Spoiler Warning. Game of Thrones — The Rains of Castamere

Spoiler alert.  Don’t read this if you’re not up to date on Game of Thrones.



I’m still a little unsettled after watching Episode 9 of the current Game of Thrones season.

I think everyone who follows GoT, and who hasn’t read the books, was shaken  by the latest developments.  My friend, Wrinkly Joe, and my son, Bullet, have both read the series, and both have smugly been keeping recent developments to themselves, in a smug, keeping-it-to-yourself kind of way.

Who could possibly have foreseen that Batman would abseil into King’s Landing and kill James Bond?


Walder Frey

Apparently, James RR Martin has laid out all the details of future plots for HBO, in case he’s unexpectedly torn to pieces by a wolf or a dragon might suddenly burn him to cinders. It’s not surprising.  By now, many of his followers want to rend him limb from limb  for being so ruthless with his characters, and yet, he’s in a great tradition.  The very best authors have held their protagonists  in little regard.  Well I remember Stephen King flinging cute little children down wells and even the great Shakespeare stabbing heroes through the heart.  Proper order too: they’re only inventions, so why not chop them up and immolate them as the story demands?

But you know, there are times when you become attached to a character.  I know it’s silly, since the creature is no more than a figment of an author’s febrile brain, but still, we get to like them, or at the very least, we become used to them, and their sudden death comes as a shock.

I was always a bit concerned about Walder Frey.  They were never going to placate him as easily as they thought, but I never suspected he’d do what he did, the evil old bastard.

Where does this leave us?  I don’t know, but amazingly, there’s one last episode left in the current series, which I find astonishing.  How could they possibly end the season with anything more shocking?


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I don’t know, says I, smugly. As long as television keep away from Steven Erikson’s novels, I’m a happy camper.

“The pretender, Balon Greyjoy. The pretender, Robb Stark. The pretender, Joffrey Baratheon.”
Do you not believe in the power of King’s blood Sir Bock?
(N.B. I haven’t read the books-I’m guessing not spoiling.)

Yes indeed a most intriqueing turn of events, shades of old Ned’s demise which is what hooked me into the series to begin with , my monies are on the ‘Mum o Dragon’s ‘ , for obvious reason’s , although given the way of things thats probably a bad guess !!!

I have read the series of books and at various points in the future of the TV series you think, aw now, you cant be killing him as well. The book series is unfinished so I dont know how it ends.

Finally gave in and bought the box set of GoT, (got it for $20 on sale), just to see what it was all about.
Nowhere near as bad a Deadwood, and, equally, nowhere near as good as The Wire.
Just an expensive soap with loads of nudity thrown in – for no particular reason – and a cast of thousands.

Very underwhelmed.

Put it on eBay. Got $35 plus postage.


As a lad the young JRR had a toy castle and loads of pet turtles that lived therein. They used to die so frequently that he began making up elaborate stories about the various plots they had to kill each other off. With that mindset, anything can happen in those books.MORE! I say.

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