Jun 042013

This is an ad, but I kinda like it.

Mindtunes is a track created by Andy, Jo and Mark, three physically disabled music fans, using only one instrument: their mind.

Julien Castet is one of those annoyingly-clever people with a PhD in Art, Science and Technology, and using some sort of clever electronic jiggery-pokery he put together a machine to read the brainwaves of the three creators so that they can make music just by thinking, despite their physical disabilities.

The track was produced by DJ Fresh and all proceeds of downloads go to charity.

Download the track.

Watch the music video.

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    Yes indeed. Download the track, watch the music video, support the charity. And then listen to a a guy called Finn Peters, who, funnily enough, has produced an album called “Music of the mind” with similarly inspired technology/breakthroughs. He’s a glorious flautist and saxophonist.

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