Isn’t it good to see that the newspapers are still reporting the rape of Ireland’s natural resources?

Who knew that anyone remembered how we gave away our fisheries?  Even more surprisingly, in the face of massive governmental pressure, what brave journalists are still willing to speak out about the blatant theft of our energy resources?

It’s not often these days that you pick up a newspaper to be reminded of how Ray Burke gave oil companies liberty to remove 100% of Ireland’s energy resources without paying us anything in return.  It isn’t common to see reports of how Bertie Ahern reduced the taxation on foreign energy companies.  You’ll search far and wide to read about how Ireland has the most favourable terms in the whole world for energy companies.

Well done, that fearless journalist in, eh, Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Under the simple headline, Conned!, referring to the now-notorious Anglo tapes, one of Germany’s leading quality papers remarks that they are just one part of an elite that shamelessly exploits the island.

German outrage at the theft of Ireland’s resources is in severe contrast to the craven defence of this asset stripping offered by a Labour (!) deputy prime minister, Pat Rabbitte, who huffed and puffed as only he can, as if he understood the first thing about energy.

mayo gas robbery

Paradoxically, it seems that exposure of the banking chicanery might finally throw light on a far bigger scandal: the gift of our natural resources to foreign interests by two thoroughly discredited politicians, for reasons best known to themselves.  Let’s not be embarrassed by the crass singing of a Nazi song on one of the tapes.  Instead, let’s push this story far and wide.  It might finally blast open the disgraceful appropriation of our children’s future for small-minded personal advantage.

And since we’re on the subject of inquiries, let’s look into this scandal, which dwarfs anything that happened in Anglo.


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To be fair the IT mentioned the Ray Burke 100% oil giveaway today:
It lead me to the same though as you:: “for reasons best known to themselves”. I asked on twitter whether there was any suggestion of gross corruption. It seems to me ideology would be weak, on its own, as an explanation.

The oil giveaway really annoys me – can’t understand why a deal based on actual returns wasn’t / can’t be agreed. Eg: set a low tax rate on x barrels, a higher rate on y barrels, and higher again on z. That way the oil companies are protected if their exploration doesn’t return a particularly good yield, but everyone benefits if they do.

More licences granted recently, and still very bad terms.

I’m also of the view that as soon as a minister is appointed he/she should immediately be sent on management and negotiation courses. Money better spent than on junkets etc. We elect them on their ability to communicate, and only find out that they don’t have the skills to run the place once they’re in situ.

Phil Hogan and his introduction of the property tax is a good example. EK said he would oversee (project management style) the tasks and timelines under each ministers responsibility. PH’s idea of change management goes as far as deciding what tie to wear today (no feckin idea at all) and Enda must have been away with the fairies when that one was introduced!

I’d like to read this article in the Süddeutsche (tried to google it, but there are too many articles even with variations of buzz words).

Can you please post a link? Thank you!

So you don’t have the original yourself? Hm.
Not even the date of publishing? Or the name of the journalist?

Have to go on trying so.

No, Bock. I’m genuinely interested to read a quoted and praised (by you) article to give an informed comment, that is if I can make my mind up to an opinion beyond being my usual angry self at the economical and political gobshitery in this country.

Otherwise I wouldn’t read your blog which is the last of the opinionated blogs I take seriously.

Sorry to have sidelined this issue. But you asked.

Anyway, I live in this country for more than 16 years and with every year and every small and big experience (and by reading most of your pieces) I despair.

I have never experienced in my home country (which I despise for many reasons – mind, I left Germany when corrupt Kohl was still in power), and in many European countries I experienced, so much ignorance as in beautiful Ireland – which could be a prosperous place if there only would be people in power with brains and a vision.

But don’t forget that the current political establishment in Germany isn’t any better, there are only more controlling factors. Still, the Germans and the EU aren’t exactly innocent in Ireland’s demise as we all know.

I think the EU consists of people who try to protect their respective parishes and aren’t any better than the parish pump politicians in Ireland.

And Frau Merkel acts as real Hausfrau herself in her economic approach to solving the EU-crisis: Buy cheap bread and margarine to feed the kids instead of investing to produce fruit and vegetable. Never mind if the kids (the economies/countries) perish. Main thing is there are still some pennies left. Which you can’t eat.

I know, I digressed again.
But for the Irish establishment selling out the country there is nothing much to say than: you are right and they are a bunch of stupid criminals.

Uninformed opinion that.

In fairness to the German newspapers, i direct you (via the Irish Times) to a quote from the Frankfurter Allgemeine in an editorial calling for former Anglo executives to be put in a put in a sack with the Irish government and the regulator and “beaten with a club until the screams of pain are unbearable”.

Now that’s more like it.

(Can’t find that SZ article either but thanks anyway for prompting me to brush off my dusty deutsch and flick through the German side of the interwebs)


I’d like to think that Ray Burke “negotiation” with the oil companies by sending all his officials out of the room and talking to them himself was a one off. Or that Bertie dramatically sweetening the terms further were just once offs. But looking back at the history of oil exploration in Ireland it’s not. This is a direct quote from the initiative that Eddie Hobbs is currently pushing.
“The shareholders were 3 Americans trading as ‘Madonna Oil’. They were granted exclusive exploration drilling rights by Seam Lemass for a sum of £500.

They sold a two thirds share in 1961 for $450,000. By 1975 and the discovery of Gas in Kinsale the shareholding had been bought and sold on numerous occasions and was worth £31m.

In 1958 the 3 American investors had employed Arthur Cox and Co. as solicitors. When they sold a majority share for £450,000 they were replaced on the new board by Arthur Cox and Partner Daniel Joseph O Connor.

This company later became Marathon Oil. The Govt renegotiated the original deal but allowed Marathon to not only keep one third of the Oil and Gas rights but to choose which one third they preferred.

Marathon kept the Kinsale field and eventually discovered gas and sold it back to the Irish State for £700 million.” Link

Now isn’t that enough to make your blood boil further?

The French have forty per cent of our fish.
We get five per cent.
Not sure what the Spanish get.
We’re a generous lot alright.

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