Dolans Birthday

It feels like the wonderful Dolans Warehouse has been there forever, but the truth is that it’s only been fifteen years.


How depressing.

When they started first, I used to be there every night, listening to people like the great Jack L and the wonderful Cafe Orchestra, so I can claim to be an early adopter, so to speak.

Over that time, Mick and Valerie have supported local music above and beyond anything that might reasonably be expected of prudent business people.  We’ve had all manner of astounding performers in that cosy little venue and I personally would feel deeply impoverished if it hadn’t been part of my life.  How bad can it be when the venue hosts a gemutlich bunch of never-ending lunatics on stage and the proprietors are also all-round good guys?

It doesn’t get much better really, does it?  Next Friday night, Dolans are celebrating their fifteenth birthday, so get your cute little ass along there and enjoy it on the night.














2 thoughts on “Dolans Birthday

  1. I would if I could, but I can’t! So, I’ll raise a glass or 2 to all y’all and Dolan’s on Friday! Here’s to live music venues and the people who run them! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday to all at Dolans, I’ve enjoyed every visit and always promise myself that I’ll attend more concerts. My favourite so far was Kasabian, second was Hazel O’Connor – my first gig in Dolans.

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