Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years

Bradley Manning

Accused Charge Victims Sentence
Bradley Manning Exposing lies about Iraq 0 35 years
Dick Cheney Telling lies about Iraq 600,000 0

12 replies on “Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years”

Your Bockness, I must humbly report that your table is in fact incorrect as Dickey boy was never accused of anything (in the legal sense). I appreciate the sentiment though.

Hopefully out before he’s gets to 35.

Look forward when we have original braking news from this blog, rather than re hashed news from the media.
What is the point? America is bad?

Genocide in Syria as 1,300 people including hundreds of women and children are wiped out in nerve gas attack say Syrian rebels, Sure we have not heard about that in Limerick.

This only goes to prove how paranoid the American’s are.
It smacks of the Communist witch-hunts of the 1950’
If you are American, be afraid because Big Brother is still watching!

He wants to be Chelsea Manning now..
I assume she/he will make new friends in prison now :-)

and Bradley wants to be a women?…sure he’s half way there, full of gossip and can’t keep his mouth shut..

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