Saggy Pants

saggy pantsThis is going to be a very short post.

What the fuck is going on with guys’ trousers these days?  How come everybody wants to show off their underpants?  I don’t care who made your fucking jocks – just stop waving your arse-crack at me unless you want me to vomit all over you.  I’m trying to have a peaceful night out here, and look at you, walking around with your trousers around your ankles.  Get a grip, get yourself together and get fucking dressed.

What a stupid fucking fashion.

That is all.  End of rant.

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II saw this ‘fashion’ in New York back in 1999. I was fascinated, couldn’t understand how their jeans were kept up at all! It’s utterly ridiculous alright but doesn’t offend me as much as seeing fat girls with skimpy leggings with VPLs and visible thongs or too tight trousers that give them ‘camel toe’. Awful, just awful.

My grandmother was almost as outraged as you when she saw girls in miniskirts or hotpants…. :-)))

It’s just a teenage fashion. Ten years on these youngsters will be ashamed of following it.

Mind, at least miniskirts weren’t in danger to fall down (just scroll up, when sitting down – I’m sure you wouldn’t mind in that case?).
I really wonder how these boys keep the trowsers up, though.

Ah, now dear, don’t do that either. Or are yours sagging eyes? Just asking… :-D

No really, I do understand your aesthetic disgust, I share it. But this fashion is rather hilarious and gives me at least a lot to giggle about. Which would be, done in public, sooo like OMG embarrassing for the giggled-about.

Think about it: These boyos don’t have balls (yet) in the wider sense. So they show their pathetic bums (maybe anticipating being bums?).
It’s a genetic sexual thing probably. Aren’t there baboons showing off their bums (red hot, and who want’s to see it – gag…)

First world problems – I’d rather see airhead teenage boys with their underwear on show than naked children starving in a desert.

No, that’s not what I’m saying. I just voiced my opinion on something I consider as lighthearted and humorous. And I jumped up to it lightheartedly, or so I thought.

Go on writing stuff like that, in between all that heavy stuff which is just depressing. Not your writing, mind, the subject (bankers – church – government). And keep on writing that as well. Keeps me sane that I’m not the odd one out on this emerald isle.

Do you have a sense of humour, by the way?

This get’s a bit heavy by now. Was hoping to get some witty returns and banter about bums, underwear and when we were young ourselves…

Never mind. Keep going.

“I noticed, but kept on hoping. But: No wonder living in Ireland…”

Eh, excuse me. I think the Irish are known for their wit and humour.
Is confusing the Germans with the Irish?

I think Bock can be a comic genius on occasion.. when he’s not being a cranky cunt.

“Eh, excuse me. I think the Irish are known for their wit and humour.”

Are they now.
Well, I ‘m laughing my head off when watching political, judicial and economic decisions… and the witty Irish subjects when pennyless, or so.

Eh excuse me. I think the Germans are known for being humourless,obsessively tidy and overwhelmingly economic. Meh …

Don’t be so Oirishly sensitive.
I said “living in Ireland” not “being Irish”.

But you proved the point I never made. Your sense of humour is a myth, unless in the pub after ten pints, probably.

By the way. I’m very particular about being critisised for being German, despite living here for a big part of my life. Do I have the right to have an opinion or is it just the right of the parishers?

If you don’t have a substantial critique about my opinion, please don’t play the “ye feckin Germans” card.
Thank you.

Do you wear your pants down the bum by the way?

Loosing my non-existing German humour about the non-existing Irish humour.

Ye see, Bock, even a panty-discussion gets heated on your blog.

Remember the fashion of girls wearing trousers too long, as a result the ends looked like they’d been fashioned by Satan…. good boy.

I read over the weekend where some american “celebrity” or other produced a range of T-shirts, plain white, with his name on the label at the neck. Priced at $160. Absolutely the same as every other plain white t-shirt for sale out there except priced 20 or 25 times more.

Sold out immediately. Couldn’t get them on the shelves quick enough.

Also produced socks and something else (I lost interest around this point).
Same story – sold out as quick as shite slips off a duck.

Kids today, eh !!? Gotta love ’em.

Did I miss something here, Bock, or did you not just write a short post about guys wearing their jeans strapped below their bum so their underwear hangs out? Such debate ensues.

Personally, I’d really tempted to open the door of my wife’s store just as they walk past. Maybe I’d jam several of their nose, eyebrow and lip rings into their tattooed hide in the process.

Only kidding.

Although I do get a bit annoyed when these “kids” (age being irrelevant in this case) come into the store with their pants around thighs, underwear hanging out and their various face piercing decorations asking for a job application. Sure, kid. Go away, pull up your pants, take the hardware out of your face, take a shower, comb your hair (grow up?) and then maybe I’ll talk to you.

Just sayin’.

Stupid fashions are actually very useful. It clearly labels fucking idiots so you don’t have to waste any time talking to them.

As far as Germans and their supposed lack of humour -that is a total myth (started by the English in my opinion). Although I haven’t met all of them I’ve generally found that Germans have a perfectly good, but different, sense of humour.

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