Limerick Riverfest 2013

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May 042013

It’s the May weekend and therefore it must be time, yet again, for Limerick’s Riverfest.

I blundered into town this morning as usual and found myself caught up in the classic festival dilemma: if I’m enjoying this, what am I missing?

Bands everywhere — good ones — tumblers, fire eaters and conjurers, the occasional politician for light relief and barbecue competitors all in a row.  I spotted one current minister, one former minister and many assorted lunatics.

Isn’t it good when a plan works out and you find yourself wrapped up in a full body massage of the senses?  Good food, good drink, good music, good weather and good company?

How bad is that?  God, I love this town.

Limerick Riverfest 2013 008_2




Limerick Riverfest 2013 007_2



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    I look at those happy photos,especially those of the musicians. Nice days like this,Des would have entertained everybody with his SG. Such an absence.


    lovely photos, really gets the town at its best. Sort of a Galway feel to the town. Well done to the people of limerick was out last night and didnt see an ounce of trouble and people were out all day. We can show people that we are limerick and proud.


    Limerick is a knacker filled trakkie wearing shithole, oh and by the way a big shout out to that fine specimen of humanity who broke into my car in Dec, last time my P C will convince me to spend a day shopping in Limerick.
    Sorry Bock a few fuzzy wuzzy pics dont do it for me


    Catherine, why compare us to Galway? Galway has as much crime problems as Limerick could wish for. In the last two years there has been 5 murders in Galway and 6 in Limerick. But then again as has been pointed out above “Limerick is a knacker filled trakkie wearing shithole” Mark perhaps you’ll tell us what utopian place you live in. I get tired of the Galway is the jewel in the crown, crime free, artistic hot spot while Limerick is the exact opposite. Galway is the only urban setting in the known world that is crime free. Mark sorry to hear about your car, but crime does happen in other places, don’t take it personally, move on.


    Last time I was in Galway city center, I came across two scumbags breaking into a car and almost got my head smashed in with a crowbar for my trouble. Ireland in general is a “knacker filled trakkie wearing shithole”, but the rest of us try to make the best we can of it.


    What’s with all the negativity?


    No negativity, just addressing a few “facts”.

    I took part in the BBQ on Saturday. The atmosphere, bands, food, weather were all fantastic. I and thousands of my fellow citizens are capable of enjoying a day out, having a few beers with out being patted on the here and being told that we’re like Galway. I didn’t know that there was a concept of Galway like events.

    Unfortunately crime happens, but apparently only in Limerick and certainly not where Mark lives.


    But how can a post about a happy day in Limerick be turned into an argument about crime? It pisses me off that people can’t just take things for what they are. And what does Galway have to do with anything?


    There was so much to do this weekend, I was involved in the Abbey Fishermen Event too, a great time was had by all those who traveled to Limerick this weekend for it.


    Unfortunately Ireland is full of negative people like Mark who enjoy nothing more than putting Limerick people down, a reflection on how they have been brought up and how they live their lives. How sad (and ignorant) it is to blame the whole population of a city because one member broke into your car! Mark needs to get out more and open his little mind!


    I apologize Tina
    You are right. its not as if law and order in Limerick is so completely fractured, that entire families have to be re located abroad as they cant be protected from the sewer rats that inhabit Limerick city.
    Oh sorry if i am mumbling, that would be my tongue firmly lodged in my cheek.



    I am aware of only one Limerick family that had to be relocated

    They are also the same family who had thousands of good honest people show up and march through the city in support of them

    You are not going to get the reaction you are looking for

    Just proud people who see past the scum bag minotity what they are and the still know how to enjoy their city


    Ok Mark. Now that you’ve sprayed shit all over this post, I’ll ask people not to indulge you by arguing any further.


    Well said Bock! What a fantastic weekend it was, I am looking forward to next year already! So much money was raised for charity!!


    Really nice photographs that reflect and capture the great atmosphere that Limerick has to offer.


    It was indeed a great weekend. I started it off with the Savoy Jazz Band on Thomas St. on Friday evening. 17 piece swing band, playing Glen Miller, Cole Porter, Count Bassey etc. 2 excellent singers provided vocals for Sinatra, Bobby Darin and Ella Fitzgerald cover. Anyone out there with a venue big enough for this band? Followed by a pint or wo in Mickey Martins and The Blind Pig.

    Saturday was BBQ Day, with great bands and craic followed by a pint or 2 in Nancys and Phil Flannerys.

    Sunday, well what a day. Garryowen won the Munster Junior Cup by beating Cork Con. Great occasion.

    Monday was a gentle stroll around the market on Michael St.

    All in all a great weekend of music, food, rugby, atmosphere and the odd pint. Why do we have to wait another year for a festival?


    Great weekend for Garryowen. Not so much for Shannon.


    Ah Bock
    Go on admit it you would miss me if I didnt dive in every now and then


    No, Mark. I’d never miss bitter, begrudging bullshit.


    Fab photos! What a great weekend, best festival I have ever been to..So proud to be from Limerick!


    And this from the master of bitter begrudging bullshit


    Enough, Mark.


    Was in west Clare for the week-end, weather was shitty, except for Monday. Sorry now I didn’t stay put and enjoy the craic around the town.

    Mark you never mentioned where you’re from yourself?

    Or are you just another lonesome on the road dog with a hair lip?
    Mark! Mark! Mark!


    This was my first time entering the great Limerick Run and attending Riverfest. I hadn’t been in Limerick for years and have to say how impressed I was with the city and its people. I will definitely be back next year. Well done Limerick!


    Great weekend. Great city. Great people.



    Unfortunately, some of our former commenters seem to be hitting the bottle earlier and earlier.


    Name any decent band to come out of Galway, or any band to come out of Galway, the so called “arts capital” of Ireland?

    Was up there a few weeks ago, and while it was heaving with tourists, it was also heaving with drunk pikeys walking around drinking cheap booze…


    The Stunning?


    I miss limerick,and it,s events throughout the year,for me the place only seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds.
    Better pubs,and atmoshere,more to do.
    Your should see Tralee,ghost town;comes to mind.
    Plenty of room for improvement.


    I miss limerick,and it,s events throughout the year,for me the place only seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds.
    Better pubs,and atmoshere,more to do.
    Your should see Tralee,ghost town;comes to mind.
    Plenty of room for improvement.


    Yerra, Galway like to claim The Stunning, but they’re Clare lads really…


    Galway – De Dannan, Mary Coughlan, and many more I’m sure, if I took a few minutes to think about it.


    Great pics Bock. Was home from Dublin for the weekend, and the run, and there was a great buzz around the place. O’Connell St. on Sunday after the race was jointed.

    Only downside was the match in Coonagh. UCD effortlessly outclassed Shannon, hopefully a speady return to the top flight awaits.


    @Long John Silver

    They’re kind of niche musicians though…

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