Music in Limerick and the Rescue Guitar

It was a busy day.

I wanted to get the old Rescue Guitar project back on track after a severe derailing so I got on my bike and tracked down a few good folk who might be willing to pose with it.

Here’s a decent bunch of lads, Hermitage Green, also known to some of my friends as Those Talented Chiselled Bastards.  They had no problem helping a good cause, bless them.

Hermitage Green Rescue Guitar



Hermitage Green





Hermitage Green


They were supporting this fine fellow, Josh Ritter, another thorough gentleman.  I met him about ten or eleven years ago, when he played to a crowd in a small bar in Limerick, and it’s good to see him doing so well these days.  A fine songwriter and an all-round decent guy.



Josh Ritter Rescue Guitar


Josh Ritter








Josh Ritter

You’d imagine that would be enough for one night, wouldn’t you?  But no.  I had one final call to make, this time a rendezvous with the living legend that is Johnny Fean, formerly lead guitarist with Horslips.  This guy still lashes out a filthy guitar lick or ten and just like the other gentlemen I met this evening, he was delighted to help out.

Johnny was playing with the terrific Cha Haran Band in Cobblestone’s.  A free gig and well worth the effort to drop in if you happen to be in Limerick.

Johnny Fean Rescue Guitar

Cha Haran 001_resize

Cha Haran 002_resize

Cha Haran 003_resize

Cha Haran 004

Cha Haran 005


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4 thoughts on “Music in Limerick and the Rescue Guitar

  1. Johnny Fean,formerly lead guitarist with Horslips? Maybe you might enlighten us Bock,as to who the current lead guitarist with Horslips is.
    Otherwise,well done to you on the rescue guitar and you deserve great credit that people will surely benefit from such a terrific idea. I hope your noble intentions will become a reality.

  2. That’s fine Mark. You can always go and take a jump for yourself if you don’t think I’m entertaining you properly. How about trying that?

  3. Best of luck with it Bock.
    Must be fun meeting all those musicians.
    I is jealous much.

    I’m not sure I’d be able to talk to those hunks in Hermiklige Green myself.
    I’d probably get a bit giddy. Giddier than normal anyways.
    Are they looking for any groupies I wonder?

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