At Home With the Healy Raes

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Aug 152013

I’m looking at a report that says TV3 are planning a series called At home with the Healy Raes, and no matter which way I read it, somehow I can’t quite get that collection of words to make sense.

healy raes

At home. Yes.  I get that bit.

With the Healy Raes.  No.  Sorry.  How could you be at home with beings that suspend themselves upside-down from trees and pelt passing tourists with dried pellets of goat-shit?

What is home to a Healy Rae?  Aren’t these the only species of hominid that David Attenborough gave up on? Forget it.  Just shoot ’em, I believe were his exact words to the BBC film crew.

Orang-utans and gorillas fling themselves from cliffs at the thought of being related to the only Great Ape known to wear a flat cap as part of its mating display.

Diane Fossey tried to wipe them out.

Using  a unique camouflage strategy, the thickest ape in the sub-species gobshitera vocalises in a manner that sounds very similar to human speech.  As a result,  g. healy-rae is often adopted by humans and frequently assumes tasks requiring human-like behaviour but little intelligence, such as membership of county councils and running pubs, tasks ideally suited to its grunting, shuffling demeanour.

With any luck, TV3 is moving away from its normal diet of programmes about second-rate Irish models and personality-free Irish businessmen.  If they put some money into this, they might come up with an award-winning study of one of the world’s least-understood apes.

Take that, BBC!  Take that David Attenborough!


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    TV3? A purely commercial channel. so there’s no possibility of blaming this on media bias, inbred thinking, or the usual whatnot you get with RTEpravda -TV3 are supposedly a business and can be assumed to have chosen to run this purely on the numbers.
    I would rather gouge out my right eye than watch it.


    A blot on the landscape.
    But theirs is the Ireland that’s still calling the shots.


    I wonder if it will be more ‘My Big fat gypsy council meeting’ rather than ‘Kenmare Shore’.


    No fan of the Healy-Raes, but is this going to be tv for the Dubs to laugh at culchies?


    Probably. The D4 types can’t always be laughing at Tallafornia.


    Maybe the Xpose crowd might get involved as well..


    Kerry’s answer to Podge & Rodge look-a-likes


    Aw c’mon Teacups, P & R have real class, and they don’t need the flat caps to pull the birds!

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