Powers Irish Whiskey – How Not to do a Social Media Promotion

This is what I keep saying.  Why don’t these companies hire someone who understands social media?  Instead, they get their CEO’s nephew’s girlfriend who has a blog, to do the job, or else, Ken from Marketing.

This is the sad result.

Dear Jesus.  Have a look at this awful Facebook attempt to win business.







People, listen.  You need to hire someone.

Honestly.  You really do.

The boss’s nephew isn’t going to boost sales.

1 thought on “Powers Irish Whiskey – How Not to do a Social Media Promotion

  1. As someone who complains I love this new avenue to vent that Companies are leaving there self open for.

    I have recently been using this channel with Dolce Gusto in the UK

    Long story short bought a new coffee machine, sick of the random muck that local grocers think they can get away with selling as coffee. Either they have no taste buds or they don’t drink coffee. And my Nespresso machine died but it was too difficult to get the pods anyway, so RIP

    Dolce Gusto, Pods available in Supermarkets (no there not)

    Dolce Gusto delivery online, — there courier can’t find my house on one of the main arteries of the City where I live, or can’t be bothered.

    Hoping to send the machine back to them for a full refund till they get there supply chain sorted

    Let the games begin

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