Siobhán O’Brien Album Launch

How many artists have a standing invitation to play at Apple in San Francisco?  How many do you know who were featured artists on iTunes?  Siobhán O’Brien has picked up some influential fans over the course of her career, but who’s surprised?

Siobhán O'Brien  001_2

Just back from a US West Coast tour, Siobhán heads off again in June, taking in New York, Washington  DC, Oklahoma, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon.

This lady is one seriously talented piece of work, a singer-songwriter with a voice of crystal obsidian and a pen dipped in the old well of human experience.

We’ve been waiting a while for a new album from Siobhán, but sometimes the waiting makes it better.  The launch is soon and Siobhán will be joined by one serious rocking line-up on the night plus special guests, a string quartet and some bad-ass girl-power backing vocalists.

When?  17th May 2013

Where?  Dolans Warehouse, Limerick

3 thoughts on “Siobhán O’Brien Album Launch

  1. Couldn’t play the song from the link but got it from the Soundcloud info link.
    Very good song.
    Master class, as ever.

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