Kremlin and Vatican Agree on Homosexuality

Who’d have thought that the Pope and the Russian President would agree on anything?

How times change.  It wasn’t too long ago that fervent Irish believers were praying for the conversion of Russia, at the behest of sweating paedophiles but now what are we looking at?  The Russian president presiding over a homophobic state at the behest of bearded sweating paedophiles.

Pope Francis recently stunned the world by saying something that was in no way different to anything every other pope had said, but he did it in a very caring way.

Who am I to judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the Lord?

Who indeed?  What an extraordinarily caring attitude, you might be thinking, and yet, at the same time, what a thundering heap of bullshit.  What an unbelievably arrogant attitude to his fellow human beings this kindly pope betrays.  What an astonishing thing that a celibate man should lay down such a precondition.   A homosexual person is exempt from being judged, provided he or she seeks the unverified deity that this befrocked man believes in.

I’m not gay, but I wouldn’t be too bothered if you thought I was.  That would be my own business.  It just annoys me when bishops get themselves worked up about what adults do in private, as they have done since time immemorial.  In the past, they got hot and bothered about straight couples avoiding pregnancy, as if that was any of their business.  They even tried, with some success, to intrude into the law-making of democratic states, including Ireland.  They tried, with limited success, to influence the divorce laws of our country and they covered up the sexual abuse of our children with considerable success.

Therefore, they can fuck right off.  I’m not having a bunch of sad, dysfunctional celibate old men tell my gay friends how to live their lives.

In Ireland, that battle is won, but guess what?  All those prayers for the conversion of Russia seem to have worked.  Putin now presides over the most anti-gay theologically oppressive regime this side of Saudi Arabia.  A Russian official recently announced that gay competitors in the forthcoming Olympics are subject to arrest.

Who knew that the KGB would embrace Catholicism?

Just as well Putin himself isn’t gay.  Right?






12 thoughts on “Kremlin and Vatican Agree on Homosexuality

  1. Not to mention the Church of Rome’s misguided stance on contraception and the very unfortunate consequences that often ensue as a result of people heeding their advice on the matter. I refer not only to the spread and transmission of STDs, but also to the proliferation of coutless infants being born into the most abject poverty and wretched of circumstances, themselves often born with STDs.

  2. There is a comment in the German magazine SPIEGEL online

    (only in German so far, sorry), which got me thinking.

    Putin likes to present himself as a macho poster boy and not only the Spiegel is wondering.

    I remember that ages ago at the newspaper I was working for the gay editors/journalist (that was Berlin, where being gay is more normal than being hetero) had a poster of Stalin tacked up in the news room, much to the political disgust of the rest of us,

    There argument was simple: Isn’t he just sexy with his moustache and the hint of being, ehm, strict? He certainly was gay and couldn’t admit it, don’t you think?

    The ‘manlier’ the gay?

    Well, yes, in a way. Something I always suspected, not only about Stalin, but about Putin as well. And the pope.

    Putin presents himself as the perfect gay man, not only because of his ‘manly’ sports (fishing, hunting, horse-riding…) in his spare time, but by publishing photos of himself half-naked in poses my gay friends would salivate over.

    He might think that this shows his prowess as a ruler, but he only incites desire in gay men.

    Can’t imagine a woman oggling him, with those ugly man-boobs and the even uglier unmoving nondescript and soulless face on him. More like a boyrider with a roaring machine but nothing else roaring…

    So who is it he wants to impress? The fish? Presenting the fisherman as such? Like the popes and other churchmen? Who, on the other hand, don’t show their man-boobs, but their fondness of womanly gowns and fine shoes and even finer hats?

    Isn’t it always the closet gay man who is the most anti-gay? And did they invent for that the church, the sharia and the Russian oligarchy?

    And why, when every thinking person sees through it?
    Idle question as most with irrational behaviour.

  3. Apologies for the earlier typo. ‘Coutless’ should in fact have read ‘countless’. Just as well that it didn’t read ‘cuntless’.

  4. Why is sexuality, particularly male homosexuality, used to define someone? I’m not interested in others sexuality or their preferences. I don’t care what they do in private as long as it doesn’t involve children or animals and features consenting adults. I have no time for discrimination but marching through the town proclaiming that you are gay does nothing for me. Everyone should be allowed to live their life free of discrimination, whether someone is gay or not should be totally irrelevant.
    Irish American rapper Macklemore explains it better than I ever will.

  5. In a world where people are still oppressed simply for their sexual orientation, I think it’s a good think to have events like the Pride marches. The alternative is silence.

  6. True. But why do some people refer to themselves as gay (wo)men rather than a man or woman who happens to be gay? Why push your sexual orientation to the fore and use it to define yourself? Personally, I’d rather meet the man who happens to be gay rather than the gay man.

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