here.
    She has no remorse for her action; she bought the two knives used to kill her husband the days prior to the murder, which displays intent.
    It appears that she left her husband eight years ago and became a “high-class prostitute” and ran an escort agency despite the fact that her estranged husband provided her with 800 Euro a month.

    Yet, she obviously managed to manipulate her husband in order to return at will to ‘the family home’.

    Not only was the murder of Paul Byrne cold-blooded, it was savage in the extreme. Over 60 stab wounds were inflicted on the man (including defensive ones).

    Her initial statement to the Gardaí is revealing. She is quoted as saying “I did because I wasn’t going to be done for attempted murder, I wanted a fresh start with decent money, he wouldn’t sign over the house.”
    Evidence was provided that this lady was abusing drugs that included benzodiazepine, cocaine, LSD and ecstasy for many years but under Irish law intoxication is never a defense for ones actions.

    Men tend to be physically stronger than women and as a result men with similar tendencies can cause similar devastation to wives and girlfriends.

    Additionally, might I suggest that the advent of this newer phenomenon of cyber-bullying, that girls are more than adept at spewing vile hate filled bile at their peers, perhaps even more adept than boys.


    She grew up with a chip on her shoulder..she was always pretending this shit or that shit had happened to her to garner sympathy..and this is before she’s ever taken a drug in her life.
    She was a liar on almost every subject and was constantly accusing innocent people of conspiring against her. She also had a deep-seated resentment of anybody remotely “succesfull”…for example we were passing the shelbourne on a bus when we saw people ballroom dancing through a window.. she immediatly began saying how disgraceful it was,presumably because it was middle-class,and to her mind,expensive and exclusive….later on she would think nothing of stealing handbags from pubs to buy speed or whatever crap she was taking at the time…all the while bragging about her consumption.


    It seems strange to me why anyone thinks a man can over power anyone with two razor sharp knives. This poor man suffered many defensive wounds including several fingers nearly cut clean away while he tried to defend himself. It does not matter what gender you are when your attacker is welding 2 weapons. I’m my opinion tanya Doyle is a murderer who sought revenge on a man because she did not get what she wanted. It was stated in court that she had settled well in prison and made new friends, she was taking art classes and hoped to sell some of her paintings.
    Seems kind of unfair to me that she settles well into her new life with free bed and breakfast without a case I’m the world with no thought for the man whose life she took, or his family who Will have to live knowing that his final minutes were filled with fear and terror.
    May she rot


    By all accounts she was an evil, manipulating sociopath/psychopath. Life should mean life in her case as it is clear that she wil always be a danger to society. The Dochas holiday camp for female murderers is an affront to all law-abiding citizens. I have to agree with Alice re media coverage. There is a stark contrast between the low level non -judgemental coverage in this case and the coverage of other cases where men murdered their wives e.g. Joe O’Reilly.

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