Clermont 16 — Munster 10

I thought Munster would do it.

Really, I did.  The Clermont boys looked rattled going in after the first half and with good reason, since their lead looked nothing like the gap predicted by the bookies and the experts.  Despite their astonishing offloading and impressive physicality, they didn’t put enough daylight between us to close out the game and in the end, it came down to a last-minute Munster lineout.  If that had gone the right way, we’d now be looking at a place in the final.

Of course, none of this is meant in any way to diminish the achievement of the Clermont team, who were simply awesome, using that word in its correct context for a change.  They were great and they did what they needed to do.  I think we were looking at the 2013 champions today.

Have I got any gripes?

No.  Nigel’s refereeing was fair and our boys did their best.  They confounded the pundits by driving the game to a position where a score either way would have decided it and when the final whistle blew, they were defeated only in the sense that there must be a loser.  Their pride remains intact and so does ours, because this was no trouncing.

Munster left the field as equals.

Of course it hurts, as these things always do,  but Warren Gatland, perched in the stand, will have witnessed a performance by the Munster boys that must surely earn some of them a seat on the plane to Oz.  I suppose, given Clermont’s international flavour, he might also have been examining the performance of assorted British players.

Nothing like a subtext to add a little piquancy to proceedings.

Well done Clermont Auvergne.  Richly deserved.

It’s about time they won the thing.

Allez les jaunes!


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Sometimes, when your team’s loosing a game, it can be understandable or indeed unfortunate, sometimes it’s shameful and occasionally both epic and tragic.

None of this applies. Munster lost to a superior side. No question, However, we were heroic.

Right now I’m a proud Munsterman and I’m looking forward to next season.

Your disappointment is evident,your magnanimity even more so. Such a characteristic is unique to only a true rugby man.
One of my greatest regrets is,that as a fan of the “beautiful”game,I’ve never taken the time to understand the oval ball game in a technical or tactical sense. Which is why on the very rare occasion I have strayed within a mile of a rugby pitch,the (rightfully) unsolicited observation is made that “I would be far better occupied looking into a bush”.
Am I irredeemable?

The superior not better team won. My only gripe is that in the last play of the game Munster were pinged for a forward pass (that wasn’t) in midfield with the Clermont defense in disarray.

I thought it was the power of their mid field and wingers that won them the game.
It was taking too much effort to get them to ground.
with this they stopped our back row from winning the ball at rucks, and I can’t remember one choke tackle.
Still the chances were there.

The Clermont boys made have been rattled at half-time but their 10 point lead at the time actually exceeded the bookies expectations who had predicted to be around 6.


now you know what it’s like to lose to them. They gave us a hiding in the Aviva in December, even though the final score only put them ahead by 7 points. But they’d been knocking on the door for God knows how long before that.

I agree with you that they should be (and hopefully will be) Heineken Cup champions this year. I know I’ll be cheering for them. Any team that gets by Leinster and Munster deserves all the praise they get.

ASM are a superb team with a superb set of fans. The welcome the fans gave to the Leinster fans in Bordeaux this day last year was second to none. I hope every Leinster fan will be behind them at Lansdowne Road.

Montferrand, allez, allez, allez – sung to the tune ‘Yellow Submarine ;-)

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