Annual Grudge Match 2013

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Jun 172013

You might remember my exposé of Mister Big, last year after I probed the murky underworld of Limerick inter-pub football.

Here it is.

This year, 2013, an intrepid reporter infiltrated the mob with a hidden cameras, barely escaping with his life after a descent into savagery and drunkenness.

Nancy Blakes vs Tom Collins's 2013



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    Nice pitch.


    Was anyone pulled off at half time or during the match?

    John Giles was once pulled off in front of 40,000 fans at Lansdowne Road.

    Who won?


    Several people were pulled off before Tom’s won 4-0.


    Good. Tom’s leading the series 2-1 now, I believe. The other crowd have a pacey striker with an unfortunate eye for the roof of the stand.


    Terrible way to talk about Johnny.

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