Councillor, You’re No Jack Kennedy

What do you think of this?

A Fianna Fáil councillor in Wexford has placed himself next to JFK in a political poster.

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Could there be a more parochial image than this, I ask you?  Is it possible to proclaim more loudly to the world how limited and ignorant you are than by by putting your image in this picture?  Is it possible that anyone, even a local politician, could be so dense, so stupid and so puffed up with his own self-importance?  The answer, my friends, is YES.  I give you Michael Sheehan, the man who brought local gobshitery to an entirely new level of ignorance.

Rise up and applaud his world-class stupidity.

Folks, I give you Fianna Fáil, the party that ran this country into a brick wall.  They haven’t gone away, you know.




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Bock, I know a former Seanad candidate who had coins, which linked him to a civil war era politician, specially struck to present to those he was canvassing for support. He failed to get elected. His qualifications for the post?–limitless self belief and an opinion about everything. The country is littered with such gobshites.

Our own Cllr John Gilligan wants to rename Georges & Charlottes Quays because they are named after English royalty. The city is dying and this gobshite has nothing on his mind but the renaming of two city quays.

Two posters I’ll long remember were, (a) the notorious Il Duce election poster showing Charles Haughey photographed by an upward slanting camera, and (b) the Welcome to Parlon Country sign placed on the Laois-Offaly border reminding visitors that they were passing an invisible Checkpoint Charley where the power of a then PD cabinet minister held sway.

The most self-effacing election poster in Irish political history? A picture of a bicycle plastered around Dun Laoghaire many moons ago by colourful cycling enthusiast, free-festival organiser and hospital porter Bill ‘Ubi’ Dwyer. Modestly he was unelected, coming 14th in a list of 15 candidates. The voters sent berks rather than bikes to the Dail.

Link here:

Or the local election poster for Buster Hannon in which we were urged to “vote for the cowboy you know”

No 8 Is Charlottes quay not named for one of the Authur’s who’s family had been in limerick from about the 13th century?

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